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A Chance to Forgive

Chapter One

Somewhere in one of the remote forests of the Five Great Shinobi countries, a battle between two ninjas was fought. Well, let's just say that the battle was about to end, for one of the ninjas had a kunai pointed only a centimeter away from the other ninja's face.

The cornered ninja was a young man in his early twenties, who had messy black hair and crazy black eyes. He looked bewilderedly at the Hunter- Nin in front of him, saying, "Well, aren't you going to kill me?"

The Hunter-Nin was silent and a few moments passed by before the man again said, "Well? What are you waiting for?!"

Suddenly the Hunter-Nin did something which he didn't expect at all. She lowered her kunai and took off her mask, sending tresses of her light- pink hair down to frame her lovely face that had beautiful jade-green eyes.

While he was in shock at what she had done, she said in a soft voice, "I'm not a Hunter-Nin, so I can't kill you."

The man finally found his voice and said, "Then why are you wearing that mask?"

"I was told to wear it."

"Then what are you?"

"I'm a Jounin-who hunts down Missing-Nin."

The man's eyes widened. "You-you're-"

"If you're going to say 'The one who took my partner away', then the answer is yes."

The man's eyes instantly flared with anger. "You poisoned him! You destroyed him and made him become goody-goody!"

"Would you rather if I had killed him instead of letting him live?"

The man immediately became silent and only glared at her.

Suddenly, she outstretched her hand towards him. "If you don't want to die, then come with me."

A few moments passed by before he outstretched his hand as well to accept hers. But that wasn't his only intention, for he immediately turned her around and clasped both of her wrists as soon as he had touched her hand.

He let out a hideous laugh, saying triumphantly, "Hah! You fell for it, you stupid girl!"

"Actually, you're the one who fell for it," her voice, which came from behind him, said.

"What the-," he said as he turned his head around only to have his nose meet the sharp tip of her kunai.

The clone in his grasp instantly disappeared as she said, smiling, "I knew you were going to do that, so that's why I replaced myself with a clone."

"Didn't you say that you wanted me to come with you?"

"I did," she said, lowering her kunai. "On one condition: you have to trust me."

He laughed, saying, "Hah! I trust you right now and later when we reach the village 'Pang!' my head will go bye-bye!"

"Trust me, that you won't happen."

He looked at her hesitantly but she knew that his will to run was getting weak. "How can I make sure that you won't betray me?"

He expected her to say, "Trust me," again, but that was a far whisper from what she actually did.

She used her kunai to mark a long scar on her hand. "Because I swear that on this scar I've made, that I won't let anyone kill you."

She didn't even hesitate nor winch in pain while she had done that, and that was what had made him now look at her with a totally different light, mouth gaping open.

She outstretched her bleeding hand towards him, asking, "Now do you trust me?"

He nodded solemnly and accepted her hand.


Hours later-

"I now hereby announce that this man, Yamato Taicho, a former Missing- Nin, to be excused for his crimes and to work as a Jounin from now on. Case dismissed."

The rustling of chairs was heard as Sakura walked towards him and gave him a hug, saying, "Congratulations, Yamato-san! You're now free!"

He pulled her away from him and said, "All thanks to you, Sakura- san."

"You don't have to thank me, Yamato-san," she said, smiling sincerely at him. "Helping others is my duty."

"I'm sorry to have bothered you," he said, looking guiltily at her bandaged hand.

"That's alright." She looked at him squarely in the eye. "You'd better take care of yourself, you hear me?"

He nodded and then went over to his friend after saying good-bye and thanks to her again.

Just then, Sakura felt a hand grasping her shoulder. "This case has got to be the shortest one you're responsible for, Saku-chan."

Sakura turned around and smiled at Tsunade, saying, "That means I'm getting better at this aren't I?"

Tsunade nodded. "I guess you are."

Suddenly, she said, "Say, why don't you take a month off? You've been working endlessly up till now, so you're in need of a vacation."

"Well-," Sakura began to say hesitantly.

"It'll be a good chance for the other Jounins to have their chance to do your job," Tsunade pressed on.

Sakura sighed in defeat and said, "Ok then, I'll take your offer. Thanks, Tsunade-san."

"It's my pleasure, Sakura-san."

As Sakura excused herself and exited the room, Tsunade thought, 'We really need more Jounins like her around-'


Sakura decided to take a walk through the forest where Kakashi-sensei had always trained the three of them back seven years ago.

She sighed, thinking, 'I wonder what Kakashi-sensei is doing right now-.'

Instantly, an image of him reading his 'Come Come Paradise' book intently formed in her mind.

She let out an exasperated sigh, rolling her eyes and thinking, 'What else would he be doing, if not that?!'

She continued to walk on, stretching her arms. 'I wonder where Naruto is right now? I hope he's alright-.'

An image of him eating all the ramen in a restaurant formed in her mind. 'I bet he's eating at a ramen restaurant, somewhere-I sure pity the owner.'

(Note: Naruto also went on a journey not long after Sasuke did, so he won't be appearing in this fanfic at all.)

Her steps slowed down as she sighed yet again, thinking, 'And-I wonder where Sasuke-kun is and what he's doing right now-.'

An image of him training intensely at one of the remote forests somewhere in the Five Great Shinobi Countries, formed in her mind.

'That's right-he's probably training himself right now-.'

Memories which she had shared with him during the past flashed in her mind. All those times she'd spent with him-and still she couldn't melt the ice surrounding his heart.

'It's amazing-that after all these years I still love him-,' she thought. 'I guess that's what love is like-.'

'I wonder what his reaction would be like if I told him that I still love him-,' she continued to wonder. 'I bet he wouldn't believe me-.'

Suddenly, she stopped walking, for she heard a soft, almost faint, sobbing sound coming from right beside the route which she was walking on.

She looked down over the bushes along the route to find an adorable little girl, who had shoulder-length black hair and who looked about five years old, look at her with wet, large onyx eyes that threatened to melt her heart.

'She looks a lot like Sasuke-kun!' she thought as she watched the little girl back away until her back touched the trunk of a tree near her. 'Heck, she can practically be his little sister!'

She went through the bushes and kneeled in front of the frightened little girl, saying in a soothing tone, "Hi there."

The girl only stared back at her.

"Are you lost?"

Sakura received more staring and silence from the little girl.

"Where are your parents? I'll take you to them."

"-you can't take me to them."

"And why's that?"

"They-they're both in Heaven," she replied stiffly, pain reflected clearly in her seemingly emotionless eyes.

Sakura's eyes widened instantly. "Oh-sorry, I didn't know."

"-that's ok."

A few moments passed by again before Sakura finally said, "I'm Sakura. What's your name?"


"That's a cute name you have there, Chii!" Sakura exclaimed as she stretched up. "Well, Chii, there's no use staying here, so why don't you come with me?"

Chii stared at her blankly. "-come-with you?"

Sakura nodded.

"-but-," Chii began to say hesitantly.

"I won't take no for an answer, you know," Sakura said, bending down at the waist to offer her hand towards her. "Even if you say no, I'll still drag you home with me."

The girl bit her lip hesitantly, but she accepted Sakura's hand after she remained in that pose for a solid five minutes.

It was at that moment that their wheel of fate had begun to turn-

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