We Met in Hong Kong

By: SilverLunarStar

Chapter One: Familiar


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AN: Okay, I decided to rewrite this story, because, reading it over, I realized that I use a lot of past tense and I don't really like doing that, or at least, not anymore, unless it's for the flashbacks. it's also kind of confusing having so many characters, so I decided to take Tobias, Tomicka, Jamie, Alex, and Mika characters whom I borrowed from a GREAT author, Lifes Dark Angel, who wrote The Wolves, The Dragons, and The Lions! I recommend! It's a MUST READ! There's a sequel out as well! out of the story. tears -I really would like to keep them, but it's too much for me. sighs I decided to create my own characters for the girls though, instead of Jamie, Alex, and Mika.- Well, HOPEFULLY I'll finish this fanfic before I enter college. THAT'S RIGHT! I just finished High School and am on vacations right now. My graduation isn't until June then I have two more months off although I am going to take four classes at a local community college to get eleven units before starting university.

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It's 7:43AM and eighteen year old Kinomoto Sakura, as always, wakes up late. She groggily sticks her head out of the covers and steals a quick glance at her pink alarm clock. "Hoe!" she exclaims. "Osoyo, osoyo," she chants as she speeds to the bathroom. She puts on a pair of white jeans and a baby pink blouse that has Tenshi written across it, in white. Going downstairs, she greets her father, "Ohayo oto-san," and gives him a peck on the cheek.

"Ohayo Sakura-chan," her father responds.

"I have to go now oto-san."

"Hai, itterasshai."

"Ittekimasu," she answers, waving as she leaves.

Sakura runs down the street and all the way to Yew Chung International, which isn't that far away from the modes house Fujitaka bought for them to live in, a few years back. Since she is in her last year of secondary school in Japan, in Hong Kong she is in Upper Six, she will graduate on time, once she passes the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. Breathlessly, she reaches her new school. As she starts walking around aimlessly, in search of the Main Office, she accidentally bumps into someone and falls to the ground with a thump. "Gomen," she says using her native language.


Xiao Lang wakes up early, as usual, to train, then gets ready for school. He peeks at his watch and realizes that he is later than usual. As he reaches yew Chung, someone accidentally bumps into. As the person falls to the ground, he hears them mutter an apology in Japanese. He extends his hand for the person to take, in order to help them up. As they take the offered hand, he feels something familiar about the person. The person lifts up their head, revealing to him a pair of emerald jewels.

Xiao Lang's amber eyes study the person and he notices that it's a girl around his age with waist-length auburn hair. He keeps his eyes locked with hers and finds himself drowning in them. They feel familiar somehow...

"Excuse me, could you please tell me where I might find the Main Office?" she asks, not realizing she's still speaking Japanese, or realizing that her sweet, honey voice has snapped him out of his thoughts.

'So she's new here,' he thinks. "Sure, it's just down the hall, to the left," he responds in Chinese.

"Xie-Xie," she replies, bowing before heading towards the Main Office.

He is shocked that she understood and spoke Chinese since she is clearly Japanese, but he just shrugs it off.

She obviously has to know some Chinese in order to live here. The others had known a little too, but didn't speak or understand it as clearly as she had.

'I have a feeling we'll meet again.'

To Be Continued


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