A Chance to Forgive


Chapter 9


"Ah! Minna-san!"

. . .Oh yes. It seems that today was a day of reunion as; once again, another familiar face appeared, waving his hand enthusiastically to attract their attention.

"Lee-san! Mayu-san! Konichiwa!"

Upon nearing their group, everyone saw that Lee's companion, Mayu; was a beautiful lady with dark hair that fell past her shoulders in gentle waves and light brown eyes that seemed to gaze straight at them, though it was obvious that she couldn't see them.

"Ne, Mayu-neechan?" Chii asked after all necessary introductions were made.

Mayu knelt down to Chii's height with the guide of Chii's hands that had been tugging hers. "Hai, Chii-chan?"

And before anyone could stop her, the over curious little girl strikes again, asking the question they all were afraid she was going to ask, "Why do Mayu-neechan's eyes look so. . .umm. . ."

". . .blank?" Mayu supplied with an understanding expression on her face.

Chii nodded. Not that Mayu would've seen that, but then again Chii didn't know that.

"It's because I'm blind, Chii-chan. I can't see anything."

"Ee?" Chii cocked her head to the side cutely. "Does that mean that Mayu-neechan can't see Chii-chan?"

"Hai. But you know what, Chii-chan?"


Mayu placed her hands on Chii's face gently, tracing the outlines. "I can still feel how you look like. So I know. . .that you're a really cute, good little girl, Chii-chan."

Chii blushed. She placed her hands on Mayu's face, surprising the others (including Mayu herself) who were watching their conversation silently. "And you're very pretty and nice, Mayu-neechan."

A beautiful smile graced Mayu's face, her blind eyes shining.


"Sayonara!" Chii waved to the engaged couple not long after, said couple waving back before they disappeared into the crowd.

She turned to look at the adults. . .her 'okaa-san', who was sighing in relief; her 'otou-san', who did not have any particular expression on his face, but at the same time she could tell he was also relieved for some reason; Kakashi-niichan, who had his hand on his face in a gesture of exasperation and Seijin-neechan, who was shaking her head amusedly. . .

. . .and so she asked innocently, looking positively clueless, "Ee? Is there something wrong, Okaa-san, Otou-san, Kakashi-niichan, Seijin-neechan?"

"Nothing's wrong, Chii-chan," Sakura denied, while thinking, 'Just glad that Lee-san and Mayu-san left before you could ask anymore awkward questions.'

Sweatdropping, (probably because he didn't think anyone, much less Chii, would notice that he was relieved as well), Sasuke didn't say anything.

Kakashi didn't seem to notice that Chii had asked a question, as he was very much stuck in his own world, muttering, "I'm never going to hear the end of this. . .Gai's probably going to accuse of me of bribing Chii-chan into asking Mayu-san that question. . ."

Seijin just smiled reassuringly at Chii, as she was still quite amused that such a young girl could ask the most awkward and outrageous of questions at the most inopportune moments.

And so Chii remained clueless, truly not getting the reason why the adults were behaving as they were, never mind that it was all because of her antics.

"Ne, ne!" she tugged Sakura's hand with her right hand and Sasuke's hand with her left pleadingly. "Let's go on another ride! Please, Otou-san, Okaa-san!"

Sakura smiled while Sasuke's eyes softened by an almost invisible notch, their 'daughter' in between them while the elder 'couple' trailed behind them, as they spent the rest of the afternoon away exploring the other rides.


"Now don't do anything I wouldn't do, Sasuke!" Kakashi said cheerfully as a farewell, hand raised in a wave as he and Seijin watched the young 'family' leave the carnival, as it was already dark.

"Of course, what he means is, 'Don't do anything he'd do'."

"Seijin!" they heard their ex-sensei complain woefully as they walked away, glad that their curious little charge was already asleep on Sasuke's back, or else another awkward question would've inevitably popped up, what with the blissfully sleeping girl's insatiable curiosity.


To be continued. . .?


. . .Yep. I have died countless deaths already due to all the swords that are being glared into me by anyone who was waiting for this chap. Luckily, I can resurrect myself. Anyways, thank you for reading 'A Chance to Forgive', #9.