---Ok, so yeah there was another spotting of the Albino Bee at Pep-Band. Therefore, here is another story. Crazy as the last, if not crazier.

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Bees 2: Death by Numbers
By: Laria Kaiba

Ryou and Bakura were walking to school... it was a normal day by the looks of it. However, all days start out like that, the more normal the beginning the more weird it was going to be in the end. And this morning was very normal.

"Look hikari, a chipmunk!"

Ryou looked up to the reddish brownish blackish creature climb up the side of a tree and sat on a branch above him and his darker half, watching them.

"I didn't know chipmunks could climb" Bakura stated walking over to the tree trying not to scare the creature away.

"That's not a chipmunk Yami it's a sq- Bakura! Don't climb the tree!" Ryou exclaimed but Bakura was already on the same branch as the little creature. He was edging slowly towards it, bond on catching it and making it his pet... or lunch.


The white haired hikari turned around to see Marik running in his direction. Malik not far behind him.

"Hey guys!" Ryou said cheerfully waving at them. "What's up?"

"Ryou! Its back, we saw him, He's back!" Marik said franticly as he stopped in front of him, trying to catch his breath.

"Saw who? Who's back?" Ryou asked looking to Malik who had just joined them, knowing he would get a better answer from him then the blond Yami.

"I got him!"

All three looked up at Bakura who was still in the tree trying to catch the squirrel. He had it by his tail trying to hold it still as it thrashed about. The squirrel however was smarter and got free. He started climbing up Bakura's arm. Bakura tried to shake the little creature off him but it would not let go. It eventually worked its way up to the top of Bakura's head and nested in his unruly white hair.

Malik and Marik were dieing of laughter as Bakura almost fell sideways out of the tree. He grabbed onto the branch with one hand as he tried to dislodge the squirrel from his hair with his other. Ryou was shaking his head hopelessly trying not to burst out laughing as well.

"Get it out! Get it out!" Bakura almost shrieked as he fell from the tree. He rolled around on the ground a bit before the squirrel finally felt that the Yami had suffered enough. The squirrel climbed back into the tree, back on the branch, watching them again.

"See Yami," Ryou said trying not to giggle. Bakura sat up; most of his hair was sticking up on end. He almost looked more as he was hit by a bolt of lighting, rather then attacked by a squirrel. "I told you not to climb up there."

Bakura grumbled, trying to straighten his hair.

"That defiantly gives new meaning to 'Rats Nest,'" Marik laughed.

"Shut it Ishtar"

"Come on guys we need to get going or we'll be late," Ryou said trying to break the tension between his Yami and well, everyone else.

"Yeah... I might be in trouble if I'm late again," Malik said as they all headed off towards the school again.

"Might?" Marik asked.

"Ok I will be in trouble"

They walked in almost silence for most of the way... Bakura was still grumbling and trying to get his hair under control. Then Ryou remembered something.

"Hey Malik... Who's back?"

"Oh Marik thinks he saw the Albino Bee again" Malik said

"And to think I thought it was something important" Ryou sighed.

Ryou sat in his first class, English. He sighed as his teacher went on and on about Shakespeare and how the world would not be as good without him. Or something like that Ryou really was not paying attention. He glanced out the classroom door into the hall. Something little and white flew by. Ryou blinked.

"It can't be," he whispered to himself. He turned to his teacher "Ms. Tasse... is it ok if I sign out?"

"It's the first class of the day why ever would you need to sign out?" Ms. Tasse asked.

"I- I just need to... its real important" Ryou said watching the door out of the corner of his eye.

"Well class is almost over" Ms. Tasse smiled, "can't it wait till then?"

"I guess."

Ryou glanced back at the door hoping that he was just seeing things.

"Bakura move your hair... I can't see"

Bakura growled and glared back at Malik, who sat behind him. They were also in there first class, History. Bakura tried to comb his hair down with fingers for the tenth millionth time since the squirrel attack. It just would not stay down.

The bell rang and the class left the room... rather quickly incase the teacher remembered she had homework to give out. Malik and Bakura went off to where their lockers were when Ryou ran up to them.

"Marik was right!" Ryou panted, "He is back!"

"Who?" Bakura asked.

"The Albino Bee"

"I thought Marik already took care of him." Bakura said "Remember, he smashed him, and then you got all upset because you thought it was me"

"Don't remind me," Ryou said shaking his head.

"Don't remind who of what?" Marik said walking over to the group. Ryou turned on him

"He's here!"

"I told you he was back," Marik said.

"We've got to find him"

"I can't believe I'm listening to this conversation" Malik sighed.

They heard a buzz. They looked up just in time to see the Albino Bee fly above them. Marik and Ryou looked at each other and took off running after the bee just as the bell signaling the beginning of the next class sounded. Malik sighed and ran after them, followed closely by Bakura.

The Albino Bee flew down the hall and around a corner. All four of them stuck there heads around the corner, though Malik had to part Bakura's hair in order to see.

"You've really got to do something about your hair"


Ryou was looking around intently for the bee. He saw him. He was just flew over to them. Ryou put out his hand and the bee landed on it.

"Buzz buzz buzz"

"We meet again" Ryou said to the bee, quietly so no one in the other classrooms could hear. "But you're not fooling me this time; I know you're not my Yami"

"Buzz-buzz buzz buzz-buzz"

"He's right there," Ryou pointed over to Bakura with.

"Buzzy buzz buzz."

"Squirrel attack."


"Why are you here?" Ryou asked, the other three were just staring at him, questioning the sanity of the white haired hikari "how did you come back."

"Buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz buzzzzz buzzy-buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz buzz buzzy-buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz buzz buzzy-buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz buzz buzzy-buzzy buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz buzzy buzzy-buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz buzz buzzy-buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz buzz-buzz buzzy-buzz."

"I really can't believe I'm listening to this," Malik said, Bakura nodded in agreement. Ryou looked up.

"He wants to be my friend" Ryou smiled.

Marik bent over and looked at the bee.

"Do you still not like me?"

The bee flew up and landed on Marik's forehead.

"Uhh... is that a yes or no"

Marik moved his hand up to the bee, but it stung him.

"Oww! Why you little!" Marik went to smack the bee but it flew off and over to Ryou again, so Marik just ended up smacking himself in the head.

"Nice one Ishtar" Bakura laughed

"Oh shut up Squirrel Boy!"

"Take that back!"

"I don't have to"

"Buzz buzzy buzz"

"Your right" Ryou said looking at the bee on his shoulder "guys be quiet the teachers might hear us."

Marik and Bakura stopped arguing and started a glaring contest just as the bell rang.

The four had split up and gone to there own class. Ryou sat in the back of his Math Class with the Albino Bee in his hands.

"Hey Ryou" Yugi leaned over to the white haired teen "What'cha got there?"

Ryou jumped and hide his hands under his desk.

"Oh! Uhh... umm... nothing" Ryou opened his hands and let the bee fly away. He then showed Yugi his empty hands. Yugi smiled.


"Hey look a bee!"

Ryou looked up and saw the Albino Bee on the chalkboard, Joey was looking at it. Joey grabbed a Math book and edged closer to the bee. Ryou's eyes widened.

"Good by Mr. Bee"

Ryou closed his eyes. He heard the loud of the book hitting the black board. He opened his eyes to the Albino Bee smashed against the board.


Everyone in the class turned and looked at him.

"So the infamous Albino Bee has been killed again," Bakura said as he and Ryou walked home

"Yup" Ryou said, still a little sad that he was killed.

"Oh well... maybe its all for the better..."

"I guess"

"So, how did he come back?"

Ryou smiled.

"Well this one time, at Band Camp..."


---Well there you go the end of the Bees story. ---