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Chapter 4: Sibling Rivalry

"Well, what are the stats?" A man with flowing ashen hair spoke out sternly, an evil glare etched in his eyes. He watched the frantic man type away nervously at the keys. The sweat trickled from the man's brow as he watched the screen glow with an eerie blue aura, watching the white numbers focus.

"Ticket sales up 60%, album sales up 45%, popularity...." He paused, looking to the man with the flowing white hair. He feared those numbers glowing on the screen. If Shiro finds out about this...

"JAKEN!" The white haired one shrieked, practically knocking the one with green hair out of his seat. Jaken trembled and continued to nervously type away, pretending he didn't hear the shrill voice behind him. Suddenly, rigid, clawed fingers dug into his scalp. He whimpered as his head was yanked back, his eyes being forced to gaze into an angry amber. "Listen, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer..." He pulled harder on the jade tuffs of hair. "Is that clear?" Jaken nodded as his jade tuffs were released. "Now...finish."

He spit out t he words rather quickly, as if they were but lethal poison on his lips. "Popularity is up 95.6%." He cringed, waiting to be hit, but when he looked back at the other, a look of shock was all that was plastered on his face. A long silence sank in, but finally, the other spoke.

"I don't get it, Jaken...I just don't.."


"What the hell does that goddamn Aka have that I don't?!" He snapped, slamming his fists into the nearest wall. Jaken jumped and peeked out from behind his computer chair. "I am his equal! No! I am his superior!"

"Shiro, please calm down..."

"Shut up!" He snapped, his knuckles starting to seep a crimson liquid. Jaken only looked on with fear as Shiro continued to ramble on. "I have everything he has and more! Just because I'm his older brother, I get looked down upon because everyone should feel sorry for the younger sibling, which is bullshit, I may add, and it's just stupid! I'm SO much better as a singer. He's got nothing more then a pretty face! He's a no talent punk!" The sweat trickling down his forehead as he panted, forgetting to take breathes in between his ramblings. His ashen tresses clung to his face, his amber eyes engulfed with hatred for his little brother, Aka.

Shiro Inuamano looked like an older Aka, long silver hair that reached down to the small of his back, though there was one imperfection that plagued him. Two scars that looked like two slash marks streaked across his right cheek. They were colored a dull violet and it was accented hellishly by his pale skin. Those scars were only another reminder of how much he hated his brother, for he was the one who gave those ugly reminders to Shiro.

When they were children, Aka had an insatiable love for playing with an old tree in the backyard of their shack back in the bad parts of New York. This tree touched the sky, kissing the clouds and being beaten on by the elements, but Aka loved that tree as if it were but a motherly reminder of the woman who passed only months after his birth. One day, Aka found Shiro a bit too bossy for his taste, so, he took one of the branches and lunged for Shiro. Those hideous scars only showed the hatred Shiro held inside his heart.

"Shiro? Shiro?" Jaken knocked quietly on the bathroom door, where the lead singer of the popular band, Feudal Era, bandaging up his knuckles. He only eyed the mirror with a disgusted expression, knowing he could never be as successful as his little brother. "Shiro? We have to be on stage in five minutes."

"Where's Rin?"

"Wardrobe, where else?"

Shiro bolted out of the bathroom and stormed through dank hallways of the arena locker room, seeking the bassist for his band. He peered into every room before finding who he was looking for, a woman with ebony hair tied in two overly puffy pigtails, the tips of those pigtails dyed a bright pink. Her face was heavily garnished in black makeup, though her chestnut eyes glistened through the mask of ebony. She stood, eyeing the love of her life with a perplexed expression. She saw the bandage and the sweat that dripped down his forehead.

"Shiro, what's wrong?" She walked over to him and wrapped her arms, which were clad in black and pink stripped arm warmers, around him. She hugged him closer as he brought his hand up to play with Rin's pigtails. She cooed as he fiddled with her hair. "You seem distraught, hunny. What's wrong?"

He muttered in a low whisper. "Nothing." He took Rin's cheeks in his hands and laid a gentle kiss on her lips. "Absolutely nothing." A smile finally surfaced on his cold lips as the girl smiled, as well.

"Well...let's go rock!" Rin giggled as he ran past Shiro, who only stood there, staring into the mirror that sat on the dresser on the far end of the room.

Aka...I'll get my revenge for stealing both my dignity and my fame, my fortune, my life. There can only be one singer in the Inuamano family, and I will prevail!

"Shiro! Come on!"

"Coming..." Shiro waltzed out of the room and out onto the stage, his home, where he felt most comfortable.

I'll have my revenge, Aka...