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Title: Pineapple, Yum! Or, oh, Coconut!

Part 1: Slytherinny.
"Those are pretty," Draco remarked. "What are they?"

"Lifesavers," Hermione explained. "They're shaped like these Muggle-"

Draco waved his hand, not caring. "And what do they do?"

She smiled. "They're candy, Malfoy."

"Oh." He seemed to be regarding them with deep thought. "May I have one?"

She held out the roll. Draco reached for it and unwrapped it with deft fingers. Her own fingers clenched, willing her obsessive compulsive self not to care that he'd destroyed the wrapper and that she'd never get them all back inside. She didn't want to ruin this moment. Moments like this were all she could have with him.

"I like this one," he said decisively, holding up a green one. "It looks Slytherinny."

"Is that even a word?" she rolled her eyes.

He popped it into his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue. "Mmmm. Sweet," he said.

She was sure beads of sweat were popping out on her forehead. Merlin's ghost, he's hot. She wished she could fan herself with her hand.
"What flavor do you like?" he wanted to know.

"Ermm..." Hermione looked at the mangled wrapper. She couldn't think, she couldn't think... "Pineapple, yum!" At his frown she hastily added, "Or, um, coconut."

The corners of his lips lifted. "I should've known you'd go for those."

"W-what do you mean?" she said, confused.

"You're always taking up these lost causes. And I do mean lost. House-elves, honestly. Talk about no-hopers." He paused. "It's really quite charming."

"Charming," she repeated in a strangled voice.

"Mmmmm." He swirled the Lifesaver around in his mouth again and walked off. "Thanks for the treat, Granger."

Hermione waited until she was quite certain her knees would hold before she got up and walked back to Gryffindor Tower.

A/N:  Title credits goes to Tripzy from the S.S. Leather and Libraries over at Fictionalley.