"All we are is dust in the wind…'

A hand slammed down on the radio, silencing the alarm.

Jack pulled his head out from under the covers and glared at the clock. Someone had set his alarm for nine in the morning. Some evil, revolting traitor who would not be receiving sex of any variety for the foreseeable future.

He rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Reliving his first death was bad enough, but to relive his mother being turned to ash? He'd rather take up tightrope walking over a pit of sharpened fenceposts. He sighed as he caught a vision from Perla of Will heading toward the bedroom. Apparently the bribe of tuna hadn't been enough to get her to gently wake Jack up.

"Jack? You up?" Will called from the other room.

"No!" he shouted back. He grumbled to himself as Will came into the room with a bright smile, carrying a mug of coffee.

"Skype call in fifteen, grumpy pants," he said as he set the mug on the nightstand. He made his way to the window and threw open the blackout curtains, letting in the morning sunshine. "Did you wanna go with me to the Renaissance Faire this year? I could use the help with the booth."

Jack pulled the sheets over his head and turned away. "Not going anywhere near that anachronistic farce."

Will laughed as he sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Jack's shoulder. "Bad dreams I take it?" he asked softly.

Jack pulled the sheet down and sat up, staring at his lap. "When Mum turned to ash," he replied.

Will gave a sympathetic groan and pulled Jack into a tight hug. "Then the call will do you good."

Jack nodded and reluctantly pulled away. "Go get set up, I'll be there in a minute." He grabbed the mug of coffee as Will left and took a sip. He smiled gratefully at the extra burn of a shot of rum. Maybe Will wasn't that horrible of a traitor.

He got up and threw on some jeans and a clean shirt before heading to the bathroom. When he finished washing his face, he stared at his reflection. As Will liked to often joke, he cleaned up nicely. He tugged on his chin length hair and contemplated whether he should grow it out or cut it short.

"Jack! Get your ass out here!"

He sighed and pushed off the sink. As much as he loved technology, he also hated it. It was too much, too fast. Why couldn't humans go back to taking a leisurely stroll with their advances?

He entered the living room and slumped onto the couch beside Will. Perla jumped onto the back of the couch and curled up behind his neck. The familiar chime started and Will accepted. He breathed in shakily at his mother's smiling face. "Hey, Mum."

Millarca's smile slipped. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

He shrugged and waved a hand. "Memories? Confirmation that with enough blood, we're eternally damned? Take your pick."

Millarca blinked in recognition and nodded, looking away. "Yes… I have the same melancholy whenever I dream of finding you on the… Well. Never you mind that. I'm well. Christine's...fighting on Facebook. Christine! You're going to get put in Facebook jail again!"

"That stupid Cassie Briggs keeps pushing her anti-shearing propaganda!" Christine said as she came to sit beside Millarca. She crossed her arms as she glared off screen. "My yarn is not made from the blood of the innocent!"

"Quite. Blood of the damned would be more accurate," Millarca said with a sigh.

Christine's brows furrowed in thought. "Damn Lamb Yarn… There's a thought. My mum would turn in her grave if I did!"

Millarca shook her head in fondness before turning her attention back to Will and Jack. "Other than bad memories, how are you two fairing?"

"I've been busy with orders," Will said with a big smile. "Jack's obsession with movie props has boosted business." He glanced over and caught Jack's sour grimace. "He's not too keen on the fanmail."

"Thirteen, Will," Jack hissed. "Children today are disgusting. This never happened when I was a child! We didn't—"

"No, when you were a child, they just dropped dead before they could get too…" Will waved his hand as he trailed off. "Fighting for survival was more important than sending love letters to your crushes."

"I'm old enough to be…" Jack pursed his lips as Will's shoulders began to shake. "Very well. I look enough to be their father."

Will shrugged. "Sometimes," he admitted. "I'll find a new model. Some big, burly man."

"Offer it to Anamaria. Give these thirteen-year-old girls a crisis."

Will sighed and looked back at the laptop screen. "So that's where we are."

The group conversed for about an hour before saying their farewells and disconnecting.

Will wrapped his arm around Jack's shoulders and kissed his temple. "Feeling better?"

"I suppose. I'm back to wanting to strangle her," Jack replied with a soft smile.

"Good. I'll be in the forge for most of the day. Can you update the website?"

Jack groaned and leaned further into Will's hold. "Hire someone. I'm begging you."

"Why hire someone when I have a computer savvy pirate on hand?" Will said before standing. "This is the cost of learning, Jack. Now you get to be gainfully employed with your skills."

Jack slumped over to lay across the couch. "I only learned so I could get free music!" He blinked up at Will, pouting.

Will leaned down and kissed Jack deeply, grunting as he was guided to straddle Jack's thighs. "We both have work to do," he said as he sat up.

"Fine," Jack relented. "But you're answering any emails from now on."

Will laughed as he stood back up. "I think I can handle it," he said as he walked away.

Jack rolled his eyes. He would be leaving what seemed to be Marianna Suzette's reincarnation's emails intact. See how long Will could last.

He sat up and popped his joints. He faced the laptop and pulled up his release schedule for the videos featuring Will working in the forge. He grinned to himself as he adjusted the schedule. The world needed to see more of Will's sweaty back as he hammered away. More than they needed to see a tutorial on how to sharpen knives, anyway.

He watched the video in question, enjoying the way Will's muscles moved beneath his skin. He bit back a groan as Will straightened and wiped the sweat from his brow. The scene changed to him and Will having a quick spar with the newly made sword. He sighed happily as he watched the choreography, remembering the first time they met. Step for step, their movements matched as closely as they could, being out in the open. Instead of ending with the threat of a gun, Jack pulled Will into a deep and passionate kiss.

His brows raised in surprise.

He jumped when Will settled his chin on his shoulder.

"Thought I'd keep that in," said Will, wrapping his arms around Jack.

"This'll only feed the flames," Jack said with a sly grin.

"You're the only flame I care about."

Jack rolled his eyes and laughed.

"You're the flame in my forge. You keep me warm, my wits sharp, and my heart alive. Never doubt how much I love you, Jack Sparrow," he said softly.

Jack turned his head to kiss Will's cheek. "How long did you practice that?"

Will ducked his head, hiding his bright blush. "Too long. I've been working on it for ten years now," he admitted. He grinned as Jack broke out in renewed laughter.

"Mister William Turner, you never fail to surprise me," Jack said between laughs. "I love you, too. Unfortunately, I haven't come up with any pretty poetry." He paused and glanced at the laptop. "Here. Roses are red, violets are blue. Sorrow is endless, but at least I have you."

Will smiled as he hugged Jack tighter. "I know it's a stupid thought, and we're already committed to each other, but will y—"


"Will you do the dishes, is what I was going to say."

"It's Saturday. I'm already doing the dishes."

Will laughed as he stood, running his hand through Jack's hair. "I think we should have pink and yellow roses for the wedding."

Jack watched as Will left and turned back to his laptop. "Aye. Like a sunset. Or a sunrise."


AN: Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! I started this thing way back in 2003. After hearing rumors that FFn is potentially on its last leg, I figured I'd archive it under my current name over on AO3 (likhoradka). And do a little cleanup since I made the mistake of reading it. And then finish it since I've always had that transition of chapter 26 to 27 solidly in mind. Better late than never?