The day before Thanksgiving, Quinn and Jewel went to John Wayne Airport to pick up jewel's parents who flew in from Alaska. I decided to play some video games on the Nintendo 64, as there was not much elese to do, with Crayton Labs being in another universe and all.

I heard the door unlock, and I saw Quinn and Jewel enter with an older couple. Quinn introduced me to them.

"This is Colin," he said. "He was a test subject in the lab where I worked. He is residing with us for a few days."

"I've offered to help with the Thanksgiving dinner," I said.

Thanksgiving Day was a busy day for me. It was in the afternoon that I started preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. I washed my hands, and then I proceeded to cook the turkey that would be the main course for the dinner. I first pout it in the Kenmore microwave oven to defrost it. As the microwaves defrosted the turkey, I prepared the stuffing and the gravy. Jewel was also in the kitchen, preparing a salad.

After a few minutes, the microwave oven beeped as the turkey was defrosted. I opened the door and took the turkey out. It was not as cold as before, and felt wet. I placed the turkey in the oven ansd then set the temperature and the bake time. it would take about forty minutes to cook this turkey. While the turkey was baking, I set the table with Quinn's best tablecloth. I put all of the placemats around the table, and I placed all the fine plates and the silverware on top of the placemats. I set the cranberry sauce and the horderves.

And then, the oven beeped, and the turket was finished. I opened the oven door, and I removed the huge turkey, holding the trasy with the potholders. I set the turkey on the dining table. I then put the gravy on the table. We all thanked the Lord for his gift to us.

Quinn did the honors to sl;ive the turkey, and I had a bite. And it sure tasted good! Thegravy and the sutffing was especially deliciopus. Even the odor of the food was enough to please, not to mention the taste.

As we all ate, I told the guests about myself.

"You must miss them," said Jewel's father after hearing about how my parents died when I was young.

"Well, at least you are all right now," said Jewel's mother. "They would be very proud of you."

"I know," I said. "I'm just glad to be a guest here."

"How long will you be staying?" asked Jewel's father.

"I leave Saturday," I said.

"What are you trying to find by doing all this traveling?" asked Jewel's mother.

"I guess I'm trying to find my place in the world."

We continued eating. We managed to finish the roasted turkey. Even all the gravy and stuffing was eaten. The Thnaksgiving dinner was completed with rich white wine.

"You know," said Jewel, "if I hadn't decided to go to Concordia University, I would not have met Quinn, and I would not be married to such a wonderful man."

"I agree," said Quinn.

"Maybe not," I said. "Quinn could have moved to Alaska. Or you could have both gone to college in New York. There are over trillions of possibilities. I should know."

During this dinner, I focused on the here and now, and I trsuted to God that He would take care of me. I certainly appreciated the much-needed rest.

Even if I did clean the kitchen and wash the dishes.

I spent my remaining time visiting places such as the Gamble House in Pasadena and the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Eventually, my appointed time came. It was time for me to go.

"It may be dangerous," said Quinn. "you might want to take off the belt."

"if this is my only chance," I said, "then I am going to take it. People who can not tolerate any risk do not slide."

"Well, Colin, will we see you again?" asked Jewel.

"I can't promise that."

"I was lucky to have met you," said Quinn. "Even though you are not my brother, I finally mnade peace with his death."

"I'm sure he's all right," I said.

Then my watch counted down. Five. Four. three. Two. One.

Then the Universe slipped out from under me.

I found myself standing on some tiles. I saw a sink and some stalls. This must be a restroom.

Suddenly, the door opened and someone came in. I saw she was a woman. she was surprised to see a man inside.

"I think you have the wrong restroom," she said.

"No wonder there were no urinals here," I replied. One thing I learned from sliding is that I had to take things like this in stride.

I left the ladies' room. I walked out to what appeared to be a baer. there were neon signs advertising Budweiser and Miller and Corona. None of the patrons noticved I had just emerged from the women's restroom.

I sat down and looked at the TV. I saw it was on CNN; there was a caption stating that the news was being broadcast from the Ambassadiot Hotel. The reporter said that President Williams is goiung to make a statement.

Then I saw President Williams on the TV-a duplicate of the President Williams on the previous Earth.

"I did not have homicidal relations with that woman, Maggie Beckett," he said.

I wonder that this world's version of Maggie has to do with the President of the United States.

Then I saw Maggie Beckett. She claimed that the whole affair was a hoax, and that some woman who worked in the hotel was murdered to keep it quiet. the reporters asked all sorts of questions.

The camera then changed its angle, and I saw a wormhole. I saw Maggie jump into the wormhole, along with three other people I could not clearly identify.

"My Lord," I whispered. That was Maggie, the person whom I was sliding with for over one year. She was still alive. And I just missed her.