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Chapter Four

Nuriko watched Tasuki and Mitsukake return to Miaka and the others. He turned around. "Suzaku, I guess you were right. The seven of them will be fine. Although I did worry about Tasuki for a moment. I was afraid he would do something rash."

Suzaku smiled. "Tasuki is very emotional, Nuriko. And he loves you very much. From what I can guess, the two of you were the closest of friends."

Nuriko looked down below him to the snow sadly. "Yes. We were. And I will miss him here." He glanced at Suzaku. "I suppose I should go back into the palace. Kourin is waiting for me." He laughed a little. "She wants to play tag with me." He turned to leave.

Suzaku had a sudden thought. "Nuriko, wait. I have an idea."



Miaka and the remaining Suzaku Seishi finished burying Nuriko. She brushed her tears away. She could almost see Nuriko before her, laughing and smiling. If Nuriko were here, he would tell me to cheer up and not cry over him, Miaka realized. So I'd better do what he would want me to do. She gave a big smile for her friends. "Hey everyone, ready to get the Genbu Shinzaho? We're almost there, and if we stop now, Nuriko's sacrifice would have been for nothing."

Tamahome hugged her close. "Yes, we must do that. We're so close to summoning Suzaku now."

"Yes, and as soon as I summon Suzaku, I shall wish to remain here in this world with you, Tamahome," Miaka replied. Suddenly, Miaka gasped. Nuriko's bracelets! How did they get on her wrists? "Tamahome!" she whispered. "Look!" She held up her wrists.

Tamahome took them. "Hey, aren't these Nuriko's?"

Tasuki heard the two of them and came over. "Those were Nuriko's. He musta given them to ya from wherever he is now."

Miaka could feel tears coming to her eyes. She smiled. "That means Nuriko's okay, then! Oh, good, I was worrying about whether or not he was all right or not." She looked at the bracelets. "But these are proof that he is! Otherwise, he wouldn't give them to me." She wrapped her arms around Tamahome's neck. "Oh, Tamahome!"


Suzaku smiled. His Miko was going to be all right now. He whirled around and returned to his palace.

Nuriko watched Miaka hug Tamahome and something turned inside him. If he had been the one alive, that'd be what Miaka would do to him. But he was dead, and there was nothing he could do about it. But he was glad he had given his bracelets to Miaka. They would protect her when he couldn't. He turned to leave, looking back one last time at Miaka's sweet face. "Goodbye, Miaka, Tasuki, Chichiri... I'll miss you. And Chiriko, Tamahome, Mitsukake." He thought briefly of his old love. "And you, too, Hotohori. Goodbye. I hope you find a wife who will love you as I once did." Nuriko looked at his friends on the Earth below him. "I'll wait for all of you," he whispered.

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