Chapter 2: Disaster

Raven walked into the Titan living room, the glass mugs levitating in front of her. She carefully set them down on the coffee table.

Robin and Cyborg each both grabbed their chocolate milk. Both were still absorbed in their game, but murmured their thanks.

Starfire picked up the OJ & mustard and looked up at Raven.

"Is this encased liquid my own?" She asked.

Raven nodded. Starfire gave Raven one of her oh-so-innocent grins, and took a drink. "It is wonderfully tasteful. I thank you."

Raven nodded again. Then she noticed something.

"Where's Beast Boy?" Raven asked, forcing herself to keep her voice uncaring.

"Beast Boy was seeming to be very tired. He has retired to his room of sleeping." Starfire answered.

"Oh." Raven shrugged. She picked up the two glasses of tea. "No use in wasting the drink. I'll go see if he wants his."

Starfire nodded and turned her attention back to the game.

Raven took a quick glance at the game's scoreboard before she starting up the stairs. Robin was winning against Cyborg. Florida was getting snow today.

3 3 3

Beast Boy jumped when he heard someone knocking on his door. He stashed the picture back underneath his pillow and cleared his throat.

"Um… Come in."

He was rather taken aback when the person he had just been thinking about opened his door and walked in to his room. She seemed her usual self.

"I thought you might like something to drink, but I was told you were already in your bedroom. I thought I'd see if you wanted it anyway."

Beast Boy grinned, nodding. "Thanks." He scooted over on his bed, making enough space for her to sit next to him. The invitation was an obvious one.

Raven hesitated for a moment, and then accepted, sitting down beside him. She handed him one of the tea-filled mugs. "There was nothing else."

Beast Boy shrugged casually. "Whatever. Just as long as you didn't spit in it."

He laughed at his own little joke, and treated her to his sweetest grin. For a second, Raven's cool disposition melted away. What she wouldn't give, for just once… to grin happily back at him… to laugh at his lame jokes… Being with him made her want to forget everything she'd been taught about controlling her powers, and laugh the day away like he did… Have not a care in the world…

She hurriedly got a hold of herself once more.

3 3 3

Beast Boy took a sip of the tea and was surprised to find it tasted marvelous. The vapors relaxed mind… And the warm liquid ran down his throat and thoroughly soothed him… Whoa…

"It's good."

Raven shrugged. "Thanks." She stood up, Beast Boy's bed quietly squeaking as the weight was lifted. "I… should go."

Beast Boy nodded, a little disappointed that she was leaving so soon. He tried to not let it show. "Okay." Does she have to leave…? Why does she want to? I want to spend time with her… Maybe she doesn't want to spend time with me… But… Does she have to go?

Raven was quite reluctant to leave, too. After a moment of hesitation, she picked her drink back up and made for the door. "Good Night."

Without really thinking, Beast Boy hurriedly stood up. "Raven! Wait!"

Raven froze, turning back around to face him. "…. What?"

Beast Boy immediately regretted he'd said anything. He stuttered for an answer. "Er… I… um…. Can we talk?"

"We're talking now, Beast Boy."


Raven sighed and started turn to leave again, when Beast Boy took a few steps toward her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Raven… Don't go…"

Raven was silent. She tried to respond, but couldn't say anything. All she could think about was that hand on her shoulder. Why… am I so glad? Why… He's only touching my shoulder… Why… Do I feel like it means more?

For a while they stood there. Raven gazing at Beast Boy, and Beast Boy staring right back. Both at a loss for words.

And then… something unexpected happened.

Beast Boy slowly leaned towards Raven… She's not pulling away… Took a step forward, pressing himself against her…. That must mean she's also… Ignoring that incredibly nervous feeling inside him… She's also feeling what I am… He tilted his head upwards, capturing her lips in a kiss.

Raven's eyes widened at his actions. She was torn. Half of her wanted this. Very badly. It was that vast part of her that was so deeply in love. But her other half… her sane half… knew how dangerous this was. Already, countless days worth of unexpressed emotions, bottled up inside her, were threatening to break loose. They shook violently within her, desperate to get out.

If that happened, it'd be fatal.

Raven pulled away from Beast Boy, squeezing her eyes shut in an effort to keep control.

Beast Boy was stunned as Raven turned and ran out of the room. He groaned and shook his head, tears threatening to spill. "I'm so stupid…"

3 3 3

Raven didn't know where she was running to, only that she was running. She vaguely realized that she must seem like an idiot, running through the tower's halls and rooms, not even looking to see where she was going. But, she didn't care. She only knew she needed to get away. Fast. Before those overwhelming emotions threatened to take a hold of her once again…