By: ©Angelstars
Disclaimer: Inuyasha ©Rumiko Takahashi – Based on the song by Patrick Swayze, She's like the wind.
Type: One Shot
Rated: PG

Note: In accordance to the new rules, I have to remove the lyrics (grumbles). I feel the need to apologie for this, as this is meant to be a "Song Fic".

She's Like the Wind

He watched from above as she slept, her breathing evenly rising and falling with rhythmic ease. She sighed in her sleep and turned slightly, a small lock of hair now falling over her cheek.

He jumped down from his perch, landing beside her. His clawed hand reached out, gently sweeping the lose lock away from her face. Amber eyes now shone down upon the girl, watching over her as she slept, unaware of his actions, thoughts and feelings.

Contently, she sighed once more, leaning toward his touch. Her breathing still even, her heartbeat steady, as she unconsciously lured his very being.

Tenderly, he allowed her closeness; rarely did he give into his and her desires. His hand now cupped her cheek, as his clawed thumb stroked her soft, pale skin.

She smiled in her sleep, once more leaning into his warmth. Her breath reaching his skin as she took in a long contented moan.

The moon crept closer to the horizon, the sun about to take its place. In the morning, things would change, but right now it didn't matter, for he was free to be himself after hours when she were asleep. When she could not see his longing gaze, his sheltered thoughts, and his true feelings.

As the morning sun rises and the light returns, so does he--a hanyou to scared to show his true self. A hanyou who hides behind walls and lies.

She awakens with the sun, her bright aura both revived and refreshed. Her smile lightens his spirits as she happily greets him.

He grunts in return, not really meaning to be so irate.

Her smile fades and her eyes now dim under the morning sun.

He inwardly berates himself for hurting her. Never really meaning to, but always managing to.

Instead of apologising, he growls and stomps off into the forest, away from her sullen scent, away from her breaking heart.

Who was he to hurt such an innocent? Who was he to expect something of her? Who was he, but a filthy half-breed, without a life and nothing to his name, but hate and lies?

Yet, she still follows. She stays by his side, no matter what he says or does.

Did he deserve her friendship? Did he deserve her?

The wind blew in her face, as he ran with her through the forest. The cold air making her shiver and curl into his warmth, she burrows her face into his neck, breathing in his earthly scent.

He feels her strong heartbeat against his back, her warm breath against his neck, and her smooth skin below his arms.

Was it enough? Is it enough?

He'd lay and dream about her, of what his life would be like. He'd dream of her in his arms, kissing her, caressing her, making love to her.


Was he just a fool? A fool to believe he had anything to offer her?


Her grip tightens as he picks up speed, leaping into the air with grace. His long silver hair mixing with black, he feels her breathe in once more, warm and fresh upon his skin.

Her sweet smell now reaching his senses, his sensitive ears now picking up her even heartbeat.

Could he go on without her? To live without her? Would he be able to leave her?

She's just like the wind, slipping right through me and only a dream.

Author Note: Short, pointless one-shot – now without lyrics. (sighs)