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Chapter Two

The house that Goku took Chichi to was so similar to their house on Earth that Chichi did a double take.

"Goku, it looks just like our old house!"

Goku grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. "I thought if it looked like our house in the mountains, I'd feel more at home, and so would you, once you got here."

Chichi smiled and wrapped her arms around Goku's waist. "Thank you, Goku."

"You're welcome, Chichi."

There was an awkward pause in the conversation, as neither one of them quite knew what to do next. Chichi cleared her throat nervously. She hadn't seen her husband in years. what would the experience be like, especially in this restored body of hers? Looking and feeling like you were eighteen with all the wisdom of someone who's lived eighty years was a gift that Chichi felt she didn't deserve, but that she loved anyway. And she could see that Goku loved it too, from the looks he was sending her way.

"Chichi, do you remember when we got married?"

Chichi looked up, startled. Of course she remembered! It was the most important day of her life, next to the days when her boys had been born. Goku was the one who had trouble remembering things! Instead of saying all these things aloud, Chichi simply said, "Yes."

Goku seemed rather taken aback by her uncharacteristically short response, but he forged on ahead. "Remember the first time I took you to the house in the mountains?"

Again, Chichi nodded. "I do."

Swallowing, Goku continued. "Remember how you said I had to carry you over the doorway because it was a tradition for newlyweds?"

As a number of scenes from that night passed through her head with lightning speed, Chichi blushed, but again said, "I do."

Goku colored. "I kind of liked that."

Chichi was shocked. "You did?"

"Yes. I was wondering if you would. you know, let me do that again."

Chichi smiled widely, proving that the Son grin did not just come from the Saiyan side of the family. "Yes, of course, Goku."

With a chuckle, Goku lifted her up, up and up, until she was secured snuggly against his chest, like a woman might carry a small babe.

Relaxing, Chichi fingered the material of Goku's gi. Needs to be mended, she noted absently.

"I suppose you're very strong now," Chichi whispered, noticing that she was still outside.

Goku nodded. "I'm the strongest," he said matter-of-factly.

"Of course," Chichi agreed, just as matter-of-factly.

Goku laughed, glad to have Chichi on his side. "Piccon can still give me a run for my money, though."

Chichi blinked. "Certainly not when you've reached Super Saiyan level four?"

Goku shook his head. "No. I don't use that transformation anymore. It's not fun."

It was Chichi's turn to laugh. "I can understand why."

"Chichi, do you really care about my fighting?"

Chichi blinked. "Certainly! I'm proud to have the strongest husband in the universe, though sometimes I would have settled for a husband who was home."

"Wow," Goku murmured.

Chichi blushed, not quite believing that she'd said that. "Goku, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be bitter on our first day together, I."

"No. We need to have this conversation, it might as well be now."

Chichi had only ever heard Goku use that tone in battle. Never had he addressed her with it.

She stuttered, trying to find something to say.

"Chichi, I'm sorry I was away so much, but I'm not and never was anything but a fighter."

"I know Goku, I just couldn't accept that when I was younger. I'd had these foolish fantasies of what married life was going to be like, and."

"We never really did get a chance to live that out, did we?"

"No, but I don't think anyone ever does. Real life isn't a fantasy, Goku."

"I can't stop fighting."

Chichi sighed. "I didn't expect that you would. Honestly, I wouldn't want you to stop, either. You're not happy unless you can fight."

"No," Goku corrected her softly, "I'm not happy unless I can have you, and fight."

Chichi smiled. "Goku, love, we're still outside."

Goku's eyes glittered, gleaming like black stones. "That is a problem, isn't it?"

Chichi nodded fiercely. "It is indeed, a very serious problem."

"There's no one around for miles. We could skip the going inside part," Goku teased, causing Chichi to blush again.

"I'd feel. strange, knowing someone could, you know, fly in on us," she stuttered, a little bit excited.

Goku laughed. "I think everyone that knows where this place is wouldn't dare come today."

"Why?" Chichi couldn't help asking.

Goku shrugged. "Let's just say that I wouldn't be happy if someone did, and they all know it."

"Goku, we still haven't gone inside."

Chuckling, Goku adjusted her so that she was more comfortable. "Are you complaining?"

Chichi nodded again. "Yes, yes I am."

"Well," Goku said slowly, "then we'll just have to fix that."

"How are you going to do that?"

Nuzzling her neck, Goku sighed. "I suppose I shall have to take you inside."

"That might be a good idea," Chichi admitted, laughter coloring her voice.

"I thought so."


Kebito and the Supreme Kai stood together on a remote planet, observing Goku and Chichi in a clear ball.

"Oh yes," the Supreme Kai finally said, his eyes smiling, "I think I've made an excellent decision, don't you, Kebito?"

"Yes, Supreme Kai," Kebito agreed demurely.

"You do realize that this is one of those times when you can express your opinion to me, Kebito," Supreme Kai said.

"Yes, Supreme Kai. It's just that." Kebito's voice trailed off.

"Are you concerned about Chichi and Sylvia getting along, or are you more worried about how you'll get along without Sylvia?"

Kebito blushed, and chose not to say anything.

"I am hopeful that her time with Son Chichi will do much for my daughter," Supreme Kai said. "Extremely hopeful."

Kebito nodded, again not opening his mouth.

"I will honor my betrothal promise to you, Kebito," Supreme Kai reassured him. "I have Seen that my daughter will come to love you and I am rarely ever wrong."

"Yes, Supreme Kai."

"Good. Now then, we must break the news to Sylvia."

Kebito couldn't hold back the grin that took over his features. This was going to be interesting.