Title: Just a Theory

Author: VehementlyYours

Rating: PG – PG-13

Pairing: Draco/Ginny

Genre: Humor/Romance

Status: On – going

Summary: Professor McGonagall has been taking psychology lessons through the Owl Post to earn her psychology degree, a long-time secret dream of hers. When she is sent a theory for her final class project, a large contributing factor to whether or not she earns her degree, how far will she go to prove its truth? Her theory? "The emotional distance between the deepest love and the deepest hate is the thickness of a piece of parchment and one mote of Viena pollen may tip the scale." Now all she needs is a pair of specimens to test her theory…

Author's Note: My newest Draco/Ginny fic. EDIT AUGUST 25, 2008: Hey everyone! I don't know how many of you have read my forum post, but I'll explain here what's taking the final chapter so long! I was pretty busy for one thing, and for another, I had the final chapter saved on my desktop computer. My desktop computer got a virus, so I put all my documents on my external harddrive and wiped my desktop harddrive. And guess what? My external hard drive got the virus too. Yes, I was quite happy too :P Anyway, I've had to re-write the entire chapter, trying to remember where it was heading and all. I'm still working on it, but it should be up soon!

On another note, looking back through these chapters, I realized that all my formatting has been screwed. So I'm going to go back through these chapters and re-format them so they're easier to read and such.

Disclaimer: I disclaim everything except the plot because that's mine.

Just a Theory

Chapter 1

Professor Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and head of Gryffindor house, all but ran to her window when she heard the familiar sound of an owl tapping on the glass windowpanes.

Throwing open the window, she let the owl fly into the room. Once the owl was perched on the chair in front of her desk, Minerva took the roll of parchment, unrolling it and skimming over it.

If she were anyone else but Professor Minerva McGonagall, she would have jumped and shouted for joy, but she was Professor McGonagall and she would never do such things. But she was very happy; the Owl she had received brought her last psychology lesson through the program, 'Psychology Made Easy Through Owl Post.' If she did well on this last lesson, she would earn her psychology degree, something she had dreamed of ever since she was a child.

Mcgonagall skipped the introduction paragraph and went right to the assignment section.

'The final class project will be one in which you shall have to apply all of your psychological evaluations, techniques, and mumbo-jum-err skills in order to prove that a psychological theory is true. Each student is given a different theory to prove and yours is as follows: The emotional distance between the deepest love and the deepest hate is the thickness of a piece of parchment and one mote of Viena pollen may tip the scale.

Through many studies of the human mind by psychological professors worldwide, this theory has so far been proven true, though the professors are still looking for more proof before they deem it to always be true, which is what you shall be doing. You are to provide evidence, facts, etc. The psychological professors who created this theory are fervently hoping that this theory shall be proved true and that you shall be able to throw some light onto this theory, whether proving it true or false.

You will keep a psychological journal in which you record evidence, important quotes and events, and any psychological advances. You will send this journal to us at the end of every week where we shall read and evaluate your progress and the progress of your specimens. We will share this information with the professors where they will grade your preciseness, your efforts to prove this theory true, and the psychological techniques you will apply.

This project will be due completed this date next month. This time next month, you will turn in your last journal and a written evaluation on the entire experiment.

Good luck,

From the staff here at Psychology Made Easy Through Owl Post.'

McGonagall frowned as she thought about the project. She knew this would be a difficult theory to prove. But before she attempted to prove it, she needed two specimens. Dinner had been over for half an hour so all of the students were either in their common rooms, in the library, or wandering the halls.

McGonagall smiled faintly as she left her room to patrol the halls for likely specimens.

Ginny Weasley yawned as she made her way down the hall with her pile of textbooks in her arms. She had just been doing homework in the library. It was a month into her sixth year at Hogwarts and she could already notice that this year's work level was far greater than her fifth year. The professors were preparing the sixth years for graduation the next year and gave the students more work than the students could possibly finish, but the professors expected them to finish it all anyway.

"Gods, any more and I won't be able to carry all my books," Ginny muttered as she attempted to see where she was going and precariously balance the tall stack of books in her arms at the same time.

Rounding the corner, she ran into someone and stumbled backwards, the books flying out of her arms as she inelegantly tripped over her feet in an effort to regain her balance, and hit the floor with a thud.

"Ow, ow, ow," Ginny whimpered, scrambling to her feet and rubbing her sore bottom.

"Why don't you little weasels ever watch where you're going?"

Ginny received a sinking feeling in her stomach as she realized that she recognized that lazy yet superior "I'm better than you" drawl. She glared up into the smirking face of Draco Malfoy.

Draco was actually glad that he had (literally) run into the little Weasley since it gave him something to do. He had been wandering the halls to find little first years or some Hufflepuffs to terrorize since he was so bored. But he had found the littlest (well, maybe not so little anymore) Weasley instead.

"Sod off, Malfoy, I'm in a hurry," she said, moving to pick up her books. Gathering them into a pile, she frowned as she realized that she was missing one. She growled slightly as she stood up and saw that Draco was holding the last book in the air.

When Ginny tried to reach up and grab it out of his hands, he sniggered and raised the book higher, just barely out of her reach if she jumped. He was a good few inches taller and so had the height advantage over her.

"Bloody hell, Malfoy! Give it here! I don't have time for any of your stupid games. Go play it on some of your cronies, they're stupid enough to be occupied for hours if you do this little trick of yours with them," Ginny said, reaching up for the book once again, only to have it pulled up out of her reach again.

"I don't know, you're nearing being occupied for hours with this little trick yourself," Draco said, smirking.

"Damn it, give it here!" Ginny cursed, stomping on his foot.

"Ow, shit Weasley! What a dirty little child's trick!" Draco said, wincing as he shifted his weight to the other foot.

Ginny grinned. "Still works just fine for me. And are you saying this"-she jumped up to grab her book but he pulled it away again-"isn't a child's trick? Seems pretty immature to me, Malfoy."

"I think all weasels should learn to fetch," Draco said, making to chuck the book down the hall.

"You wouldn't dare," Ginny said, her eyes narrowing. Even Draco Malfoy didn't toss around library books since Madam Pince would have anyone's head for ruining library books.

Draco shrugged. So maybe he wouldn't. Then he smirked. "Well let's just continue this then, shall we?" he asked, holding the book up in the air again.

"Damn it, just hand it over, now! Before-"

"Before what? Before you get really angry? Ooh, I'm so frightened!" Then he glanced down at the encyclopedia in his hands. "What do you have these for anyway? Oh, I see: you wanted to hold them. Wanted to know what it was like to hold such nice, expensive books, eh? Well here, I'll let you touch it," Draco said, sneering as he held the book lower.

Now Ginny's blood was boiling. "It's called homework, Malfoy. You use books to do this homework thing," she explained slowly, as if he were a child. He was acting enough like a child after all. Snatching the book, she kneed him-hard-in the place where no boy ever, ever wants to be kneed. 'Nothing like the old "knee to the groin" trick,' Ginny thought to herself, grinning as she saw his obvious pain.

"Bloody hell!" Draco cursed breathlessly, doubling over in severe pain.

"Hopefully that-"

Neither Draco nor Ginny had noticed that they had an audience of one, watching them from a corner hidden in shadow. Here, the onlooker grinned triumphantly before applying her school-wide renowned severe, strict expression and stepping out of the shadows to stride towards them. She sharply interrupted Ginny.

"Mister Malfoy, Miss Weasley! This is not appropriate behavior in the halls or anywhere else for that matter!"

Ginny and Draco turned to see Professor McGonagall standing before them, her lips pressed into a thin line, her brow furrowed, and her arms crossed.

"Sorry, Professor," Ginny mumbled, though Draco said nothing as he was still bent over slightly.

"Mister Malfoy, detention for purposely provoking Miss Weasley and Miss Weasley: detention for…hurting Mister Malfoy. I'll see you both in my classroom after classes tomorrow.

"Yes, Professor," Ginny said, and-again-Draco said nothing and just scowled.

"The next time I see such a blatant display of disregard for school rules, I'll take house points away as well as issue detention," Professor McGonagall said, sternly looking at them over her spectacles.

Ginny nodded, glancing down at her feet sheepishly while Draco continued to scowl.

Giving the pair one more stern, disapproving look, Professor McGonagall swept off down the hall, black robes billowing out behind her. She waited until she had turned the corner to grin triumphantly. Nearby, some students' eyes widened in fear and uncertainty before they decided to scurry away for their own safety; none of them had ever seen Professor McGonagall grin like that and they were quite frightened. It couldn't be good if Professor McGonagall smiled like that.

'I have my pair of specimens!'

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