Incandescence - Introduction
By Lebnaniya

I do not claim any rights to the Batman Beyond series in the animated format or the comic books. All copyright material belong to their respectable owners. The following story is entirely fictional and pays tribute to the amazing characters developed by said owners. As a fan, I am writing this out of respect to the owners as well as to elaborate on this couple because I don't think the series gave Terry and Ten a proper relationship and ending.

It's crazy how time flies – I originally wrote this story on 09/07/2003. It's been on hiatus and back again, along with two other revisions but I'm pretty sure this is the final update ^_^ Anyway, my story is dedicated to Terry and Ten. I became a fan the moment she appeared in the animated series but was absolutely horrified and disappointed in the way the creators ended the series, especially with that lame-ass-episode from the Justice League trying to bring closure to Terry's life with Dana. It all seemed forced and I did not buy it.

Basic Summary
In the dawn of a new age for the City of Gotham, Terry McGinnis has many challenges. He has to learn how to come to terms that the New City of Gotham doesn't need him as it once did and at the same time, he has to deal with a new terrorist organization known as the Assassins Guild which has targeted Gotham City. Terry will also find out that the only way to save the city is with the help of the two remaining Royal Flush Gang Members, namely Melanie/Ten and Jack, along with an old enemy, Terminal. With Max constantly by his side, along with his new found friendship, can Terry overcome these obstacles and save Gotham? Will love triumph over evil? What will become of his family and Bruce Wayne? College, Love Triangles, Pillow Fights and Masquerade Parties are all part of the equation.


Characters and Background
Arranged alphabetically.

1. Ace - Bruce Wayne's Great Dane ... this beast is quite intimidating from his physical appearance. He's jet black from head to foot and not to mention he weighs approximately 150 pounds. Audiences learn through the series that Ace was a pound puppy who was given to a trainer. Unfortunately Ace's journey for the next years would only be of pain and heartache. The trainer abused and beat Ace to become the perfect fighting machine. During Ace's first dogfight, the police raided the entire building and during the commotion, Ace escaped. Life would soon get better as Ace encountered Bruce paying his annual visit to the graves of his parents. There, a thug tried to attack Bruce from behind but Ace saved him. Realizing what the Great Dane had done, Bruce took the dog with him to become his companion. Since then, it is assumed that Ace has lived with Bruce for a couple of years before they encountered Terry. There is a possibility that Ace is named after the young female Royal Flush Gang Member "Ace," who died in the Justice League Series with Bruce Wayne (as Batman) by her side. She was the only member of that Royal Flush Gang that Bruce sympathized with and he remained by her side during her last moments of life before she died holding his hand.

2. Barbara Gordon - The Former Batgirl! Barbara Gordon may no longer be the costumed warrior fighting crime in Gotham's Streets, but she sure as hell is still fighting crime. Following in her father's footsteps, Barbara finally understands everything her father went through. As Police Commissioner of Gotham City, Barbara is the epitome of bravery, determination and conviction to defending the weak and fighting evil. Even in her sixties, Barbara is smart, tough, and cunning; she looks beautiful for her age with snow-white hair, sky blue eyes, maroon lipstick and a brown trench coat - she gives off an air of whimsical professionalism. When Barbara meets Bruce's "apprentice" she automatically knows that he has become the new Batman that people have been sighting on the streets; she also advises him to give the cape up, knowing that a huge burden would be put on the boy but Terry refuses and Barbara realizes that Bruce chose the perfect individual...someone just as stubborn as he was. Another fact about Barbara is that she is now married to the District Attorney of Gotham, Sam Young, a gentleman who seems to be completely oblivious to Barbara's former life as Batgirl.

3. Blade Sommer – Superficial at first, Blade is a lot like Chelsea, a girl simply enjoying the life of high school without a care in the world. Blade was one of the more beautiful girls of her High School, blonde hair that was almost crystal white, sky blue eyes, lavender skin and she loved the color pink. She was the most popular girl in High School having gone out with all the popular boys there. Although little interaction was seen on the screen between Blade and Terry, they did cross paths several times and actually worked together on a school project; to describe their relationship would be aloof as they were practically from two different worlds – popular and non-popular. However Blade, or Bobbie as she is sometimes referred to, is very close friends with Chelsea and Dana. Chelsea, Blade and Dana always seemed to get along great together and were practically inseparable. So even though in the series she seemed superficial, she really did love and take care of those she cared for, namely Chelsea and Dana.

4. Bruce Wayne – The Former and Legendary Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne, now in his eighties, has lost everything important to him. This millionaire still owns the Wayne Corporation, but because of his health and age, he is forced to remain taking care of business in his mansion. As such, little is known or seen of him in public. Because of his weakened state and loneliness (he'll never admit to it though) he has become a depressed and irritable individual until Terry came along. Bruce needed Terry as much as Terry needed to avenge his father's death and as such, the alliance was formed and while their relationship gets volatile at times, they do value one another despite their differences as the old and new Dark Knight. Bruce realizes that his successor isn't as experienced and equipped with the knowledge of fighting crime and this also helps Bruce realize his life's mission despite his old age. Fighting injustice was always Bruce's passion and now, he can continue that passion even behind his desk at the batcave. Bruce's relationship with Terry also borders on the fatherly type. He's always guiding and explaining to him patiently, teaching him the tricks of the trade. He also shared many personal stories with Terry, one as personal as Celina Kyle's.

5. Carter Wilson – Although very famous at his High School, Carter had difficulties fitting in. He constantly put on an act of being perfect and enjoying life, yet he was a suffering individual. He was brought up really badly by his family. Perfection was key and if he messed up as a young boy, he was harassed and treated like dirt from his parents. It got so bad that he mentally started to hate people who were better than him and his obsession became lethal when he joined a gang. The Jokerz Gang offered him an escape that he welcomed with open arms. He soon became the leader of a smaller gang; his costume consisted of him dying his hair jet-black, putting on black eye makeup to emphasize the void in his eyes, painting his face white, donning black scars doing down his mouth, wrapped up in a mummified long sleeved shirt with dark black pants – his alter ego was formed - Terminal. As such, when Maxine received perfect scores on her GATTs, with him coming in second, his mind went crazy. He endured the ridicule, aversion and consternation from his family which was the last straw. Terminal tried to kill Max and he nearly succeeded, had it not been for Batman. Both Batman and Max were able to bring him down and send him off to Juvenile Hall. There, he remained for the rest of his high school years, completing high school through distance education, and serving his time, with lots of counseling.

6. Chelsea Cunningham – An old friend of Terry's from Hamilton High School, Chelsea was best friends with Dana. She use to be a trouble maker and loved to party. Chelsea was never really a modest student, often focusing on becoming more popular at school than caring for anything else. However, she did cherish the friendship she had with both Dana and Blade. She would often get upset, watching as Terry stood Dana up or left her waiting for hours on end. She would talk to both Dana and Terry, trying to get Dana to realize that she deserved better, and trying to get Terry to get his act together. The most memorable moment from the series that showed the unique relationship between them was when Batman/Terry went to the New Development Center that was curing troubled teens of their turned out to practically be an asylum where they mentally abused the students. Chelsea was one of those students and Terry, as Batman, promised to save her, caressing her face and holding her hand, trying to convey just how hurt he was in seeing her suffer.

7. Curaré - One of the most deadly members of the League of Assassins; the mysterious Curaré is dispatched to Gotham City to kill the District Attorney Sam Young in order to prevent his testimony in an important case. Armed with incredible fighting skills and a sword that can cut through anything, Curaré is an unstoppable force without a face. She's a professional in martial arts with a vast array of killer tactics and deadly skill. She has never failed to complete a job, but then again, she has never faced Batman or Barbara Gordon. When she was assigned to assassinate Sam Young, little did she know of how powerful the combined forces would be of the once-upon-a-time Batgirl and the new Dark Knight. Both of them successfully managed to defeat and capture Curaré. Unfortunately, she escaped from her prison but must now face the consequences of failure...she was then targeted and the entire League of Assassins wanted her dead. As such, Curaré decided it was better to live a life of honor instead of fleeing, so she returned to the league and killed every individual from that group, thus ensuring her safety. Her blue painted skin helps her hide in the dark, as she brandishes a sword on her back and wears white Egyptian clothes, a golden necklace and a golden belt that help carry her poisons and smaller gadgets. She has a very sour score to settle with Batman.

8. Dana Tan - Terry's ex-girlfriend. Dana Tan is your normal high school student. The Asian-American is a very sweet and understanding girl, but is also quite independent. Little is known about her life prior to dating Terry – she's very intelligent and is seen quite often with Chelsea and Blade. During the series, Dana grows more annoyed with Terry as he is constantly leaving her waiting, forgetting about her and their dates, and being too tired to stay awake when he's with her. If only she knew about the difficult life he was leading, she might have been more receptive and caring; but don't get me wrong, she is very understanding, compassionate and patient with Terry and tolerates his job with Bruce Wayne, but only to a certain extent. Eventually, Terry's behavior reaches its limit and even in the series, she seemed over their relationship and wanted to move on. They kept trying to make it work, to no avail, even though it seemed that they were more like friends than anything else.

9. Dick Grayson - The Original Robin before he became Nightwing. Dick Grayson is the all too famous Robin from the comic books, the animated series as well as Teen Titans. He was also in love with Barbara until he found out that Bruce knew that she was Batgirl and had been keeping that information from him. Having realized that Bruce would never see him as an equal, they shared a very painfully brutal verbal exchange followed by Robin punching Batman in the face. Just after that, he resigned his title as Robin and left. Although he remained in Gotham, he had now developed a new alias...Nightwing. Nightwing was very much a lone wolf until the end. Dick remained a loner in the series and it is assumed in the Batman Beyond saga that he either already passed away, or like Barbara, is married and living his own life. But, the animated series did give audiences a chance to see Nightwing interact with the New Robin, Tim Drake. Tim Drake is the Robin we have all come to know and love as the young boy fighting crime, until his unfortunate accident with the Joker that drove Bruce over the edge ... resulting in Batman killing the Joker once and for all for torturing and poisoning Tim.

10. Havoc/James Hewitt - My original character; one of the youngest promising leaders of the Assassins Guild. While I won't give so much history on him, he was raised in Europe, a wealthy child who always got what he wanted. Eventually, in his teen years, he had killed and obliterated all those who opposed him and reached the high ranks of various guilds and crime syndicates before he was even eighteen. He encountered Ten when she was only fifteen and had an immediate desire to have her. Thankfully, Jack saved her before James, a.k.a. Havoc, could hurt her. Havoc is incredibly smart and has many allies, including Curaré and Xander Kobra. His ultimate vision is to transform Gotham to an autocracy and eliminate the obstacle standing in his way of accomplishing that goal, namely Batman.

11. Jack Walker - Jack is Ten's older brother from the Royal Flush Gang. Being the older brother, Jack grew up very protective of his sister, usually giving her the space she needed when she needed it. He was also very much involved in the lifestyle of Royalty so he didn't understand her choices for wanting a normal life. Despite this, it always seemed that he loved and cared for her despite their differences. Although we saw little of him in the series, I for one was very happy to see the relationship between Jack and Ten end so nicely in the series. Ten was trying to live a normal life when she got the call that her brother was in prison. When she bailed him out, it was pretty obvious that these two grew up very close and that they could not live without the other. Undoubtedly, the transition from living in wealth to an average person is going to be difficult but he was more than happy to face that challenge as long as Ten was by his side. It was pretty clear with how they hugged each other that they both grew up in a messed up family but were each other's pillar of hope and strength.

12. Marry McGinnis - Terry's Mom. Mary McGinnis is the mother of Terry and Matt McGinnis. When Terry's father was murdered, Terry had to move in with her as he was still considered a minor. Marry was very troubled with her ex-husband's death and worried that the event scarred Terry. Her stress escalated when she realized she would be raising two sons all alone. At first, Terry and his mother don't really get along well but as the series progresses, they grow closer together. Marry knows nothing about Terry's alter ego and that is largely thanks to Bruce Wayne who says he works Terry at night so that he can focus on his school and homework during the day – an excuse that Marry believes since it was from non-other than the millionaire Bruce Wayne.

13. Mathew/Matt McGinnis - Matt is Terry's adorable – and for Terry, annoying - eight-year-old little brother. He lives for excitement, adventure, and getting his older brother into trouble. He is incredibly smart and very inquisitive, manipulative and cunning; we could only wonder what he would do if he were to find out his brother is the super-hero he admires. Ever since the appearance of the New Batman, Matt has gone crazy over this mysterious crime-fighter and he even fantasizes about fighting villains at his hero's side. Ironically, Matt has no idea that the man he so admires, and the brother he loves to annoy, are one and the same. After their father passed away, Matt won't admit it, but he looks up to Terry as an older brother and father figure; however, don't expect Matt to ever profess and admit he cares for Terry – that would be his undoing and the balance of power would shift, and what eight-year-old little boy wants that?

14. Maxine/Max Gibson - Terry's Best Friend by the end of the series. As it started out, Maxine was just another friend of Terry's from Hamilton High School; she was a brilliant student and in position for valedictorian. At first, Maxine thought that Terry had joined a Jokerz gang because of his tardiness, mood swings and his uncanny ability to be tired and falling asleep during the day. In the end, those traits did not matter because Carter Wilson, a.k.a. Terminal, never displayed any of those symptoms while he worked with the gang. It was in that episode that Max figured out his alter ego as Batman. At first, Terry was uncomfortable with Max knowing his secret, but like she pointed out, it would help to have someone to talk to. Max also tried to cover his back whenever he couldn't make it to spend time with Dana. Max provided the friendship he needed in everyday life at school, as well as the support he needed in fighting crime when he couldn't confide in Bruce. By the end of the series, she is Terry's closest friend and she's there to help him lead his double life; and while she wants to help fight crime with Terry, he continues – along with Bruce – to insist that she remain behind the scenes. Terry points out that her best attribute would be to work alongside Bruce, instead of out in the streets.

15. Melanie Walker/Ten - The Royal Flush Gang is a sophisticated and ruthless gang whose crimes all center on playing cards. There are five members to this group, King, Queen, Ace, Jack and Ten. Although all the other members were okay with their criminal lifestyle, Melanie/Ten was the only one who ever suffered from her double-life and wanted more than just the riches and wealth that her family coveted. Regarding her personality, she's very quiet, but she's also extremely confident and sexy. Her training as a member demanded that she be ruthless and strong, and while she mastered the art of fighting and being strong, she could never bring herself to be ruthless. Things only get more complicated for her when she meets Terry and falls in love with him. He had just broken up with Dana – again – when he met Melanie; some might say he was on the rebound but I don't believe that. Because of the number of times he broke up with Dana, it wasn't a rebound, by this point in the series, it was almost routine. Terry found Melanie very attractive and refused to break up with her even when she called it off, due to pressure from her family. Terry went so far as to sneak into her apartment to find out why she would leave him after realizing they had amazing chemistry together and that's when he discovered her alter ego. Melanie/Ten is constantly struggling with her identity just like Terry. In the series, it is Batman and Ten who face off, not Terry and Melanie. After she met Terry, and after Terry met Melanie, both of them take a closer look at who they really were. The parallels between the two are reminiscent of similarities between Celina Kyle/Catwoman and Bruce Wayne/Batman. Melanie longs for a normal life and in the series, she convinces her brother to follow her example. In the end, Terry watches as Melanie bails her brother Jack from prison and the two leave to live normal lives together.

16. Terence/Terry McGinnis - Terry was a normal 17-year-old high school student who lived with his father and had a wonderful girlfriend. Despite living a decent life with his dad, they always seemed to be constantly fighting. One night, after being chased by Jokerz, Terry encountered Bruce Wayne and soon discovered that he was the legendary Dark Knight. Unfortunately, things only got worse after that as Terry's dad was murdered. Desperately wanting to avenge his father's death, Terry stole the New Batsuit and went off to defend the city and restore honor to his father's name. As Batman, or the Tomorrow Knight, Terry is fearless and he lives his life devoted to bringing justice to the people of Gotham. Throughout the series, he struggles with his identity and questions Bruce's way of life. Not wanting to end up alone, Terry is constantly trying to juggle life as Batman and life as Terence McGinnis. Bruce understands his protégé's dilemma and so in order to facilitate things, Bruce not only pays Terry extra income for his family, but the mentor goes so far as to share precious memories and stories with Terry to help the boy understand the cruelties and small joys in life. Terry's overall character is very deep, having been a troubled kid, he understands what a lot of his rivals are going through and sometimes lets his feelings get the better of him. Thankfully, he's got Bruce backing him up and guiding him throughout his adventures. His friendship with Max helps him greatly in the series; she is in a sense the only semblance of normalcy in his life, which is a big issue for Terry because despite his passion and commitment to the suit, he wants to also lead a normal life. And while Bruce says it is not possible, Terry continuously tried in the series to prove him wrong, to show that friendships and relationships with other people was possible even when being the Dark Knight.

17. Xander Kobra – If you remember the series well you know this guy and Max have a score to settle. He kidnapped her and wanted to make her his queen and rule the world. He had found her exceptionally attractive because she was free spirited and also because she beat him at a video game. He also wanted to turn himself, the populace and Max into human-reptiles. The teacher who trained him was one of Bruce's mentors - her name was Kairi - and she took Xander down and they both perished in a fire. At least, that's what was in the series; in my story, he was in his reptile form when he died, so he reverted back to his human form and it was Havoc who found and helped him recover. Xander now works for Havoc and the two both have obsessions with the women of their past – in Xander's case, it is Max and in Havoc's case, it is Ten. However, another thing they have in common is revenge on Batman for interfering; Batman interfered with Xander's plans and saved Max and in Havoc's situation, Ten's object of affection and desire is Batman, something that Havoc won't accept as he hates to lose.


Additional Notes
I know this was not really a "chapter" from my story but it basically gives you the background you'll need, as well as the character insight as I progress throughout my fanfiction. Again, I hope you enjoy this as it is the very first story I ever wrote here on .