My favorite Mistake

Summary= It was never supposed to happen. Our love. We were meant to be in someone else's arms, but we couldn't help that we fell in love. No one can ever know. No one can ever know about my favorite mistake.

Disclaimer- I don't own the characters. If I did, this wouldn't be a Fan fiction; it would be the real thing. Duh!


Prologue- "Getting close to you"

"I need you. I want you. Be mine." Kagome's eyes filled with tears. She brushed them away with her sleeve as she listened to the rest of his words.

"I have been a fool in the past. I want to make up for it by being with you for all time. Please live here, with me." The teenage girl's sobs could be heard from miles away. His voice sounded so sincere, and gentle.

"Stop! Could you cut off the waterworks, some of us have sleep to catch up on!" grumbled a disgruntled hanyou.

"Shut up! Miroku is just getting to the best part of the book!" Everyone shouted at Inuyasha. Kagome had brought a romance novel with her, and no one could sleep. They all asked Miroku to read to them, in hopes of it lulling them to sleep, but they had all got so engrossed that sleep was the last thing on their minds, seeing if Kenshin and Kaoru ever found true love, was.

Inuyasha grumbled again, but flattened his ears to his head, so he could sleep. The rest of the group turned around, and Miroku resumed his reading.


The young monk woke up after only a few meager hours of sleep. The sun beamed directly down on his face, so he got out of bed. It was early morning and it was too early to wake up his companions. They had stayed up and listened to him read " Sugar and Spice" (sorry I couldn't resist! I'm writing that story too! ^^) He had finished the first part of the story, and would finish it tonight.

Miroku was dead tired, but he always woke early, and spent time with himself. Sometimes, he would walk in the forest or relax in the hot springs, but today he just felt like walking. He slipped on his shoes and walked away from the camp.

He just walked on earth that had been worn into a path, by so many travelers walking on it. He breathed in the smell of the forest, and let the gentle sounds of nature calm him. Miroku even managed to push back the pain that was coming from his cursed hand. For some unknown reason, his hand had been aching, but this did happen from time to time. Dull stings emanating from his hand would take over his body, and of course, as time went on, the dull stings would get much sharper. They usually got so bad that he would collapse, and not be able to walk on his own for a while.


Kagome heard the receding footsteps of somebody. She had been awake for sometime, and she heard one of her friends waking, and then walking away. Her eyes snapped open in time to see the figure of Miroku strolling down into the forest. Where was he going?

She watched his shadowed outline disappear from view as he walked all by himself, and realized that he was totally alone. Everyday, he came just a little bit closer to death, and to her knowledge, there would be anyone around to care. Sure, he had team, but none of the group was really very close to him. He was just a diseased groper, and that was all anybody really knew. Kagome was instantly saddened by this revelation. That poor man is dying, and he had no one. No one to be close to, and no one to share his troubled thoughts with, Kagome always went to her mother with all of her problems, whom did Miroku go to? Kagome decided then and there that she would become close to the mysterious monk, and be his shoulder to cry on.well maybe not the shoulder to cry on part; her shoulder was too close to her back, and her back was way too close to her butt.

The futuristic girl got up from her sleeping bag, after releasing herself from Shippou's death grip. She pulled the covers back over the kitsune and ran to catch up with Miroku. She quickly closed the large gap between them, and walked at his side. They walked together quietly for a time, and Miroku's pains got worse, but he tried not to let it show; he didn't want any of the gang to know about his pains, for fear that they might worry about him.

"Is there something that you want, Lady Kagome?" He asked through gritted teeth, the pains were getting to be unbearable. Kagome saw his gritted teeth, and strained voice, and mistook it for anger. Her large brown eyes got even bigger and she gasped and stopped in her tracks. Miroku stopped as well, and his eyebrow rose again. Kagome's cheeks reddened slightly, and small smile played on his lips.

"Well, I thought since you were alone that you might want company, but I can see that I'm bothering you. I'll just go now." She turned around, but was stopped by his hand on her butt. Kagome gave him a look and he quickly removed his hand.

" I'm not at mad with you Lady Kagome. It would be an honor if you would accompany me on my walk." Kagome had to smile at his gentlemanly way of talking, which was far cry from the way other boys talked to her. Then again, Miroku was nothing like any boy she had ever met.

"Why did you look so angry, Miroku?"

The monk hesitated before answering, " hand." Miroku abruptly stopped talking, and his purple eyes went blank, then he started to fall, but Kagome caught him. With both of their body weights combined, she had a hard time holding on to him. Kagome finally got smart and laid the older man on the ground, then sat herself, she propped Miroku's head up on her lap. Kagome put a hand to his forehead, and discovered that he was burning up. She tried to nudge him a few times, but he still wouldn't wake.

After about five minutes, Miroku finally started to arouse from his sleep. He could hear someone calling his name, so he opened his eyes, only to find Lady Kagome staring at him, with a concerned look on her face. He blinked once or twice, trying to get his composure back. All he could remember was telling her about his hand, then waking up in her lap. If talking about his hand would get Kagome to do this then, he should talk about his hand way more often.

"Are you alright, Miroku? One minute you're talking to me, then the next you've passed out, what's wrong?" The worry in her voice surprised him, but was well appreciated, no had sounded so concerned over him before. The tone in her voice was usually reserved for the hanyou, Inuyasha, but at the moment she sounded truly worried about him, and that was a nice change.

"Do not worry Lady Kagome, I just didn't get enough sleep is all." He replied while trying to get up. He struggled to his feet, and Kagome shot up with him. Miroku tried to walk, but his legs would not hold him, and he almost collapsed, but she caught him. Miroku was ashamed that Kagome had to see him this way, but was also glad that there was somebody there to help him, so he wouldn't have to crawl back to camp, like he had done on several occasions.


This is a mir/kag story, but not a san/inu story! Sorry to leave the chapter that way, but I'm tired. In this story, Miroku is the mysterious loner that no body really knows, and Kagome decides that he could use one good friend, that Friend will be her. They eventually become friends. Then, love rears it's ugly head.