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[that annoying little voice that exists in everyone's head]

Chapter 5: Revelations and Relations.

Adam's POV

I walked towards the coffee shop thinking of what might happen today. {I just know something strange is gonna happen today [Like that isn't normal in this town though] Good point}. I looked up to the window of the coffee shop to see Sally already there, sipping from a mug of coffee {probably her fifth knowing her} I cringed at the thought. I had tried numerous times to talk her out of her addiction and failed miserably as many times.

"Hi Sally."

"Morning." She replied giving him a small smile.

"How many of those have you had?" I asked looking pointedly at the mug.

She looked up at me innocently, "This is only my fifth." {I knew it.}


"Don't even bother. You know I'm not gonna give it up. Besides it's not like it's bad for me. According to research drinking coffee actually reduces the risks of cancer later in life."

"Who has to worry about cancer when you live in this town." I muttered as Bryce entered.

"Hi guys." He said sitting across from Sally and I.

"Hi. Uh... where are Watch and Kyera?" I asked.

"Probably still at Watch's house why?"

"Wait you mean you didn't stay with them?" asked Sally now looking concerned.

"No... should I have?"


"Well, she's proved to me that she's not so I don't think there's anything to worry about there," Came a voice from behind us. Sally and I turned, while Bryce looked over the top of us to see Watch, Cindy and Kyera standing in the doorway. Watch continued, "also we have to figure out how she got here and how to get her back home."

{That's true. She can't stay here forever... I wonder what she did that proved her trustworthy?}

"Well, I guess the first place to start was what you were doing before you ended up here." Said Cindy, as she took a seat next to Bryce and Kyera and Watch pulled up some chairs to the side of the table.

"Not much really, I had just woken up... from a nightmare I think I didn't remember it then but I had the same one last night and now I remember it." Said Kyera frowning in thought of the dream.

"You think your dream had something to do with this?" I asked.

"It might," she replied frowning even more when she looked at me, "I've been known to have strange dreams before that have related to something that's about to happen."

"But if you had the dream last night again, wouldn't that mean that it hasn't happened yet?" Asked Sally.

"I know that it definitely hasn't. This dream was in a lot more detail about exact events rather than my usual symbolic ones..."

{Why is she looking at me so strangely? Did her dream have something to do with me?}

"and now that I'm here I'm fairly certain that the 5 shadowed figures that were with me were you guys." Again she looked at me. "At the very least one of them I saw clearly as being Adam."

{Well maybe it's not that bad [Have you seen the way she was looking at you? It's bad!]}

"Well we better make sure we don't get ourselves into too much trouble then while you're here." Said Cindy trying to be optimistic.

"Like you can ever stay out of trouble in this town." Muttered Sally.

"I think as long as we stay away from the house I saw in my dream we should all be safe." Said Kyera, looking around tiredly.

"I guess with that dream you didn't get a decent sleep did you?" Asked Bryce. Kyera shook her head.

"It didn't help that I was sleeping outside on the grass either."

At this all of our eyes widened aside from Watch's and Kyera's.

"You made her sleep outside?!" exclaimed Cindy, looking at Watch shocked.

"What?!" Said Watch his eyes now widening as he realised what we thought. "No! We went outside to look at the stars and we fell asleep." "Oh..." Said Cindy making a face that said that she didn't think this was much better. Kyera rolled her eyes and Watch just groaned and put his head in his hands.

"Ok, I'm gonna order," I said getting up, "who wants what?" I looked to Sally, "and don't you think about asking me for coffee." She glared at me then replied.

"Fine I'll have a jam donut thanks." She said, handing me her money.

"Same and a cup of tea." Said Cindy, getting out money to pay.

"Coffee and a donut, thanks." Said Bryce handing over his money.

"Same." Came a muffled reply from Watch pulling some money out of his pocket. I looked to Kyera.

"Uh... I'm not from America so I don't have any money I can use here." She said shrugging.

"That's ok I'll pay." I said, after all she had seen something in her dreams and had given us a warning to help us.

"You sure?" I nodded. "Thanks, I'll have a donut and tea." She said smiling at me. I got up and left the table. To get our breakfast.

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