Kylie By Lauren Metal

She'd gotten so big since the last time he'd seen her. He wondered where the time had gone. She hardly looked like the little baby that had been deposited in his care. He'd missed so much since then.

He'd missed her first steps. She was walking now, and talking too. Her first word was 'Daddy', but it hadn't been addressed to him.

It broke his heart that she had another family now, one that loved her and treated her with all the kindness every child deserved. She had all the things he hadn't when he was a kid.

He knew he'd made the right decision in giving her up. He knew it was for the best. And that perhaps hurt worse than anything, knowing that he wasn't responsible enough to care for his own flesh and blood.

He wanted to be there for his daughter. He wanted to watch her grow up but it hurt him so much.

The visitations themselves were great. He loved to watch her play and her innocent laugh was music to his ears. But all the joy she brought was hardly worth it each time he had to leave her behind.

He'd hated letting her go the first time he'd done it, and each time, it had only gotten worse. Kylie always smiled happily when she was placed back in her mother's arms and he was the one left crying like a baby.

And still, he didn't want to lose her. He didn't want his baby growing up to think he didn't care. He did care. He cared too much.

He always swore he'd give his children all the things he'd never had and more.

That was why he'd done it. His baby girl had a loving mom and dad, a real family he couldn't provide. She had a nice house, new clothes, and all the toys a child could ever need.

But if she left, she wouldn't have him.

And so he would continue to visit despite the pain it caused in the end. Carlos couldn't bear to be that selfish.

He was growing up.

Carlos knew there'd be a chance for some more kids, a wife, the happy family he'd always dreamed for himself.

But, even then, there'd still be Kylie.