Chapter 3

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it!  The winner of this duel and the tournament is Miss Crystal Clearwater from America.  Give her a round of applause folks!  Now, we can't forget about our second place finisher.  Give a round of applause for Kevin Hunter, our valiant second place finisher!"  The announcer said.

Just then a trap door in the floor opened and a platform rose from it with Duel Monsters' creator, Maxamillion Pegasus on it holding the first place trophy.

"Whoa, Crystal's being presented her trophy by the head honcho of Duel Monsters."  Joey said.

"Quiet guys."  Tea said.

Pegasus walked over to Crystal and presented her with the trophy, "Congratulations Crystal, your dueling skills shone brightly today, so I'm pleased to present you with this trophy."  Pegasus said.

"Thank you."  Crystal said.

"You're welcome.  Oh, and by the way, you dueled so well that I want to invite you to come to the tournament I'm going to be hosting in two weeks on Duelist Island.  You'll be receiving some information on it soon.  I hope you decide to attend.  There'll be a place of honor with your name on it if you decide to compete.  I hope to see you again soon, and keep up the good work."  Pegasus said.

Crystal nodded; she was too shocked to say anything.  Pegasus walked away from her and Kevin approached her.

"You okay, Kevin?"  Crystal asked.

"I can't believe I lost!"  Kevin said while sinking to his knees.

"You did you very best, you're one of the best duelists I've ever faced……."  Crystal said.

"Thanks, I'm Kevin Hunter, you're a good duelist yourself Miss Clearwater…….."  Kevin said.

"Please call me Crystal……"

"Okay, wow!  You sure know how to use dragons……."  Kevin replied.

"Why thank you for your compliment, Kevin."  Crystal said smiling.

"No problem, no problem at all."  Kevin said smiling back at her.

Just then Kaiba walked up, "Hello, Crystal, you played well."

"Oh great, look who's here to ruin things…….."  Kevin said sarcastically.

"I wasn't asking for your opinion, Hunter!"  Kaiba shot back.

Kevin glared at Kaiba.

"And who might you be?"  Crystal asked.

"I'm Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaibacorp…….  It's my pleasure to meet the winner of this duel unlike a certain loser I know…….."  Kaiba glared at Kevin and smirked.

"Nice to meet you."  Crystal said.

"Stupid jerk……."  Kevin muttered to himself.

"Get lost, Hunter!  You don't deserve to be a duelist, you're just a loser like your old man!"  Kaiba shot back.

"Take that back, Kaiba!"  Kevin exclaimed.

"Maybe I should go now…….."  Crystal said.

"My sincere apologizes, Crystal…….  We were rudely interrupted by a certain Mouse."  Kaiba said.

"GRR……."  Kevin growled while trying to keep his temper.

"You two must be fierce rivals……."  Crystal said.

"You could say that, but I'm way better than he'll ever be!"  Kaiba said.

"In your dreams, I'll beat you someday, you just wait Kaiba!"  Kevin exclaimed.

"I doubt that very much, Hunter…….."  Kaiba said.

Now Kaiba asked, "Crystal, why don't we do lunch so that we can talk without interference?"

"I would like that……"  Crystal replied.

"Good, please come with me……"  Kaiba said.

"I was going to introduce you to my friends, Crystal……."  Kevin said.

"How about later, I want to meet your friends too, but I don't go back on my word without a good reason."  Crystal said.

"Well, okay…….  I'll see you later then…… and you Kaiba, I'm going to make you eat those words……."  Kevin said, while Kevin and Crystal started walking away from him.

The gang approached Kevin, "Oh, Kevin, I'm so proud of you……."  Tea hugged Kevin and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Tea!  Not here!"  Kevin said blushing.

Tea giggled, "You're so cute when you blush like that."

"You did good, Kevin, you've really improved your skills from the last time you dueled."  Yugi said.

"Thanks Yugi, but Crystal was way better than I am, she's the better duelist……"  Kevin said.

"Well, you're number one in our book."  Joey gave Kevin the thumbs up, "Which reminds me, I'm hungry, let's go eat!"  Joey said.

Everyone rolled their eyes at Joey.

"All you can think about is your stomach, Wheeler!"  Tristan said.

"Hey, I'm hungry!  I can't help it all right!"  Joey exclaimed.

"Well Joey, at least you're good at something."  Kevin said.

"What's that?"  Joey asked.

"Stuffing your mouth with food."  Kevin said laughing.

"Hey, that's not funny!"  Joey exclaimed.

"Calm down, Joey!"  Tea said.

"Yeah, Tea's right, let's go get something to eat……."  Yugi said.

"Food, here I come!"  Joey said running outside.

"Where's Crystal?"  Yugi asked.

"Oh, she went to have lunch with Kaiba…….."  Kevin said.

"WHAT!?!?"  Everyone exclaimed.

"Uh, I just told you guys…….."  Kevin said.

"I hope she's okay, I wouldn't go out with Kaiba even if he was the last person on earth……."  Tea said.

"Yeah, I agree with Tea, Kaiba's nothing but trouble…….."  Tristan said.

"Don't worry guys, she told me that she'd meet us later on……."  Kevin said.

"Well then, let's go eat……."  Yugi said.  The gang now left to go eat.