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"What have I done?" He asked himself, backing away from the body, as he let the knife fall from his hands. "How did I do this?"

Then, without another thought, he ran out of the house, not once looking back.


"Mornin Yugi!" Joey said, as he entered the classroom.

"Hey Joey!" Yugi replied.

Tristan ran in. "YOU GUYS! Did you hear? Some girl in our class was murdered!"

Yugi and Joey fell silent.

"W-who?" Yugi asked.

"I don't know," Tristan replied. "But they're going to tell us soon."

Mr. Okata walked into the room and cleared his throat. "May I have your attention please? Last night one of your fellow students, Tea Gardener was murdered. There will be a memorial service Tuesday night. All those who are willing to attend may. That is all." And he left the room.

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Yugi, Joey and Tristan looked at each other.

"Tea. . . was murdered?" Yugi asked. He felt faint, and grabbed onto the edge of a desk to hold himself up.

"T-this has to be a joke. . " Joey said, sitting down.

"Tea? But, who would have murdered. . . .Tea?" Tristan asked.

Yugi fainted.

"YUGI!" Joey cried. "Tristan, help me get Yugi to the Nurse's office."


"Huh?" Yugi woke up and rubbed his head. "W-what happened? Joey? Tristan?" He laughed. "I had the wierdest dream! I dreamt that Tea was murdered! Jeez, I wonder how THAT got into my----It wasn't a dream was it?"

Joey shook his head, and Tristan looked away.

Yugi sighed. He suddenly felt faint again.

The nurse entered. She said quietly, "If you three would like to leave, you can. You have all had a very hard day, considering what happened to your friend."

"Thanks," Yugi said gratefully. 'I don't think I'd be able to spend the rest of the day here anyway.'

The three friends walked to Yugi's house.

"Dya want us to stay Yugi?" Tristan asked. He knew that Yugi and Tea had been friends for, well, as long they could remember.

"No, that's ok," Yugi said. He just wanted some time alone for now.

"Ok," Tristan said.

"If ya need anything, Buddy, just call me," Joey said.

"Thanks, Joey," Yugi said. "See you guys later."

"Bye Yugi."

"See ya Yug."

Yugi closed the door, and leaned against it, letting the tears that he had held in fall.

"Tea. . . ."


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