New Developments By Adrian Tullberg.

"So ... I heard about your success ... congratulations."

"Oh ... thank you! You know, That is the first time somebody has actually said that - well, said that without saying that they want something, or do something for them..."

"Yes, yes ... actually, I was curious ... I mean, two years ago, you were working for Angel ... how did you get from there to ... I mean, there were the gossip rags, but..."

"Oh that! It was easy. You know Phantom Dennis?"

"Er ... Xander told me about him, after he visited you? I only got the basic gist because that name would only be uttered immediately before the phrase 'life-threatening wedgie', or similar sentiments..."

"Hey, I trained him pretty good, okay? Anyway ... I got to thinking ... you showed me how to research, and all ... thank you, by the way ... and I started looking for apartments which were for rent at low prices but with a similar history as mine. A few months, one bank loan, and a whole lot of bile later ... don't ask ... and I'm subletting ten primo pieces of rent-controlled real estate!"

"Willow always said you had the instincts of a shark..."

"Oh ... that's sweet. Anyway, one of my tenants was..."

"Oh, him! After that divorce?"

"Yeah ... it wasn't as bad as he made it out to be. Anyway, we hooked up after that ... he got me in touch with some of his friends in the biz ... that's show biz..."

"Oh dear, that modern terminology went right over my head. I eternally thank you for taking the time to clear that up."

"Watch it, tact guy. After I got into that first flick, I dumped him ... and here I am!"

"The word 'shark' was an unprecedented understatement."

"I refuse to receive your negative energy. Sooo ... you're in town for a while?"

"Ah, yes ... why that?"

"Wellll ... I wanted to go to this party tonight ... I would take the others but ... I swear, I've tried with those two, I swear, but brooding guy is still in 'black hole' mode, and..."

"I-I get the point ... you would want to be seen? I mean, with me? At one of these do's?"

"Hello ... It's not like I haven't been with an older guy before ... besides, you talk about more interesting stuff than just what's on TV ... and you look great. In a tux."

"W...well ... yes. Why not?"


"Does that mean you're going to let me out of these handcuffs?"

"That ... is still negotiable."


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