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Summary: Basically the whole synopsis of the story is the hardship of marriage for Gohan and Videl. To uphold family Honor and dignity, the Satan and Son house hold's form and arranged marriage between Gohan and Videl.

Note: This is revised!

Arranged Marriage

Chapter One: The arrangement

"What???" hollered a feminine voice throughout the Satan household. "You did what?"

"Oh honey, it isn't that bad you know…"

"Oh give it up mother," a teenage girl with raven hair and deep amethyst-azure eyes growled. "A broken arm isn't that bad, a missed class isn't that bad, but an arranged marriage? How could you two do this to me?"

"Videl, he is such a well brought up boy! You met him, at that beach party a while ago," Amber Satan exclaimed with a small smile.

Videl merely rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in frustration, "I was four!"

"Videl, we're sorry, but its for the best, for all of us," Hercule Satan said while nodding.

"Oh what would you know?" she spat while glaring at her parents. "Absolute abhorrence!"

Amber and Hercule stared at each other with equal expressions. "That wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be."

"Oh it'll get much worse honey," Amber sighed while walking away.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away in the Son household, reactions were somewhat the same.

"This is ludicrous!" came the masculine voice of a teenager named Gohan.

"Don't you use that tone of voice with me Gohan!" Son Chichi said with a deadly glare at her son. "Videl is a wonderful girl and you'll learn to like her!"

Gohan shook his head and stared at his parents. "I can't believe that you two are actually this twisted enough to do something like this."

"Oh come off it Gohan, you remember that Angela Shiro girl from your school? She had one and look at her now!" Son Goku exclaimed while making a gesture.

"Yeah knocked up and getting a divorce," he snorted while rolling his dark, onyx eyes.

"Don't use that language," Chichi snapped while shaking her head. "You know better than to use vulgar words. Plus it isn't going to be quite appealing. You met Videl when you were younger, Amber and Hercule are her parents."

"That's unfair!" Gohan shouted, "I was young and stupid!"

"You got along with Videl though!"

"I poured sand on her head!"

Just then the door opened to reveal the smallest of the Son family. Son Goten walked in while sitting next to his big brother. "Hey Gohan, what's all the noise about?"

"OH nothing, just that mom and dad are arranging a marriage for me," Gohan said sarcastically. "Such a great day."

"What's an arranged marriage?"

"You see Goten, you know how mommy and I are together-" Goku explained, but was cut off by his eldest son.

"Oh that's rubbish dad! Goten, don't listen to either of them! They're making me marry, as in spend the rest of my life with a person I hate, and create little devilish offspring's from her satanic persona!"

"So its kind of like uncle Vegeta and mum being in the same room for a year?" Goten asked.


Goten snickered and began to tease his brother. "Sucks to be you!"

"Bite your tongue Goten!" Chichi yelled while whipping out her katana and began fanning herself. "My children, using such improper language in front of me, everyone is against me!"

"Get a grip mother," Gohan said bluntly while walking away. "It seems like you're all against me!"

"Well suck it up mister, either way were going to Kyoto Star, your going to spend a year there, and you're going to be married!"

Videl Amber Satan lay on her bed while staring at her two best friends Erasa and Melanie. Videl had known the two girls since she was born and grew up with them. They were like sisters to her.

Erasa was a blond haired girl with bright green eyes. Her personality was cheerful and bubbly, like a shoulder angel. Sometimes she is quite a ditz, but other times she's as helpful as ever.

Melanie was one who could pass as Videl's sister in ways. She had shoulder length black hair with dark brown eyes that resembled those of black. Her persona was quip and witty, but she was more like the shoulder devil, a risk taker.

"Videl, don't worry, it'll be all right," Erasa said while patting her friends back. "Were here for you."

"Yeah Vidy, you just have to compromise," Melanie said while lying down next to her.

Videl stared in disbelief at the two girls and buried her head in her pillow. "So I should just give up?!"

"Noooo, I said compromise!" the brown-eyed teenager quirked. "You better be listening to me."

Silence remained in the room until the two girls had to leave. Videl sighed deeply while staring at her ceiling. "I can't believe I'm betrothed to some guy I don't even know. Bet he's just some arrogant jerk who thinks I'll fall head over heals in love with him. Well you know what? They've got another thing coming."

"You know Videl, they say talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity," Melanie said while re-entering the room. "Forgot my jacket."

Gohan lay blandly on the wooden floor of his bedroom completely emotionless. Thoughts of hatred overwhelmed him as he began to breath deeply, trying to blow off some steam. Throughout his life he had followed the rules of his home. He never dishonored his family in any ways. He didn't disrespect his parents. He wasn't like the kids in his academy that did drugs, drank, or even had sex.

But it didn't mean he was internally a good boy. Sure he didn't do those things, but he wasn't the perfect little boy to his peers or surroundings. He was ruthless and gave off an impression as a sadistic and cold-hearted ass. Gohan didn't care what people thought about him, or what they said about him, if they had a problem, he'd confront them.

His life resembled that of a dramatic novel his mother must've read. Typical of her, couldn't resist the one thing that could make his life even more hellish. Marriage at the age of nineteen. By next year he would be married.

Sometimes his parents were complete strangers to him. They hadn't been there for him as a child, always off at parties of business arrangements. All his parents did was give him a few hundred zeni and leave him be. To him, his parents were basically just financial supporters, not parents, caretakers, or even friends…just there.

Basically, Gohan felt isolated from them all…alone and neglected as a child, and became a boy full of obedience and hatred.

"If it's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get."

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