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I'm going to start with an explanation. This story was up here before, but I lost all idea's what I wanted to do with it. So I took it down. Now I've got some idea's again and I'm putting it back up again. This story should not be taken seriously! There, now I warned you. It comes from the dark parts of my mind, and nothing good ever comes from there. It's not up to my usual standard writing. I'm trying stuff out here, like writing from the first person. There seems to be more then one way to do that.

The first two chapters that I'm putting back up now where the ones that where already here once. It used to be four chapters, but the chapter where really, really short, so I decided to put two chapters in one this time around. I'm working on the next part, but I'm curious to see if people still want me to go on with this story (I swear I have idea's now). Please review and tell me if you want me to go on.

This story is no longer set in the same time as the LOTR books. It takes place after the war of the Ring. Please remember that this is a fiction and don't get all technical on me that it doesn't fit the appendixes. I know this. Hell, some of the facts don't fit the books itself. It'll all explain itself, eventually.

I've put *** in between where the new chapter used to begin. Just so you don't get confused when the style changes.

Thank you, on with the story.

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This is my story. Meaning it's a story about me. If you don't like me, go away. Unless you like to torture yourself, then by all means, stay. But I drift of. If you don't know me, let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Kyra. A 21 year old female. Work in childcare. This is a story about something that happened to me. Are you sitting down? Are you comfortable? Alright then, let us begin.

I was having a good day. Really I was. My hair was doing what I wanted it to do. Don't get me started on my hair. It's more headstrong then I am, no pun intended. My make-up was the way I wanted it and it wasn't raining. I should've know then. Since I was having such a good day, I decided to walk to work. It was freezing and it had rained during the night, so the roads where slippery. Why ruin a perfectly good day by falling of my bike, right? Besides, it was only a ten minute walk. What could go wrong? Note of warning: Don't ask yourself that. Lots of things can go wrong. It can start to rain. You can get hit by a car. World War three can break out. Aliens can invade the earth!

Or you can go trough your ankle, hit your head on the sidewalk and get knocked unconscious. Which is what I did. Another note of warning, don't do that. When you wake up, you wish you stayed unconscious. Of course that went double for me.

Join me in my adventure:


Oh my poor head! I thought my new years resolution was not to get this drunk anymore. Another resolution down the drain. I can't see a thing! Is this a blinding headache? Am I blind?! Oh, wait.. My eyes are closed. Opening them might help. Oh bright! Maybe eyes closed wasn't such a bad thing after all. Let's try this again. Little by little now, that's better. Blue sky, that's pretty. What kind of leaves are that? What a minute. Leaves? There aren't supposed to be leaves! Ouch! Note to self, no matter how weird something seems, do *not* open your eyes real wide all of a sudden with a headache from hell!

"The lady wakes"

Not shit, genius. Did you figure that out all by yourself? Hey.who is that? Let's try to open the eyes again. Huh.. three guys, with long hair. Long hair is good. Dark, brown and blond. Something for everyone. Uuuuh, are those swords? Is that a bow?! Not good. Are those tights? That's better then the swords and bow. Hmmm. Alright Kyra, mind *out* of the gutter! Don't think they are having those swords just for show. How am I getting myself out of this one? Let's try to start with standing. That works! Go me! Now running for it seems like a good idea. They don't seem angry with me, but as a rule, guys with weapons? Not a good thing. Those tights are though.. Kyra! Now I can't just run, that would be rude. I should say something.

"Uh, hi guys. I'm looking for the psychiatrist? I am seeing guys with swords and bows. Not this way? All right, bye!"

Now I can run. Wasn't I brilliant when I started running to stay in shape? Of course, that is on pavement and this is in a forest with roots I can fall over. Let's hide behind that big tree. Hey, look, they're not following me. They look kind of stunned. Woops, yes they are following me. Let's go! Yes, definitely different to run on pavement. Hey, if I can get to that branch, I can swing up that tree. That's a plan. OOOMPH! I never said it was a good plan. I think I cracked some ribs. Why does it always work in the movies and I end up on the ground? There are those guys again.

"Hi! Don't I know you? Brown hair.. yes I really think I saw you before. Give me a sec to stand up. Thank you, that's better. Well, it was very nice seeing you again. If you would excuse me, I really have to go. Oh, hi. Where did you come from? You know, long hair and that beard, really works for you. Gotta go! Oof! While I don't mind being in the arms of a tall blond person.. with pointy ears.. huh.. I really have to be going. Places to be, people to avoid uuh see. Mister? Excuse me? For me to be going, you really have to let go of my arm. Hello?"

You'd think I wasn't even here! What is that language? Doesn't seem like brown haired man knows either. If there ever was a face that could pass as a question mark, that would be it. Oh look, it's about to speak.

"She could be a spy for Saruman."

"Excuse me! Spy! ME? Listen here mister, I am nobodies spy!"

"Gandalf would want to talk to her."

"Listen blondie, maybe I don't want to talk to Gandalf! Who's Gandalf? For that matter, who is Saruman? Who are you!?"

"My apologies, Lady. We can't tell you our names. We don't know who or what you are. Tie her hands."

"Well. That is easily solved. I am Kyra, I am human. And what's with the hand tying?! Hey! Let go!"