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The way I feel inside. How I feel inside is sad. A deep sort of sad the sort that drives people to the edge that makes them go mad that makes them wonder if anyone ever cared.

Harry potter, Boy-Who-Lived sat in his little bedroom thinking about why when he did not show up for his sixth year it was the second day after he got back that Voldermort attacked the Dursley's. Harry had been captured and tortured. He had been under the Crutiactus curse for three hours straight and had some how managed to stay sane. He had then somehow used wandless magic to summon his wand and had battled Voldermort and killed him.

Six hours later he had woken up stiff and sore in his bedroom. The only thing that told him that it had all happened was the cuts and bruises covering his body. When he asked the Dursley's they had told him they knew nothing. Some how he knew that Dumbledoor had sent him back. The question was. Why had he not even healed him.

There was a knock on the door Harry went down to answer it. He pulled open the door. There stood Cornelius Fudge flanked by at least half a dozen aurors.

'Harry Potter, you are officially exiled from the Wizarding World on the charge of a danger to the community. Please hand over your wand peacefully.'

Harry stood frozen. They did not write, they did not heal him when injured, they did not bother to pick him up when he was not at school, he defeated Voldermort and they abandon him. They had left him three choices, rebel, die or become basically a Muggle. He would show them the real Harry Potter no more acting. He decided that it was time to become the Slytherin he was destined to be. The Saviour they had abandoned was about to show his true colours. He was Going Dark.

He slammed his hand out in front of him throwing the ministry officials wandlessly backwards before summoning Hedwig and apperating to the shrieking shack, then again to Hogwarts. Yes Harry Potter was indeed the most powerful Wizard had ever seen.

He quickly walked into the girl's bathroom with the entrance to the Chamber of secrets.

Once he had set up the chamber as a sort of living quarters. He did a glamour charm to hide his scar, turn his eyes and hair brown.

He aperated to the leaky caldron and walked into Diagonally. He went to Gringotts and withdrew all his money. He then went into knockturn ally and into a near by bookstore.

He browsed the books and found several Dark Arts books and Potions books. He picked up a few more and paid for them at the counter.

After picking up several other items that could be useful from several other stores. He walked into the pet store. He headed over to the snake section. He browsed through several tanks before he saw a slim snake about 60cm long and 1cm wide it was pure black except for the emerald green eyes.


You speak


Would you mid if I take you home with me?

No, not at all

Great I shall go and pay for you.


A lovely name

Thank you.


Yes to be master Harry

No master will be necessary. I am not your master.

Ok Harry

Harry paid for the snake and left.


Albus Dumbledoor sat at his desk. He desperately needed a new DADA teacher when he heard a knock on his office door.

'Come in'

In stepped Minerva and a man of about 24 with brown hair and eyes. He was rather short and was thinner than most.

'Albus this man has come about the DADA position.'

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