Duelists Of Destiny

Chapter 1

"Shadow Of A Duel"

It was a normal day in Domino, Bakura, Tristan, Téa, Yugi, Joey, and Kevin were walking home from school.

"So Kevin, how does your dad like his job at the Domino Museum?"  Bakura asked.

"He like it a lot, it's a dream come true for him to have a job there, ancient objects have always fascinated him."  Kevin said.

"The only object I'm interested in is a sandwich."  Joey said.

Téa shot him a weird look that kind of meant, "Where on earth did that come from?"

The gang was now in front of Yugi's Grandfather's card shop.

"Come on guys, I'm sure my grandpa will have news of some sort."  Yugi said.

"Yeah, knowing your grandpa he's probably heard of some new tournament that's gonna be held in town."  Joey said.

"Most likely."  Tristan added.

The gang now entered the card shop.

"Ah, hello everyone.  You won't believe the news I have."  Yugi's grandpa said.

"What is it, grandpa?"  Yugi asked.

"Yeah, what is it?"  Joey asked.

"The news is there's a big tournament that's being sponsored by the creator of Duel Monsters.  Duelists from all over the world are coming to compete."  Yugi's grandpa told them.

"So when is it, grandpa?"  Yugi asked.

"The tournament kicks off tomorrow evening."  Yugi's grandpa replied.

"That's not much time to prepare."  Bakura stated.

"True, but this tournament is gonna rock."  Tristan said.

"So you'll need to hurry up and register if you want to compete."  Yugi's grandpa said.

"I don't know about you, Yugi, but I just want to watch this tournament from the stands."  Joey said.

"Yeah, same here.  I might enter a tournament sometime soon, but I don't think I'll enter.  I just want to observe how the other duelists duel so I can pick up some tips and strategies before I do."  Yugi said.

But, Yugi, you beat Kaiba in a duel, and he's supposed to be one of the best duelists."  Téa said.

"I know, but I think that win was pure luck more than anything."  Yugi said.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna enter."  Kevin said.

"Then we'll all be in the stands cheering you on then."  The gang said together.

"This tournament will be very hard, many of the best duelists from all over the world are coming to compete."  Yugi's grandpa said.

"I can handle 'em."  Kevin said confidently.

"Let's hope so."  The gang said together.

"Okay, cool.  See you guys tomorrow, I need to go get registered for the tournament."  Kevin said.

"Okay, see you tomorrow, Kevin."  Everyone said.

Kevin left the game shop, and went to get registered for the tournament.

"By the way, I've heard rumors that a girl named Crystal Clearwater from Texas is coming to compete.  She's supposed to be the best duelist in the United States, and the amazing thing is that she's only 17."  Yugi's grandpa said.

"Wow, she must be a good duelist if she's considered to be the best duelist in a country that has 50 different states with millions of people."  Joey said excited.

"Kevin's going to have a hard time winning this tournament because Crystal is rumored that she hasn't lost a duel since she began dueling."  Yugi's grandpa said.

"If Kevin has any hope of winning this tournament, he'll need to trust in the heart of the cards."  Yugi said.

"No kidding, with a duelist like her entering he's going to need all the luck he can get."  Téa said.

"Let's hope that Kevin is ready for what he's getting himself into."  Yugi's grandpa said.

"Let's hope so."  The gang all said.

The gang now went their separate ways since they all had things they needed to do before the big duel.