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It Felt Good

It felt good. I can't deny that. When my fist hit Danny Hanson's smug face…it felt better than I had ever thought it would.

Of course, I never thought he would hit back. He always struck me as an all talk, no action sort of guy. Even after the complaint that he filed. And a little womanly affection stopped the hearing and all that, just like Steven thought it would. Little did I know that Danny was just playing a game.

I have to say that I did very well when I overheard Danny telling Marilyn that it was, in fact, a game of revenge. I didn't overreact; I didn't fly off the handle like everyone probably thought that I would. No, I kept my cool. I didn't yell, I didn't hit. I left peacefully.

I thought long and hard about what I would do. I was upset, sure. I admit that I liked the attention, even if I couldn't stand the little cretin. It feels nice to be flirted with and asked out. Ask any woman. It's just a boost of confidence and ego. I took that all into account when I thought of what I was going to do.

I didn't go to his classroom to beat him up. I really didn't. I went there to talk to him, to try Steven's idea of just talking it all out and making some sort of truce. But when I saw him…I just couldn't contain the anger I felt. And before I knew it—bam!—my fist hit his face. And the cracking sound of that punch…it will live with me for years to come.

But then he hit me back. I was surprised. Who wouldn't be? The force of the punch landed me on my back. So I used that to my advantage. I played victim. He came down onto the floor to make sure I was all right, and I head-butted him in the face. That felt even better. Sure, now I have a bit of a headache, but it felt good.

And then Steven happened to walk by the classroom, drawn by the noise. It took him a while to break us apart. Danny and I were really going at it. Hair pulling, punching, kicking—the whole nine yards.

Let me tell you, we may have gotten in trouble. We may have gotten a very large earful from Steven. And we may have left things unfinished between us. But I have got to say, it felt good.

The End