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Chapter 1: False Accusations

The sweat trickled down his forehead and his cheeks, the neon lights casting an eerie glow around his face. He looked in front of him, the sounds slurring and blaring, as a grin swept over him.

"You guys ready for one more?!" He shouted into the microphone propped up in front of him, the crowd starting the chant he adored.

"Yasha! Yasha! Yasha!" Thousands of voices rang out with emotion. The man grinned, looking around. He loved the adrenaline rush, seeing the eyes of thousands light up when he sang his music and played his guitar. He loved the blaring music and the bright lights, the big city and the exciting life. His ashen hair blew in the slight breeze encasing the stadium as he grinned, speaking into the microphone.

"Well, you know I end my shows with a slower song, so, I guess I'll be needin' a young lady up here to share the stage with me." He grinned devilishly, watching hundreds of screaming girls raise their hand, only wanting the chance to share the stage with the biggest rock star of the centaury, Yasha. He was demonically handsome, somewhat clouded, amber eyes and silken ash hair that hung just above the small of his back. His usual attire consisted of skin tight leather pants and a button down shirt that was always unbuttoned, making all the girls whimper in anticipation, hoping maybe the pants would come off as easily as the shirt would. With 8 total piercing and 3 tattoos, he was the poster boy of Japan. At the tender age of 17, he had a long career ahead of him, a long career filled with the screaming fans he adored. He looked around, spotting a frail girl in the front row, clad in green cargos and a white tank top, her flowing, ebony hair clinging to her face and neck. "You..." Yasha pointed a fingernail painted in black nail polish to the girl as he beamed.

"Me?" She asked as Yasha pulled her up on stage, a stagehand bringing out a stool. She perched herself on the stool as all the other girls in the audience looked upon her with a sour look, a look of utter hatred that Yasha chose her over them. He grinned boyishly, wrapping an arm around the girl's shoulder and speaking gently into the mike.

"What's you're name, sugar?"

"K-kagome." She stammered, looking up to the sweat drenched idol with cheeks flushed of red. Yasha laughed, drawing closer to her. She blushed up a storm, Yasha snickering.

"So...what's your favorite song by me? Don't be shy. Say it."

She averted eye contact with him, muttering the name of the song she thought of as her anthem, a song of such emotion and such meaning. It was the song that lulled her to sleep on those lonely nights. "'Give Unto Me' is my absolute favorite." She spoke softly in the microphone as the crowd applauded her choice, some of the bitter fan girls still snarling. Yasha grinned, cueing for the music, the soft caressing sounds of a piano encasing Kagome in a gentle cocoon of music. Clearing the hair from his eyes, he began to sing softly to her, her chestnut eyes lighting up with a tender glow.

*"I've been watching you from a distance
The distance sees through your disguise
All I want from you is your hurting
I want to heal you
I want to save you from the dark"*

He sang the words with such a delicate, smooth voice, it brought Kagome to tears before mid-song. She wept silently, watching the lights glimmer off his bare chest and delicately curved face. She admired that beauty he held, the sincere, rebel inside of him. With Yasha's arm still wrapped around her, he finished the song with gentle whispering in Kagome's ear.

*"Fear not the flame of my love's candle
Let it be the sun in your world of darkness."*

The crowd went wild, as Yasha knelt on one knee, kissing Kagome's trembling hand. Holding the mike away from his lips, he winked at Kagome, smirking innocently. "Kagome, I hope you enjoyed the show." She nodded her head quickly, smiling nervously, as Yasha's tender grip on her hand tightening. "I'm glad." He kissed her hand once again as another stagehand directed her offstage and back into the crowd of envious, rabid fan girls. Taking his final bow, he took the microphone in hand once more, putting it up to his lips.

"Thank you all for being here tonight! Special thanks to the lovely lady, Kagome! Have a safe trip home! I'm out!" He walked off stage and into the back, getting a standing ovation from all the stagehands and especially from his manager, the one with the ebony hair and the crimson eyes.

"Great show, Yasha!" He praised him as Yasha nodded it off, walking back to his dressing room, followed by a small child, no older then ten.

The child spoke in a very bouncy tone. "Mr. Yasha, sir?" The boy squeaked, Yasha looking down to him with a grin.

"Hey, kid. How'd you like the show?"

"It was very good, sir." The child reached up, handing him a fresh towel, just like after every other show. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he knelt down, ruffling his fingers through the child's auburn hair.

He laughed some, throwing the sweat drenched towel over his own shoulder. "What's your name again, kid?"

"I'm Shippo, sir."

"Thanks for the towel, Sheepo." Shippo giggled as Yasha retired to his dressing room, looking around the room. Clad with peeling white wallpaper, he rolled his eyes and plopped down on the leather couch, watching the ceiling fan spin in tedious circles. Before he knew it, his eyes closed and he fell into a deep, calming sleep.


"Yasha! Yasha! Wake up, man!" Miroku, the drummer for Yasha, shook him violently. Shooting up, Yasha looked around, people crying around him. Rubbing the remaining sleep out of his eyes, he looked over at the clock plastered on the wall. 1:30AM. The concert had ended two and a half hours ago.

"What's up, guys?" He said childishly, his manager glaring a hole through him. "What?!" He snarled, baring his teeth as he grabbed Miroku's shirt collar. Miroku looked on with a heavy heart, pushing himself away from Yasha's grip. He walked to the small TV sitting on the vanity, pushed the small black button in the corner, and waited for the picture to become more then a blur. A woman's voice rang in Yasha's ears as he stared at the screen.

"Our top story tonight, Kikyo Inuamano, wife of the singing sensation Yasha, has been murder in cold blood on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. From what police have told us, the top suspect is her husband Yasha, real name, Aka Inuamano." Yasha's eyes widened.

"I didn't--"

"At the scene of the crime, police found Yasha's golden dog tags, a trademark item of the singer. We'll inform you on more on this story when the information arises." The woman's voice faded as Yasha's manager clicked the TV off. Snarling, he looked to Yasha with a grin.

"Where are your tags, Aka?"

He quickly moved his hand up to his neck, his tags missing. Conducting a full fledged search, he checked every pocket, ever nock and every cranny of the room, finding nothing.

"So, Aka, you did kill her, didn't you?" His manager snickered, Yasha grabbing his shirt collar.

"WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING?!" He snarled, raising a fist of his face before Miroku pulled his comrade away as he growled.

"Aka, calm down!" He demanded. Yasha stormed out of the locker room and into the arms of the police.


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