The Third Floor

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[that annoying little voice that exists in everyone's head]


Chapter 1: Dreams and arrival.



I woke up sweating. I quickly got out of bed and then realized it was still dark, looking to the clock I read that it was 3AM. "Aww sh*t" I murmured knowing that since I was now awake fully there was no way I was gonna be able to go back to sleep again. And it was because of that I ended up sitting at my desk reading fanfiction. There was a bit of static as I read and just as I was finishing reading, it came full force. I covered my ears and closed my eyes in pain as the piercing sound fought its way into my skull.


Finally after what seemed like forever it stopped and I opened my eyes to see what had happened with my computer to cause that static. Looking up I saw that my computer had been turned off looking next to it I realized my radio had been turned off as well. It was just after this that I realized there was sunlight coming in from under my curtain. Opening the blinds I was extremely surprised to see the sun out at all not to mention how high it was in the sky meaning it had been out for a while now.

Deciding since the sun was out it was time for breakfast I went to my door to head downstairs. I opened my bedroom door to find a blonde haired guy with thick glasses staring at me looking as surprised as I felt. Without thinking I quickly slammed the door shut again right in the guy's face. {This cannot be happening, it has to be a dream. [but when you are dreaming you are not allowed to realize it] . damn!} I looked to the door when I heard it open and saw the boy standing there awkwardly staring at me. It is at this point that I realized that I am still in my pajamas.

"Umm, I don't know who you are but could you kind of get out of my room so I can change?" I asked nervously. The guy blushed brightly and left my room. I quickly decided to go casual and wear my baggy ridge blue jeans and a ¾ sleeve top in a greenish gray color with a circle to the side and the names of the four elements to the other side. I then did my hair in its usual messy ponytail and walked out.

I looked around the area I had walked into and noticed that a: it was nothing like my house and b: the guy was now gone. I jumped in fright when I heard a girl's voice shriek.


{OK. this is just what I need} Quickly tracing the voice to a room down the corridor into what looked like a lounge room. There I saw the blonde guy from before plus two other guys and two girls. Both the other guys were fairly dark haired, one with dark brown hair and the other with what looked practically black hair. The black haired guy seemed to be the taller of the two. The girls on the other hand looked completely different from each other. One was pretty with kind of curly blonde hair while the other was also pretty but in a different way with extremely dark brown hair.

"Um. hi." Announcing my presence they all turned to look at me. For the most part they looked curious except for the dark haired girl who looked suspicious {Ahhh. she must be the one who thinks I'm evil}.

"How did you know where we were?" Asked the suspicious girl.

"How could I not figure it out with the noise coming from here." I shot back at her. Looking them over again quickly {They all look around the same age as me. the guys might be 17} I decided it was probably safe to let them know who I was.

"I'm Kyera. Who are you?" The blonde guy who probably felt he should introduce everyone as he was the first one to 'meet' me.


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