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"Morning Yugi," Tea said smiling, as she entered their classroom.

"'Morning, Tea," Yugi replied.

Joey ran into the room, just as the bell rang.

"SAFE!" He cried, sitting down.

Yugi and Tea laughed.

"Hey, where's Tristan?" Tea asked, as their teacher took attendance.

"Eh, probably just out sick today," Joey said, remembering their food contest. Joey had eaten 4 pizzas, 3 cartons of ice cream, and and a box of cherios. TRISTAN had eaten 5 large pizzas, 4 cartons of ice cream, and half a box of Corn Pops.

"I hope he's ok. . ." Tea said, knowing that Joey and Tristan had had that contest, by the bill she had got sent to her by some pizza place. She narrowed her eyes. "SPEAKING of Tristan, yesterday I got a HUGE pizza bill. Would YOU know anything about it?"

"Ah. . . of course not, Tea! What do you take me for, a cheapstake?" Joey said, VERY unconvincingly.

Tea sighed. "I HAD TO PAY $50 IN PIZZA BILLS!"

Everyone was silent.

"Is there a problem, Miss Gardner?"

"N-no," Tea said, a bright shade of red.

"Then let's get back to class."

'JOEY!' Tea yelled silently.

~~~~~~~AFTER SCHOOL~~~~~~~~~

"You'd better pay me back that $50" Tea said to Joey.


"Yeah right," Tea said, turning away.

"Fine. I'll give you the money," Joey mumbled.

"Good!" Tea said, grinning. "Then let's go check on Tristan!"


Everyone turned around, and saw. . .

"Kiaba?" Yugi asked.

Joey groaned. 'Not HIM again. . . '

"HI YUGI!!" Mokuba cried, running toward them. "Sorry big brother, but my stupid teacher made us stay after."

"Hello, Mokuba," Yugi said, smiling, to the younger Kiaba brother.

"Yugi, will you come to my house today?" Mokuba asked.

"Ah. . . "

"Actually, we were planning on checking on Tristan," Tea said. "He wasn't in school today."

"Probably got fleas from the mutt," Seto muttered, but Joey still heard him.

"Rrrrr. . .KIABA!" Joey cried, his fists clenched.

"Keep your cool, Joey," Tea said. "Don't waste your energy on him."

"PLEASE Yugi?" Mokuba asked.

"Well. . . I guess so," Yugi said, not wanting to disappoint Mokuba.

"YAY!!" Mokuba cried. "Our limo will pick you and your friends up at 5:00. See you then!"


"ARG! THERE IS NO WAY I'M GOING TO KIABA'S HOUSE!" Joey yelled, when they got to the game shop.

"Come on, Joey," Tea said. "We don't want to disappoint Mokuba."

"Fine. But I'm ONLY going for Mokuba," Joey said, slouching.

"Yugi!" Grandpa Mouto shouted. "There's a big limo here for you! Are you going to a wedding or something?"


"No, Grandpa, Tea, Joey and I are going to Kiaba's mansion," Yugi yelled back.

"Oh. Ok, then, be back by 10!"


Tea giggled.

"Don't worry, Joey, we don't have to stay that long," Yugi said. "Now let's go."

They all went downstairs, said goodbye to Mr. Mouto, and went into the limo.

"WHOA! LOOK! A MINI REFRIGERATOR!" Joey cried, as he started stuffing food in his mouth.

They arrived at Kiaba's mansion in a matter of minutes.

"Whoa," Tea gawked, as she exited the limo. "It's HUGE!"

She was, of course, talking about the mansion.

"That's why it's called a mansion," Kiaba said from the front door.

"YUGI!" Mokuba cried, running down the front stairs to him.

"Hi Mokuba," Yugi said.

"Guess what? My big brother made another virtual reality game! You wanna try it out with us?"

"Mokuba," Kiaba said. "You know, as well as I do, that there is no way in h--no way that I would let these people use my newest game."

"What, we're not good enough for your fancy-schmancy game?" Joey asked.

Kiaba sighed. He knew this would happen.

"Come on, big brother!" Mokuba begged.

"Fine," Kaiba said, his teeth clenched. He hated liking his brother so much. "Follow me."

Kiaba led them to a room in the way back of his house, which was gigantic. It had what looked like a bunch of pods such as the ones they had used to go into the virtual world to rescue Kiaba, only these ones were bigger, and had buttons on the inside. The rest

of the room had a bunch of controls in it, and other than that was empty.

"All right, so what do we---" Joey started, but was interupted when a loud noise was heard. Then the power went off.

"What the---WHO TURNED THE POWER OFF?" Kiaba yelled.

The lights came back on.

"Stupid fuses," Kiaba muttered.

"Hey, where are Joey and Tea?" Yugi asked, as he looked around the room.

Kiaba glared at Yugi. "If your little friends are messing around with my new game, I swear I'll---hey, where's Mokuba?"

Yugi walked around the big room, and spotted his friends. "What? But. . .KIABA! I FOUND MOKUBA, TEA, AND JOEY!"

"Where's Mokuba?" Kiaba asked, walking over by Yugi.

"They're. . . in the virtual pods of your game," Yugi said.

"W-what?" Kiaba asked. "Your stupid friends can't even WORK my game."

He walked over to the pod that Joey was in and started to open the door, but it shocked him. "DAMN! What the hell. . . "

'Jeez, he really swears when Mokuba's not around.' Yugi thought.

"What's going on?" Kiaba asked, as he tried to open the other two pods being used. He got shocked both times.

"Kiaba. . . " A voice was heard. "Yugi. . . "

"What. . ." Yugi's eyes were wide.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Kiaba yelled.

"Why, you should know me. . . " The voice said. "And don't worry. . . your friends, Yugi, and your brother, Kiaba, will be all right, IF you rescue them in time. . . "

Yugi transformed into Yami. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FRIENDS?"

"Why, they're just playing a game. . ." The voice said.


"Because they can't get out unless someone goes inside of the game to rescue them."

And the voice stayed silent.

"What the hell is going on?" Kiaba asked, sounding worried. This was the SECOND time one of his virtual games had gone wrong.

"Well, it looks like there's only one thing left to do," Yami said, entering the pod. "We're going in after them."


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