A/N – This is an AU of an AU – if you can wrap your mind around that concept, LOL. I just got this little idea as an add-on to the OWL chapter of A Year In Switzerland. I don't think it will change anything of the outcome in the story, it's just a little plot bunny that fit in the story, so I decided to put this little bit up to last you for a longer chapter in Chronicles.


The moment we're left out in Gryffindor tower I already start to feel the tension. I know this is going to be impossible and I know I'm going to have nightmares again, but I try to hold on for a few nights. After the first week of exams I think that at least on the weekend we can allow ourselves some rule breaking and I talk to Ron and Neville.

"Would you guys mind very much to cover for me so that Hermione can spend the night? I've had a couple of sleepless nights now and would love to get some rest over the weekend."

"Just toss her the cloak and we'll see that you're undisturbed," Neville says immediately.

I'm so thankful! In the evening I claim to be overly tired and go to bead early. Hermione follows me into the dorm under the Invisibility Cloak and I let her into the sanctuary of the big four-poster. The curtains are shut tightly and I cover them with a privacy charm that also keeps all the sounds inside. We enjoy our intimacy a lot and because we've been abstinent for a week we build up quite the ecstasy by just kissing and caressing already. I really love to feel her glistening skin and run my hands over every part of her body imaginable. But one of my favourite things has to be licking her clitoris to orgasm. I simply love the taste of that bud and lap at it with the greatest of concentration. Hermione lets her head fall back on the pillow and screams her passion out. I'm glad the privacy charm doesn't let anything outside she's getting so agitated. When she finally comes for the first time she's writhing and pinching her nipples, she screams again and sighs between her screams, but mainly she really screams out my name. I can hardly believe her. She's sixteen, I'm not even sixteen, but we're reaching feelings that seem to be reserved for much more mature people.

She keeps telling me that we're very active and that this gives us more and more experience. She's right about that of course. Not only are we active, we've become very curious and open. I don't think we'd be this far though if it hadn't been for the support from my parents as well as the acceptance of hers. Well, her parents know about our relationship, but I don't think they know about the degree of our intimacy yet. But mine do, and they've done nothing but give us all the support they could.

I love to see her come. I love to see her face scrunched up in that moment she wants to last much longer and then slowly calm down to her normal self. I love to see her becoming active and touch me and when we finally melt against each other she's ready for another orgasm and yet another…

Today I am the more active of the two of us. Maybe it's the forced abstinence of the past week that makes me a little more aggressive, but I also pour all the love I have into her, really want to give her everything I can to make her feel the best. Just as I enter her body I'm getting a vision. Oh no, not now, please not at this moment!

I can't stop though. Telling Hermione how much I love her and pushing, kissing her and feeling her wrapping her legs around me I can see the dreaded monster, but what's this? He seems to have seizures of some sort, folding himself up in pain and then he obviously starts to scream in the middle of what seems to be a meeting of the inner circle of his Death Eaters. I push some more, bend down to kiss Hermione. We share one of those wonderfully long, most intimate kisses, duelling with our tongues and every time I give another push inside of her, Voldemort screams again.

Am I doing this? Oh great! I can hurt him. I start to really pour all my love for my family and Hermione into the connection and feel how he's breaking down more and more. Oh I enjoy this! I groan while I get closer to my climax. Hermione pulls me down for another kiss to slow me down. Another seizure! And one more. He rolls around on the floor now, but none of the Death Eaters takes even a step closer. As far as I know they're not allowed to even touch him without him asking them to. They stand like paralysed while he screams and screams and then I can't hold it back anymore, I reach my orgasm and let go. The vision breaks just as Tom falls on the floor unconscious.

I drop down next to Hermione and pull her close to me. She turns on her side and pushes her back against me, so that I can spoon her. I pull up the blankets and hold her tightly, caressing her tenderly. Just as I debate whether I should tell her of the vision she turns her face up and says:

"You've been different today, Harry…"

I sigh.

"He was there, Hermione…"

"What do you mean, he was there?"

"Voldemort. I don't know how, but as soon as I penetrated the vision started…"

"Does your scar hurt again?" she asks worriedly.

"Not a bit. I think, it's just a bit warm."

She reaches with her hand, touching my forehead and nods.

"He's been having seizures, Hermione, really looked like he was in horrible pain and all of a sudden I noticed I was doing this, I'm sure it was all the love I had for you that made him cringe. These visions are always soundless, so I don't know for real, but once I noticed I could feel his pain getting worse. And when I came he collapsed completely."

A grin starts to spread on her face.

"Let's do it again! Anything that hurts old Tom will be good!" she says.

I laugh.

"Need my time to recuperate, love. I know I'm a hormonal teenager, but I still need a few minutes to come back… but I do like your way of thinking. Wonder if he's back up…"

I get my reply only half an hour later, when I repeat my performance. This time it's Hermione riding me. I can just relax and lay back. The vision's back, too. As are the seizures for Tom. He must have regained conscious a few minutes earlier, because he's up on his feet, but shaky and as soon as Hermione and I restart our way to Kythera he cries out in pain again. And again the other Death Eaters can't do anything. I have to say this is an added bonus to the sex we enjoy. Hermione keeps grinning as she moves on top of me and has me describing what I see. This time I feel some pain in my scar, he might be trying to force some of his anger back to me, but I just keep pushing back with my love for Hermione. I don't care even if he sees her through this obvious link. He's too wrapped up in the pain I'm causing him to actually recognise anything beyond. Dumbledore was right. The one thing Tom Marvolo Riddle does not understand is love and it means he's vulnerable in that regard.

When we're finally sated about three hours later I cradle Hermione in my arms and wonder why this is the first time I've had a vision of Tom when making love with her. I'm still thinking about that when Ron comes into the door. While none of our sounds leave my bed we can hear all that's going on outside of it, so Ron calls for me:

"Harry! I'm truly sorry to disturb you, but Dumbledore wants to see you. He's sent an elf to the common room to look for you."

"It's okay, Ron. We've had our fun," Hermione replies and opens the curtain for a bit.

Ron grins and says:

"Well, then you'd better go and see what he wants."

"I'd better, wouldn't I? Okay, I'll just get dressed then."

Hermione and I get up and get dressed.

"I'll come along. Worst scenario is them denying me access..." she says.

Twenty minutes later we're standing in front of the Gargoyle, where dad waits for us, giving the Gargoyle the password. While we're going up the moving staircase he asks:

"Any idea what could have happened?"

I shake my head. Apart from Voldemort's strange reaction to me having sex with Hermione I can't imagine anything. As soon as we enter Dumbledore's office I see that Snape is there as well as McGonagall, Sirius, Remus and Lily.

"Ah, there he is. Good evening, Harry, Hermione," Dumbledore greets us and offers a place to sit on one of the sofas in the room.

We sit down next to each other and Dumbledore turns to Snape.

"Start your report then, Severus."

"As most of you know the Dark Lord calls us often in on Saturdays. I'm not usually forced to go to the meetings during the week, but I have to report there on the weekend meetings. Tonight we were barely assembled when he started to scream and have a strange form of seizures. After a few of them he screamed Potter's name over and over again, but we couldn't take anything from his other screams. He collapsed to fully unconsciousness at least three or four times as the evening wore on."

Snape looks at me and I wonder if he knows the source of Voldemort's pain. I look at Hermione, she looks at me and we both start to grin somewhat. Dumbledore looks at us now and asks:

"Do you two think you have something to share on that subject?" he asks.

"Well, it's a bit embarrassing!" I try to get out of having to say we've been breaking the rules.

Snape leers.

Mum and dad seem to get the gist, as do Remus and Sirius. But then Hermione speaks up:

"Harry and I have been sharing our bed for half a year now. I've found out that he doesn't have any nightmares if we sleep next to each other. We have become intimate quite a while ago. All this week we've followed the rules, but I know Harry hasn't slept well once and tonight we thought we'd let the rules be rules and I wanted to give him some comfort. He hates taking potions. So we went to his dorm early."

"And what does this romantic excursion have to do with the Dark Lord screaming out Potter's name?" Snape throws in.

"I was just getting to that, although as Harry says, it is a bit embarrassing. Maybe Harry could put the memory of what he saw in his vision of Voldemort into the Pensieve, so everyone could see it?" Hermione suggests.

Oh crikey! How am I going to manage to extract that memory without showing them off our sex as well?

"That would be a splendid idea. Could you think of it, so that I can extract it, Harry?" Dumbledore asks, while summoning his Pensieve at the same time.

I sigh.


I'm concentrating on the memory.

"Would you mind if you do not follow you all in there? It's going to be embarrassing enough, we don't need to join you watching it…"

Most of the adults seem to get the meaning by now and Hermione and I stay out of the Pensieve while they all go in and watch.


I start to understand the meaning of their tale the moment they keep telling us how embarrassing it is for them. I suppose they had sex and the link Harry has with Voldemort has something to do with his vision. But I'm still not prepared to watch my son and his girlfriend making love and see the vision that unfolds only moments later.

We get to see the scene of what Severus saw earlier on, though without a single sound. I take Lily's hand and we both have to smile about the young couple. They're brilliant, especially when they seem to have checked the correlation between Harry's vision and their sexual activities. They seem to be giving it everything once they have understood and take out the pleasure of doing it as well as the pleasure of hurting the monster.

As usual the memory that unfolds in the Pensieve is over much quicker than the actual event and we rejoin Harry and Hermione. They're both beet red, but Dumbledore looks at them rather fondly.

"So you found out yourself that there's a link and that you can make Tom feel very, very uncomfortable."

"It just had to be that. I could really follow every one of his seizures as I moved. And the more love I poured into my doing the more he seemed to be in pain. We were only wondering why this never happened before. I mean, Hermione and I have been intimate for a while now, but it never came up before."

"You didn't have a single vision since you've moved to Switzerland, did you?" Dumbledore asks.

Harry shakes his head no.

"Not one. I was wondering about that, too."

"I do suppose that the distance is too big. You're just too far away from him, Harry. But here you're relatively close. His hiding place is only a few hundred miles from here. Severus, what was Tom's condition when you left?"

"He was still unconscious."

"Well, for once I cannot find any fault in doing some harm to someone. I don't think you should hold back, you two. Thank you for your honesty. I do think your special situation merits the breaking of a few minor rules."

Sirius, Remus and I break out laughing. Even Lily grins.

"Well done, giving him a little extra stress!" she commends them on our way down.

"I should feel sorry about him, you really gave it all you had… four times, wow!" Sirius says and pats Harry on the shoulder.

He's blushing again, but then he admits:

"It was so tempting to pay back at least a little something!"

"Take advantage of that as long as you're still here! He deserves every bit you can give him!" I egg my son on.

"I'm not normally agreeing with your father on things like these, Harry, but for once I think, he's really right. Put in a few more times before we return home," Lily tells the kids.

And we all find a little something to laugh in this horrible time.