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Hi! I'm Min Farshaw and this is my first DBZ Fic! * Listens to polite applause*

This fic takes place after the buu saga, after the Z fighters go everything back to normal again, using the dragon balls.

Please note as this is my first fic, I really hope that you will review and tell me what i'm doing wrong. (I know I am doing something wrong, as it's highly unlikely that I'd do it all completely right. if I haven't screwed up yet, I'd like to know that too. absolute anything that you can tell me helps) This will probably feature a G/V romance, somewhere, but then again it may not. Goku isn't still dead (???)

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On to the fic!


Prologue: Prophecy

Shin dreamed.

            He was two hundred years old again and everything was exactly as before. The walls were huge and white and gleaming, encapsulating the narrow hallway he was traversing. There was the door. Blue, like the walls. Wait? Weren't they white before? It didn't matter. He stared at the gleaming floor tiles beneath his small feet. They had a pattern he remembered, yellow with green spirals. He turned to face the red door, suddenly afraid. But why should he be? He was the supreme.... but wait that was failing too. He was two hundred years old again and everything had changed.

            Suian was the supreme kai. He remembered she smiled allot. She was here wasn't she? His eyes traversed the blue patterned black tiles to the other pair of feet next to him. Or were the tiles red? Like the walls? He gazed at the strong confident Kai standing next to him. She was tall, and rather plain. A minor god that has risen to great importance recently. They said the old kai's were too Old and senile. They needed fresh blood. Shin Shivered. Blood. She was talking, Suian, she said some thing and he didn't know what! The door was opening. It suddenly seemed to be open without the need to go through the trivial process of actually opening it's self. She led him inside.

"Ooooh a young one is it now Suian" crooned a voice from the inside. " Such lovely young flesh for us to take and rend and corrupt..." The voice was dry and scratching, as it led off into insane mutters. The room was reassuringly solid compared to the corridor out side.

"Shut your trap Pestilence." Said the Kai sharply " You are bound with the rest. You will not touch him." Her eyes were fire.

"Oh kai why ever have we been bound? You know we do no harm! Please let us out, We need to be free!" the voice was like honey, flowing over Shin's ears, melting into his head, twisting it's way into his thoughts. He trusted it instantly. He stared at the speaker that he could suddenly see. She looked to be human, about 10 or 12, dressed innocently, her blonde hair done up on pigtails, large liquid brown eyes stared at him begging. He took a step toward her. Suian shook her head.

"Deception!" She yelled, " You will not work your foul words here. You are bound! Bound with the rest" The girl looked hurt, almost traitorous. Shin stared at her again. She looked the same... but different. Her dress was dirty and ragged, her hair a mess of tangles. Her eyes held the glint of murder. He shivered.

" I do not like it here, " he spoke, " please, can we leave?" he begged.

"No! You must learn to deal with them!" Suian barked. Deception crept up to her, honey in her voice.

" Trust me!" She pleaded, " I am needed! I am useful! Who else can tell if the clever ones are deceiving you! Who else mistress? Who else!" She shrieked, a mad glint in her eye. Suian glared and pushed her away. Secretly she was furious with herself for almost giving in. Shin could see it in her eyes.

"Good show, I must say, but a bit more physical force is required at the conjecture of the neck and the collar bone, maybe with some kind of edged weapon or a nice chop to break the neck..." Came a voice from somewhere off to Shin's left. It was rich and full, with a hint of viciousness around the edges. " Her neck is quite fragile, unlike her hide." The man appeared, grinning widely. His black unruly hair served to frame black eyes, like the night of death. A straight nose rested above his wild mouth still set in a mocking grin.  A blood red cape flowed from his black clad shoulders.

"Oh be quiet war," snapped Deception. Her false front finally dropped. " You aren't getting out ether!" she snapped, arms crossed on her chest.

"Come come deception, I learned long ago never to believe a word you say." War chuckled. " Come to pay us a visit now are we? How very kind of you suian!" The ironic tone in war's voice was unmistakable. Shin snapped.

"How dare you show such disrespect to the supreme kai! "? Shin yelled, oblivious to his growing audience " She Commands your respect lowly demon!" war raised an eyebrow. The crowd of demons -- he was sure they were demons grew and whispered among themselves. Shin felt a knot of panic growing in his stomach. Panic decided to make an entrance.

            She was completely black, with a strange Patten of purple spirals traversing her body. A wild orange mane graced her head. Here eyes were bright as if reflecting a fire.

" I can feel it," She said. " There it is a little worm inside of you. Ooooh how it grows and twists your innards. Feel the bile rising in your pretty purple throat. Feel your insides twist as it grows and grows-"

" Stop it!" Commanded Suian. "Your vile words hold no sway here" Shin almost gasped. He could still feel it the worm of doubt writhing in he pit of his stomach. Panic growled deep in her throat.

" Pay attentions to her why don't you. I'm here all-alone. While you others have your fun never inviting never talking to. Not like war or panic. Oh no. Even deception gets more press. Don't get me started on lust. That little whore is despicable! And so beautiful! Not like me. Never" attention was directed to a rather plain looking, if not slightly ugly green demon. She (assuming) had tangled green hair and not quite perfect slightly off-white teeth. The other demons jeered at her

" Envy! I see that you have crawled out of your hole! You're looking particularly green today," exclaimed a demon that parted the crowd as he walked by. He was Purple. A deep vivid throbbing purple, almost the same shade as the spirals that graced the body of panic. Black diagonal stripes crossed his chest and face, making him look particularly fierce. He too had an orange mane of hair, though his was shorter. "Sister! I thought I saw you here! Nice work on the little purple one!" He exclaimed"

"It's is beautiful isn't it?  Said Panic, her teeth bared with every word. Her limbs were arranged in an animalistic crouch. "Chaos, brother, look how easily he is affected! We shall touch the world again!" She cackled. Through this litany Chaos stood perfectly still, Reflected fires in his eyes. A few demons muttered among them selves.

" I can feel it sister!" He exclaimed, " We will break free, free, when he is kai! I can feel it!" chaos seemed to grow and grow as he spoke. Shin began to grow faint ant the sounds of laughing/howling demons in his ears. He heard the supreme kai banish the demons again and felt an arm around his waist, dragging him towards the door, running jerky, and bouncing thuds. He looked back and saw the door. He saw it and a crack of light from the edge. It wasn't closed he realized with a shudder, the words of chaos ringing in his head "we will break free! Free when he is kai" he screamed and screamed not caring who he was or where. The door wasn't closed. They would break free.

            He woke in a cold sweat. Kibito was by his side

"What is wrong? What has happened? Do you need anything master?" Kibito asked worry clear in his voice, "master?" this got no response. He tried again "Shin?" Shin stared out shivering.

"They will break free Kibito. I had almost forgotten." The supreme Kai said his voice monotone.

"I don't understand supreme Kai"

"Kibito, I must go to see the demons"


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