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Sesshoumaru let his expressionless mask slip to glare at his retainer, Jaken as he clumsily waved his staff in excitement. "Lord Sesshoumaru! Lord Sesshoumaru! Your half breed brother-"

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes in anger a hiss escaping his lips. "Do not refer to that…hanyou as my brother."

Jaken nodded his large yellow eyes filling with more fear then excitement as he continued, "Inuyasha has been defeated by that half demon Naraku." Looking up with an uncertain smile Jaken took a slow step back at the full out grin that covered his lords face.

"Prepare for our departure Jaken its time I go claim what's rightfully mine."


Leaning her forehead against Inuyasha's tombstone Kagome pushed her hand down against the slight raise of earth, which underneath it rested Inuyasha. Digging her nails into the earth she felt a harsh cry tremble from her lips. It wasn't her fault, she knew it wasn't but it was impossible not to regret not taking Inuyasha with her. It was on the night of a new moon, the one time Inuyasha turned human, when Naraku came to collect their jewel shards. Kagome gritted her teeth the coward. Somehow Naraku had found out of Inuyasha's secret and had waited right until after his transformation to show himself. It was no surprise really, Naraku had spies everywhere. Inuyasha..

Her breath hitching Kagome squeezed her eyes shut in pain. He had known he would die when he asked her to take their two children and run to the well and stay in her time for three days. But then…she knew if she had stayed her and their children would be killed along with him. The pain and worry in his eyes was what made her agree to do as he asked. When she had come back the day after…the whole village was no more. Sango and Miroku lay collapsed in front of Inuyasha, who was laying on his stomach with the back of his head turned to her. His black hair fanning out behind him. He was still in his human form…he had not survived the battle with Naraku. Later that day a few villagers that had been away returned and helped Kagome burry the dead.

Shakily standing Kagome clutched the few jewel shards they had collected tightly in her palm. If she had to blame anyone for Inuyasha's death it would be Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru was the one who made Inuyasha want to be a full demon so badly. It was his fault they were collecting the shards Naraku wanted. Straitening her shoulders Kagome made her way back to the village to collect her sons. They were returning to the future. Nothing kept them here anymore their friends were dead, and only danger remained. Besides it was the only way Kagome could think of to keep Naraku from gaining the remaining jewel shards.

"Let me hold it Yasha! Father would have wanted me to have it not you! You always break things!" Whined the voice of her 3minute younger son. They were twins, identical in every outer way, but as different as two could be in personality.

"Damn-it Sota back off! The sword wont even let you hold it, remember what happened last time you tried?!" Kagomes eyes narrowed slightly at the language her son used. She had always tried to get Inuyasha to watch his mouth around those two but as many times as she had to sit him, that soon became a much harder task.

"But I'm the older one! Four years SEVEN MINUTES 20 seconds. Your only Four years FOUR MINUTES 40 Seconds old! Everyone knows the elder son inherits."

"You moron, what would you do with the sword? Use it as a paper weight for your drawings?" Yasha muttered in an exasperated voice.

Smiling slightly Kagome cleared her throat getting their attention. "Boys stop fighting over that sword. Brothers shouldn't act that way. Yasha keeps the sword for now simply because he's the only one with the power to wield it. Sota I will find you a weapon that fits your tastes more when we get home."

That ending the disagreement Kagome picked up the few bags they had and made her way to the well Sota skipping ahead while Yasha stayed at her side, holding the sword as if it weighed nothing. A squeal broke into her thoughts and she looked up sharply at the figure that held Sota disdainfully by the throat, two red stripes on the pail wrist, silver hair billowing around him. A low growl snapped her out of her daze again, and she sparred her younger son a glance as he quickly unsheathed his sword. "N-no Yasha put that away."

Quickly moving to stand in front of him wishing she hadn't packed away her bow but then again…could she really kill Sesshoumaru with a few arrows? No. Deciding not to get him in a bad mood she kept her voice calm. "Please put my son down Sesshoumaru and then maybe I could help you with whatever brought you here."

Sesshoumaru looked from the squirming child in his hand half amused as the runt tried to bite him up to Inuyasha's wrench. Relaxing his hand he let a small smile twitch at the corner of his mouth at the 'thump!' and a small mewing sound. "My brother, he's dead?" He took note of how her clear blue eyes stormed over with a ting of gray and her lips pushed into a thin line.

"Yes." Kagome felt like cursing and purifying his ass to hell, he was mocking her. His tone had a snobbish air to it and something in his normally emotionless gold eyes sparked to life.

"I see, in that case all his belongings are now mine. The Tetsusaiga? Where is it?"

Kagome watched as Sota crawled carefully away from him latching onto her leg, his ears, much like Inuyasha's pressed down flat on his head. Turning slightly to keep Sesshoumaru in her line of vision she gave Yasha an apologetic look. "Yasha please hand me the Tetsusaiga." As she expected he tightened his grip on it. "Yasha this is Inuyasha's brother, your Uncle he will hold onto it and keep it safe for you until your older." Kagome held her breath hoping Sesshoumaru would keep silent and Yasha would agree with it.

Kagome sighed in relief when he handed her the Tetsusaiga her arm jerking slightly with the weight. She approached him only as close as necessary carefully watching for any signs of aggression. "This is all we have of Inuyasha's." Kagome felt a pang in her heart handing the Tetsusaiga over to Sesshoumaru knowing how many times Inuyasha risked his life to keep it out of his hands, but she would not risk her sons life over a stupid sword.

"Not quite miko, I believe you were my brothers mate?" He spat the name brother like it burned his tongue to speak it. "And those brats, his children?"

She stiffened the sword still outstretched to him, "Those are Inuyasha's and my children." Fighting the urge to stab the sword into his foot and run with her children. Her fingers tightening around Tetsusaiga regardless, she would protect her sons with her life if he thought to touch one hair on their heads. A gasp died in her throat as Sesshoumaru's delicate hand clasped around her neck, his deadly nails prickling her skin. The sword fell from her shaking hands when she was pushed up against chest, his hand moving from her slightly bruising throat to her upper arm.

"I'm aware my half breed brother hasn't explained to you the way things work in youkai society. Perhaps he didn't know for himself" He watched amused as her children that disgustingly resembled Inuyasha fought with each other, the one she called Sota had foolishly tried to charge at him while Yasha held him back aware of the danger. They both glared angrily at him which he returned with a smile before lowering his head to lightly smell the flowery air that clung to the air around her. "You see Kagome, you were my brothers mate when he was alive, and when he died, you became mine." He could smell the fear radiating from her when he nuzzled her gently against her neck. "Or maybe he did tell you?" He eyed her packed bags his eyes narrowing slightly. "You wouldn't be foolish enough to try and escape this Sesshoumaru, would you?"

Horrified Kagome eyed her sons hoping they wouldn't attack Sesshoumaru, maybe they inherited her restraint. "I-I didn't know…" Taking a deep breath Kagome continued not sure if she heard Sesshoumaru purr in response to her answer. "Sesshoumaru I know how you feel about humans, and you shouldn't have to be tied to one simply because of tradition." She felt him stiffen and took it as a sign he was listening. "I can disappear with my children and no one would ever know that you-" Kagome winced when his claws dug into her arm his chest vibrating with low growls and quickly shut up.

Sesshoumaru frowned in irritation the wrench was trying to get rid of him. Shutting his eyes he wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her tightly against him. "Stupid wrench if I wanted you to disappear I would have killed you and your hanyou brats. You will come with me, its past time I got a mate and the western lands will be needing a heir soon."

Her fear forgotten Kagome dug her nails into his wrist indignant. "Then find someone else willing to share your bed, I don't want any part of you and I refuse to have your child." Struggling against him seemed to be useless she couldn't remove his arm from her person and her teeth couldn't break his skin while her thrashing legs only seemed to annoy him.

"Finished yet?" He all but snarled. He wasn't about to admit it but her words bruised his pride. He was disgusted with himself to admit he wanted a human as a mate. She had always proven herself brave In their past encounters. Standing up to him, pointing things out to his brother, and had even struck him with an arrow. He narrowed his eyes when he felt her blunt human teeth trying to bite into his arm again and quickly slapped her. "Stop that foolishness." He wanted to point out he wasn't a chew toy but restrained himself. "It matters not whether you want to share my bed or bear my children, because the simple fact in the matter is you will. Your hanyou protector is dead wrench, like it or not but its me you will be looking to for protection from now on."

Stunned from his slap she let her hands fall limply to her sides, both her sons stiffening in worry. Trying to swallow the lump in her throat Kagome gripped tightly onto his silk sleeve. "What about my children?" She was almost afraid of his answer.

He regarded them for a minute. "They may come with us, however I will not tolerate childishness in my home so you had better control them."

Nodding with relief Kagome quickly moved away from him when he released her falling onto her knees in front of her children and pulling them into a tight embrace.

Scowling Sota peeked over her shoulder at Sesshoumaru. "Mother I don't like that man, he hit you."

Stiffening Kagome pulled him tighter, "Shhh Sota don't say such things. I want you both to be on your best behavior… please for me."

"Ill keep Sota in line mother." Yasha replied arrogantly while lightly whacking Sota on the back of the head. Kagome could have sworn she heard a chuckle/snort from the Great Demon Lord but dismissed it while gathering her sons up in her arms.

Yasha scowled about being picked up and squirmed slightly. "What about the Tetsusaiga? Are we just going to leave it here on the ground?" Yasha grunted with annoyance.

Sesshoumaru frowned slightly. "You may hold it until we reach the castle."

Happy with that Yasha successfully slipped from Kagomes arms and sheathed the sword with graceful elegance. Scooping him and her bags up again Kagome stiffened when she was lifted from her feet and up against Sesshoumaru's armored chest plate. Tightening her grip on her sons as they rose to the sky on a cloud.


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