"What James didn't know"

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Chapter one- 'picture perfect'

Sirius reached down towards the snow sprinkled ground with his glove- covered hand. It was a cold December day in the marauders' 6th year, but the snow had at least stopped falling long enough for them to venture out for a walk.

Sirius tightly packed the snow he had picked up from the ground, his eyes glinting mischievously. He noted Remus shaking his head at him from his side, but Sirius' attention was narrowed to the back of his best friend's head. James was stopped a few feet away from him, hand in hand with Lily Evans. James was just turning towards Lily, when Sirius chose this moment to fire away.

'Smack' the snowball hit James square in the head, causing James to cringe as the icy snow slipped down the back of his robes. Lily had backed away a couple feet from James and shot Sirius a glare for being so childish.

But Sirius was too busy laughing with Remus, who was clutching his knees to support him from the laughter.

"Padfoot" James growled as he slowly turned around, fixing his glasses to straighten on his nose bridge.

"Sorry mate, couldn't resist" Sirius laughed.

James turned his glare to Remus who was still laughing.

"What??" Remus asked James innocently "It was fun-"

But Remus' sentence was interrupted as another snowball flew and hit his sandy brown hair. It was James turn to laugh as he admired his best mates work. Remus just scowled at the pair of them, trying to brush all of the snowflakes out of his hair.

"You are so childish Sirius" Lily said shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

"Why I thank you," Sirius said, leaning in to a mock bow. ***********

Even as they entered the warmth of the heated castle again Sirius was still bitterly cold. His hands were soaked and his cheeks were pink from the cold. He rubbed his hands along his arms trying to warm himself as he shuddered involuntarily.

Sirius glanced over to his right and saw Remus picking at random stands of his hair, making sure no more snow was on them.

Sirius chuckled and turned to his left, his eyes ending on James and closer to him, the love of his life. Lily Evans was too busy taking her red wet knitted gloves off and reviling her slender fingers with bright red nail polish to even notice Sirius staring at her with an evil grin.

Sirius loved everything about her. He loved her flowing red hair, her rose colored lips, her vivid green eyes that held so much meaning every time you looked in them. He loved the way she looked when she got angry after Sirius and James interrupted her studies. He loved the way she would roll her eyes and smirk at him when he acted stupid. He loved the way she would look when she was left out of a 'girl talk' because she didn't have many friends and the way she would brighten up once she saw him, James, Remus, and some times even Peter walking through the door. Of course the only problem was... James loved that too.

Sirius shuttered once more before he wrapped his arms around the brilliant beauty that everyone knew belonged to James. He playfully rubbed his arms around Lily's body up and down and leaned his head on her shoulder while saying:

"Come on Lil, warm me up! Come on Lily I'm cold here"

"Sirius, come on, get off!" Lily squealed, laughing as she tried to pull herself from Sirius' strong grasp "Sirius, cut it out! Get off!!"

Sirius finally stopped persisting and took his arms, though unwillingly, off of Lily. He was glad to see James and Remus chuckling. They both thought it was a big joke, as usual. They both though he was just playing around, as usual. But then again, he was partly depressing that they were laughing at this, that they thought it was another one of his stupid antics. Because that meant they all thought he was just a friend... and would never win the heart of this stunning women beside him. ***********

"Do you really think this will be the last year they make a Hogwarts yearbook Prongs?" Sirius asked while vaguely finishing up the essay on transfiguring humans that McGonagall had assigned over the weekend (he had waiting until the last minute, Sunday night, to finish it).

James looked up from his quidditch magazine he had in hand and down to Sirius, who ahs sitting on the floor leaning up against the couch so he could write on the table in front of him. James, Peter, and Remus were all on the red sofa Sirius was leaning against (Peter, frantically trying to figure out his homework and Remus with his nose in another book).

Sirius knew James knew what he was talking about. Dumbledore had mentioned that this might be the last year they made a Hogwarts yearbook. The yearbooks had been able to always capture the marauders every year; Sirius thought it was kind of sad they wouldn't be continuing it anymore.

"I guess so, and speak of the devil Sirius, here comes Trent now" James said, glancing over towards a dark looking boy with a camera in hand whom walking towards them.

Trent Weaver was a 7th year that mostly kept to himself. His best friend was probably his camera, and even though he could easily make friends, he didn't talk much. But he did write a lot in a notebook that he never let anyone see. He had chestnut brown shoulder length hair and dark gray eyes. He had broad shoulders, a pointed nose, about the height of Remus, and was pretty lean.

Trent opened his mouth to say something, but James cut him off.

"Yes, yes, we know, get in for a picture," said James setting down his quidditch magazine on the armrest. Trent was one of the main photographers for the school year book.

Sirius quickly stood from the ground. He threw his body on the couch over the boys causing Peter to throw his homework parchment up in fright and Remus to gasp for breath. Sirius leaned his face on his hand and glanced up at Remus who was aching an eyebrow at him.

'Flash' Trent to the picture and strode away from the marauders. Sirius noticed Trent had a look as if he thought they were all insane on.

"Well mate, I'm turning in," James finally declared after an hour. He pushed himself up from the couch and let out a breath as he turned to leave.

"Night Lil" James said kissing her lightly on the cheek. She was just now walking towards them from her own corner she had been studying in.

"Yeah Padfoot, I think I'll go with him. Classes tomorrow member" Remus said shutting his book closed with a 'snap' and following James up the stairs.

"I remember Moony, night"

"You coming Padfoot?" Peter asked Sirius once he had made his own way to the stairs. Peter had just been able to finish the homework he had been assigned.

"Be there in a minute Wormtail, night"


Sirius looked back to the only other person there was in the common room now. Lily smiled suspiciously at Sirius as she took a seat next to him, sinking slightly into the sofa.

"Aren't you tired?" Lily asked him

She was driving Sirius mad at the moment. He couldn't pull his gaze away from her. Something that happened today, the look that she had given him after he was asking her to warm him, it somehow filled him with hope, Her look had been full of love, it could've been love for a friend, but he needed to know. He needed to know if there was still a chance. James was the world to him, his best mate for all time, but at the moment his brain was working on a different level other then being rational. That was why he had stayed, stayed to linger his eyes over her gorgeous emerald eyes.

"What ARE you looking at?" Lily asked slightly annoyed from his staring. She flipped her hand out and said "Well??"

"You" Sirius said in a romantic whisper, brushing Lily's sleek red hair from her face.

"Could you be more forward?" Lily said sarcastically thinking it was just another one of his jokes.

Sirius knew this was it, the moment of truth. He could barely muster the mental strength, which was quiet surprising, but he finally took the opportunity he had been waiting for a while now.

"Let me try" Sirius said soft, not shifting his gaze in the slightest.

Before Lily could retort, before she would even start to look confused at this comment, Sirius reached his hand behind Lily's head and pulled their heads to meet. Her lips felt like rose petals caressing as they landed on his own lips. He felt in total bliss, but after about five seconds he was finally able to gain his composer back enough to pull away Lily's intoxicating aroma of jasmine and the breathtaking feeling that had been tingling through out his body when their lips meant.

He had felt it, he knew he had. Even as Lily looked speechlessly at Sirius her eyes filled to the brim with confusion, he knew he felt it. She had kissed back and she knew it. Lily gulped slightly, her green eyes that were wide as saucers not leaving Sirius satisfied gaze. Lily opened her mouth as if to say something, but suddenly took to the stairs, to confused to even say anything.

Sirius wasn't mad, he wasn't sad, he wasn't even worried. He had felt it and that was all the counted. He was in seventh heaven and nothing could take him off this high. Nothing that was, until he tucked in for bed and saw James in the bed next to him. Because this was the moment he realize just was a moronic idiot he had been and started to slowly realize just what had happened down there.