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"So what did they do with Bakura?" Yugi asked.

It had been three weeks since Bakura has been identified as the murderer.

"They put him in some nuthouse in America," Joey said.

"I wonder why Bakura did that," Yugi wondered, the same thing that everyone else was thinking about.

"Who knows," Tristan said. "I guess we should have known something was up when Bakura left right after the millenium ring was destoyed."

They all looked at him.

"Well it's true! He was supposed to be in America visiting his grandparents, right? Well, obviously, he wasn't there. I think that he was planning this whole thing out ever since the millenium ring was destroyed!"

They were silent.

"It probably was because of the millenium items," Yugi said. "Come to think of it, I don't think that I even saw Bakura before he went to "America". He only called. But. . he didn't sound any different. . .jeez, just when we get one mystery solved, another pops up!"

"We're like the Boxcar Children!" Serenity said, laughing.

The others giggled.


"Oh, I'll get it," Yugi said, in referance to the telephone. "Hello, turtle game shop."

^Is that what it's called? I think so. . if not, can someone tell me what the game shop IS called? Thankoo ^

Yugi's eyes were wide. "What? But. . how. . okay. Thank you."

Yugi hung up the phone and turned to the rest of the group, who were looking at him.

"What's up Yugi?" Duke asked.

Yugi took a deep breath and said, "Bakura escaped."


"How could this happen? That guy was in the most guarded area of the whole place!" Officer Brown shouted into a phone.

"Maybe we should come back later. . . " Serenity said, when she heard the yelling.

The group had come to the police station to find out more about how Bakura had escaped. They had walked in on a lot of people yelling and running frantically around.

"WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE GUARDS ARE DEAD?? HOW COULD HE HAVE KILLED THEM??" Officer Brown slammed down the phone, cursing angrily.

"Umm. . Officer Brown?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah-oh, hi there kids," He said. "I'm guessing from the looks on your faces that you heard about that criminal escaping?"

"Yeah, we did," Tristan said.

"How did he get out?" Duke asked.

"Well, apparently he used some sort of telekinetic power to open up the locks. Of course, the people at the institute are probably just saying that to protect their reputation," Officer Brown said, angrily.

/Telekinetic power?/ Yugi asked himself. /Yami? How is that possible?/


Author interuption:::

The only millenium items that were destroyed were the millenium rod & ring. In the prequal, there may be more that went Byebye, but for now, only those two. The millenium puzzle (and Yami!!) are still perfectly all right ^_~


/I don't know/ Yami said. /It seems highly unlikely that any millenium item could have that power, and since the millenium ring is destroyed anyway, it hardly makes sense for Bakura to have powers like that./

/I see. . . /

"So, where exactly was he staying?" Joey asked the officer.

"The Blahblahblahblah institute in insert state here," Officer Brown said. "The most highly guarded mental institution in the world my ass! They let a man who has killed numerous people, and attempted to kill people escape!"

"Well," Yugi said. "I guess it's time for us to investigate."



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