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The first of the stars to appear were tiny drops of golden light in the sky. With the night approaching by the sea, the only sounds were the calm laps of the waves. The sun, a lonely flame in a sky ever deepening into darker shades of blue, sank into the west.

A lone hobbit stood on the shore, his large bare feet cushioned by the sand. He looked up at the brightest of the few stars that graced the sky.

"A light when all other lights go out . . ." he whispered, and was suddenly struck with a stab of longing. But he was comforted in knowing that it would not last long. He would see his friend and master again soon.

"Master Samwise?" An Elf in gray robes approached, his timeless eyes shining in the growing dark. "Are you prepared?"

"Yes, sir," Sam replied softly, his gaze roving over to a large and graceful Elven ship, "I'll be there in a moment."

The Elf bowed his head in acknowledgement before turning to go back to the ship.

A gentle wind caressed Sam's cheeks. He never thought he could feel this old and tired. With a fleeting notion, he wondered if this was the way Elves felt, only many times worse over the thousands of years in which they lived.

Perhaps what Sam felt had something to do with the ache in his heart for his wife, Rosie. Sam could feel the last lingering threads of warmth from the setting sun. Rosie used to love the sun.

So many people who were dear to him had been taken away over the years.

A sudden shrill call pierced the air. Sam lifted his head, and saw a gull flying over the sails of the Elven ship. He watched as it danced and soared through the air. It's wings spread and it caught the currents of the wind and flew with them just like a kite.

With a sigh, Sam turned and walked to the ship.

The End.