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Chapter 1: Help! I'm trapped in Lothlorien!

"I'm so friggin bored!" groaned Sarah, also known as Sam, for the millionth time. Prachi, also Gandalf, was starting to plot against her once more.

"Yes Sarah, we're all bored, but you have to keep quiet or Prachi will have more reasons to kill you," said Chelsea, also Pippin.

The group was bored out of their minds today because no movies were out and there was nothing to do. Even 7-Eleven was closed for some reason on this day! (Probably knew the Fellowship was bored and decided they didn't want them 'visiting')

"Woo-hoo! Bored.com!" yelled Becca (Merry), who was on the computer. "Lookie here 'Visit the place of your dreams.' Sounds interesting."

"Don't click on it Becca," said Allie (Strider), "it's a scam."

"No shit Sherlock," snapped Becca. "But I want to see what it does!"

"Whatever," Everyone else replied.

Becca shrugged, since no one seemed to care, and looked at her equally bored friends. Sarah was mindlessly playing with a string, Prachi was glaring at her, Chelsea was writing, and Allie was staring at the ceiling. Andrea (Legolas) was once again looking through the paper (comics this time), Yun (Galadriel) was mindlessly channel surfing while Niyati (Eowyn) watched, Michelle (Boromir) was reading Order of the Phoenix again (Which Chelsea didn't like since she kept reading Sirius' death out loud to annoy her), Christina (Gimli) was pondering the meaning of life, and Kristen (Frodo) was resting.

"Stop that!" cried Chelsea as Michelle once again read the ending from the chapter "Beyond the Veil".

"'He was laughing at her, 'Come on, you can do better then that!'. . .'" recited Michelle.

Chelsea put her hands over her ears, "I'm not listening!"

Usually, Michelle wouldn't do this to poor Chelsea because Sirius was Chelsea's favorite character and she always cried no matter how many times she read it, but everyone was bored at the moment.

"Everyone quiet!" Andrea shouted suddenly.

"What's that noise?" asked Allie. Everyone looked around. It sounded like drums, then a whole bunch of instruments playing at once with no organization.

"Eek!" everyone shrieked. If the clamor was supposed to be music, it was really, really bad music.

Suddenly, a blindingly evil flash of Urple light filled the room and. . .they weren't in the room anymore.

"Uh-oh. . ." said Chelsea. She knew immediately there was a problem. Number one, she was in a forest; number two, Sarah was with her.

"Where are we?" asked Sarah.

"I have no clue," said Chelsea. Somehow, the forest did seem familiar, but she knew she'd never been here before. That's when it hit her. . .

"Are we in Lorien?" asked Sarah.

"I think so," said Chelsea, a certain amount of horror in her voice.

"Well, this is bad." Sarah and Chelsea turned around to see Michelle and Yun behind them.

"What are we going to do?" asked Chelsea.

"Well," said Yun, "it can't be that bad. I mean, they speak English."

"No," said Sarah, "they speak Westron and Elvish, it's different."

"And," said Chelsea, "if you're a Mary-Sue, they speak elfish."


"Are we Mary-Sues?" Michelle asked nervously.

"No idea," Sarah sighed, "probably though."

They all knew they were in trouble. How can you possibly survive in Middle- Earth with no weapons and practically no way to speak any of the languages?

"We're doomed," said Yun.

"Everyone shut up!" said Chelsea in a low whisper. "We need to be quiet or the elves-"

But she was cut short. Ten archers surrounded them.

Many profanities from Chelsea then continued.


Haldir and the other nine archers with him quickly surrounded the children quickly.

After a moment of shock, one of the girls started to scream angrily in a language that he didn't recognize.

But, when 4 girls are down on their knees with a pleading look in their eyes, it's the universal way of saying 'Please don't kill me.'

"Up!" Haldir commanded. All of them looked confused, but then one of them stood up, telling others to do so also. Or at least, that's what he figured they were saying since they did, indeed, stand up.

"My name Chelsea," the first girl said, speaking very slowly. She obviously did not know the language very well.

"Michelle," the brown haired one.

"Yun," the dark one.

"Sarah," the tall, messy red-head.

Haldir nodded slowly. "Follow us," he said. They all looked at him, dumbfounded, but one quick poke with an arrow head gave them the clue to move.

"Do you see what strange clothes they wear?" asked one of the elves nearest Haldir. "I've never seen anything like it."

It was true, the girls were wearing clothes that had not ever been seen in Middle-Earth before (unless you count the times when the Mary-Sues came, but the elves didn't remember that), and it didn't look very appropriate for some travelers wondering beyond their homeland. Actually, it didn't even look appropriate to do much of anything. They were obviously from somewhere far away.

Chelsea started yelling again after she ran into a tree branch.

Somewhere very far away.

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