Sept. 5, year, still unknown...

I am writing again today because I had another battle in the arena. I approached the teleporter, and met Sarge, Ranger, Phobos, and Doom.

This match was much more challenging, but I will start from the beginning.

We were teleported in and I found myself in a room, one door on each wall. I walked forward and the door opened. The path broke off, to the right there were stairs, and to the left, a hallway. I chose to go up the stairs, as I had luck with the high ground last time. The Arena we were in was very small this time. As I reached the top, machine gun in hand, I saw Doom running at me. I began to fire, as did Doom. Bullets pierced my arms and my blood splattered across the walls. I fired but couldnt keep up with his movement very well. I got some bullets into his body, but I was soon respawned in a new location.

I turned left and ran full speed to an open room where I found an item they called "Quad Damage." As you can tell.. it multiplies the damage by four. I looked around and soon heard shots firing from the front. I sprinted forward and began firing randomly through the dark room. Plasma melted my flesh from behind, but Sarge and Phobos died by my machine gun. Doom, once again, had killed me.

Again, I respawned and as always, went left. I saw Doom run by, luckily I was not seen. I began to follow him until he got to a long hallway. I fired at his back, blood rolling down his body from wounds my gun created. He teleported away and I picked up his rocket launcher. Running forward, I listened for shots being fired but heard nothing. I turned around and saw Ranger and Phobos fighting one another, so I fired as I ran toward them. By the time I got there, Phobos had killed Ranger and was in the lead with seven frags. He was ahead by four, and once I got into the room, his lead went up by five.

"Damn," I said to myself when I respawned.

I walked around aimlessly and heard a voice from behind say, "Not doing to well today, I expected more of you."

I turned and ate a rocket sent from Ranger. Again, I respawned and was doing terrible.

I ran into a large room where the others were fighting. I picked up a railgun to the right and fired. Doom died, then Ranger. I felt plasma charges fly by my head so I turned to fire at Sarge but Phobos, once again, got another frag off of me. As i respawned and began to walk, I teleported again looking at a stand.

"Winner, Phobos."

"You ok today?" I heard as i approached my room.

It was Major, I turned and said, "After that, not at all."

"What happened in there? I have beaten them many times, and you destroyed me in the arena."

"I'm not quite sure, but I felt lost in that arena. I am really tired though, so I think I will get some rest. Maybe I will talk to you later. We could enter their team arena maybe."

"Ok," she said as she walked away, "but you will have to perform better than that to be my partner."

I laughed a little and then came in here to write. I think im off to bed now though, so journal, to you I say good day.