Drum roll please….

Now, after days of tweaking, and writing, and spell checking, I can officially give you, the new and improved (especially for FF.com!) revised E-MAILS FROM THE LAB!

Okay, a little back-story…

Yes, deep down in my heart for some reason I had this afoul thought that the "original" E-mails didn't meet the TOS set up here. And guess what? It didn't. So they had it removed, and then shut me down for a week. Fun times, fun times…

But, after spending lots of sleepless nights, I came up with a way to fix the story so it could be re-posted here again. And thus (tah-dah!) I give you the new E-mails.

First of all, it is about triple the size of the original. Why? Well, you'll just have to read it and find out. The story is still the same, with some minor adjustments, but nothing too big that it will totally throw you off.

Secondly, It will read a whole lot differently now because of the way I am reposting it. The "e-mails" are in italics. Addresses are in bold, and everything else is regular. And if I am feeling really good, I might just throw in some underline, but nothing that will make you go "Wuh?"

Thirdly, I just want to thank everyone who reviewed the "original" story, and I am so sorry that I lost all of those wonderful reviews! You are the reason I spent so long trying to fix this. This story won't be as quick as the other one in terms of uploading because I basically have to go back and somewhat "rewrite" the whole thing. And thank you to everyone who has lent me a shoulder to cry on. 8-)

And flames? Not good. Use them to light your own barbecue, not mine.

Reviews are certainly more than welcome though. Please tell me what you think! 



(Yeah, I know, the first chapter is really short. The second one will be up tomorrow, accord?)


"Oh, what is this fine piece of equipment?" Greg asked walking into the break room.

"Someone thought it would be a good idea if the whole lab became 'computer friendly.'" Warrick said looking over the computer that now sat on the break room table. "There's a computer in almost every room, and we have each been assigned our own." he added with a sigh

"What, do you not like computers?" Greg asked sitting himself down at the machine and booting it up.

"I do, but I can use one at home. Now this gives me a reason to come back and check my mail here." He added shaking his head. "And now, I have a feeling that Nicky and I will be playing some more games in this room, whether Grissom likes it or not."

"Games are good." Greg stated starting Windows. "And now instead of beeping you for evidence, I can e-mail you! There really is a computer in every room now?"

"Uh huh, just about. And we're all gong to be assigned specific e-mail addresses too. Now there's a job for you." Warrick said with a laugh. "Well, I got a DB in the desert. I'll talk to you later then Greggo." He left the room.

Greg watched him go, and then started at the computer. Everyone was getting specific addresses, huh? He had a feeling that he was going to have some fun with this…