Love that Dog!

If you think this a normal tale of a girl and her dog, turn back now!

This chapter tells about a dog. At least two years past in this chapter, it is necessary, other wise this would be a 1000 chapter long story. So, no complaining! The rest of the story will go day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second… Do you get my point?

In most stories, this is a chapter about the main character. I hate to break it to you, but…

It's not!

This chapter is about the dog.

Now if your thinking 'gee, boring' then stop! Don't judge a story by the first few lines.

On with the story!

Fuzzy was your average normal homeless street dog. Eating cans, roaming around with no restraint.

Life was good for Fuzzy.

Fuzzy was a very pretty doggy. Fuzzy had a short pure white coat, and had very pretty blue eyes. He was a skinny dog, and was very strong too.

Fuzzy did have a half brother, Fluffy. Fluffy wasn't very nice to his younger puppy brother. He often tried to bite Fuzzy, or hurt him with his sharp claws. Fuzzy had some minor injuries, but not enough to kill him.

Of course, every dog has its enemies. Fuzzy had two enemies, Wolfy and Monkey. Both of the dogs despised Fuzzy. Fuzzy wanted to eat all of 'Shikon Puppy Snacks,' but, Monkey got ¾ of the box, Wolfy got three, and Fuzzy got the rest, which he wasn't very happy about.

Fuzzy being a kind and mean dog also had two friends, Holey, and Destroyer. He liked his friends, but at the same time, they got annoying. Holey and Destroyer fought a lot, especially when Holey tries to sniff Destroyer. Sometimes though, Fuzzy thought it was funny.

One of the last dogs fuzzy knew was known as 'Grandma' or Granny for short. She was the homeless dog elder. She made the rules, and found places for everyone to sleep, and get enough to eat.

Granny had a sister, Miko, who was around Fuzzy's age. Miko liked Fuzzy liked Miko, but then, Miko started to like Monkey and hurt poor Fuzzy's heart. Fuzzy slept for fifty hours the night Miko went out with Monkey.

Fuzzy was very lonely. He was the only dog that didn't have a partner. He would journey off by himself, and not come back for weeks. That worried Holey and Destroyer; they thought that Fuzzy might hurt himself on purpose.

Then, one day, Holey and Destroyer overheard there was a girl who was looking for a dog like fuzzy. They told Fuzzy to wander around where she lived. So, Fuzzy being the lonely decided to check it out.

Fuzzy ended up at the Higurashi Shrine.

The moment Kagome Higurashi laid her eyes on Fuzzy; she fell in love with the little puppy. Kagome immediately took the dog in.

Fuzzy was no longer lonely, he had master. Kagome was very nice to Fuzzy. She always gave him plenty of treats, food and water. Plus, she played Fuzzy's favorite game, fetch.

Fuzzy was obedient to Kagome, she gave him a place to stay, so he decided that she deserved the back of treatment. Of course, that just earned him more treats.

After year when Fuzzy was four, Kagome and Fuzzy were the best of friends. Fuzzy slept with Kagome, and they even played in the shower together, Kagome even bought him a little shirt.

When Kagome started school, he was lonely. He didn't like when Kagome went away with out him. But, when Kagome came back, she always played him.

And your all thinking, gee, this is really boring learning about a stupid dog and his master, they lived happily ever after until both of them died…


As you will see, this story has many twists and turns, don't always believe what you read…

Kagome, eventually was so busy, she started to forget about poor Fuzzy. She didn't play as much, and she started to ignore him.

This caused Fuzzy to go into doggy depression. He wouldn't eat as much and he would always sleep. At his next check up, the doctor told Kagome that Fuzzy was going to die if she didn't watch out.

Kagome was very worried about her dog. It was her only friend, she had been lonely too before she met Fuzzy. Kagome would sit next Fuzzy and scratch behind his ears. He enjoyed her scratching his ears. Fuzzy was getting weaker and weaker every day…

The doctor said he was fatally sick, and that he probably die fairly soon…

That takes us to present time….

Kagome was lying in bed with Fuzzy next to her. He was sleeping peacefully, but Kagome could tell that he was going to die soon.

Kagome started to cry. "You're my only friend, I don't want to loose you!"

Fuzzy's breathing was getting more slower. He would exhale, and he wouldn't inhale for two minutes.

"You can't leave me here all alone! Would am I going to do if I loose you!"

Kagome started to fall asleep.

"I wish I could stay with you forever…"

Kagome fell into a deep sleep hoping that her dog would make it out all right. During the middle of the night, Kagome hugged her dog tightly and realized he was still alive.

The next morning, Kagome felt warm. Kagome realized it wasn't her dog's arms around hers. She looked down; it was two human (or so she thought) hands around her waist. What the heck was going on?

Kagome did the only thing a girl in her place would do.


"Ahhhhhhh! What the heck is in my bed!" Kagome exclaimed.

The person in her bed held their ears.

"Watch wench! What the heck are you-" the boy stopped.

He looked at his hands. "I'm normal! I'm normal again! Thank the heavens! I'm not stuck in a stupid dog body! Halleluiah!"

Kagome just stared at him, she then freaked out when she looked at his head. "Your not human! What are you? You have dog ears!"

The boy walked over to Kagome's mirror. "Damn it! I'm not my full demon self! What the heck happened to me? I'm-" he sniffed the air. "I'm a hanyou! Great! Just great! This is perfect!"

"What the heck did you do with my dog!" Kagome exclaimed.

The young man stared at her. "Are you really that clueless?"

Kagome glared at him. "Well I must be! Where is my dog!"

The boy walked up to Kagome, he was around three inches in front of her. "You're looking at him."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I'll worry about my dog later. Who are you? What are you? And what are you doing in my house!"

The young man leaned against Kagome's wall. "I'm Inu Yasha, I should be a demon, but somehow something went wrong and I'm now a hanyou, and what am I doing in your house? You brought me in! You couldn't resist a little puppy!"

"For the last time! You are not my dog!" Kagome barked at Inu Yasha.

It was his turn; he rolled his eyes and sighed. "Whatever wench, if you can't get that through your head that's fine."

"Listen here, I'm going to go call the cops, you stay put and don't touch anything!" Kagome yelled as she walked over to her phone.

"Your calling the cops? Why!" Inu Yasha exclaimed.

"Your some guy I don't know, I wake up and you are in my bed with me! Of course I'm going to call the cops." Kagome yelled at him.

"Please, please don't call the cops!" Inu Yasha pleaded. If the cops found him then-, Nevermind, he would think about that later.

"Then get out of my house now!" She yelled.

"Keh! Fine! I don't care," Inu Yasha opened Kagome's window and jumped out.

Kagome sat on her bed and sighed. What was going on? She didn't know, and she really didn't want to know either. Why were these stupid things happening? It just didn't make any sense…

"Wait a minute…" Kagome said to herself. "If he is my dog, where is he going to go…? And wait… he took a shower with me! That-that pervert! Oh my god! He's seen me naked!"

Kagome grabbed her coat and ran down the stairs and went outside.

"I'm going to kill him!" Kagome yelled angrily.

"Hey, were back to normal!"

"Yes we are my dear…"


"You hentai!"