Chapter 11: Girls are Impossible and Other Observations

Forfin had learned very early on that, one week out of each month, it was a good idea to just run away.

Glorfindel had the right idea. He went out riding with the twins once every month. Forfin just wished he'd been that smart…

"Just shut up and take the goddamn plates!" Allie yelled to Christina.

He didn't need to know what they were shouting at each other. He didn't want to know what they were shouting at each other. It was enough that they were shouting right next to his ear.

"Why don't you wash them," snapped Christina. The girls had not been having a very good week. So far they had managed to piss-off virtually every male Elf (except Glorfindel who was no where to be found) while all the female Elves seemed to pity them. They could deal with the pissing-off part, it was the pity they hated.

Allie gritted her teeth and started washing. "Just remember Christina; I know where you sleep."


Throughout the entire week, Kristen had said nothing (though she did give some really odd looks). She was always the quietest of the bunch, but it was still eerie when she just didn't talk at all.

Allie sighed. "Christina, do you even know how to wash dishes?"

Christina grumbled. "It's my brothers' chore at home." Allie rolled her eyes and went back to working.

There was a silence around the girls, mention of home was painful.

Forfin noticed the silence and part of him knew that the girls were sad, but the other half was happy that the girls were finally quiet.

"How're we going to get back home?" asked Christina.

"I thought we'd all agreed that this was all a dream," Allie said blankly.

"But what if it isn't?" asked Kristen.

Once more, the girls were silent. If this wasn't a dream like they had first thought…but how could it not be a dream? It was impossible for anything like this to happen. The girls then happily went back to thinking everything was just a dream, nothing more, nothing less. The impossible only happened in dreams.

So, after that uncomfortable moment, the girls went back to bickering about stupid stuff and Forfin went back to wondering why women were impossible.

"Kristen, what are you doing?"

"Translating The Lord of the Rings into English so that I can read something." Allie shook her head; well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Allie then sat down next to Kristen and started translating the Harry Potter books.

"You're just wasting your time," Christina said as she watched the two of them from her side of the bed.

"Yeah," Allie said, slightly preoccupied, "but it passes the time quickly."

Christina shrugged and kept listening to music. She supposed they were right and that translating the books was probably improving their grasp of the language. Lucky for Christina, she always had a gift for languages, so she was picking up Elvish (or whatever language her mind had created) pretty well. "Having fun?"

"Not really," Kristen mumbled. "But there's nothing else to do."

"Do you think the Dursley's thought it was all a dream, too?" Christina and Kristen turned to star at Allie with the Sorcerers Stone on her lap.

"What do you mean?" Kristen asked.

"Well," Allie said slowly, thinking, "when Vernon saw all those 'strange people', or when he heard about the Potters, do you think it ever crossed his mind that maybe it was all a dream?"

Christina shrugged. "I don't-"

"I'm just saying," Allie interrupted, "the impossible could happen."

Kristen rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure, and pigs might fly."

Allie shrugged. "Maybe."

A/N The line 'Pigs might fly' is taken from a book I just read. Anyone who guesses it I will love forever.

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