Been Saving It All For You

by the diggler

Warnings: This ficlet is YAOI [has boyxboy homosexual content] R-15 coz it's citrusy ^_~

A/N: ficlet? hmmm more like a snippet of a scene. just popped out one day after reading Kataren's 'Dreams On My Ceiling' again. *hugs Kataren* I'm not worthy!

Disclaimers: Slam Dunk and related characters are the property of Inoue Takehiko et al. And I lifted the title from Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' hehehehe

Breathing hard, lips swollen and bruised, Rukawa hurriedly tugged at the ends of the spiky-haired boy's shirt. Within seconds the offending material was tossed to the bedroom floor and the other boy's body came down over his, hot and heaving flesh pressed against his own bare chest. There was a pause as skin met skin, almost like a sigh of satisfaction, and then Sendoh's lips were working their magic again, teasing the sensitive spot under his jaw. He whimpered and stretched his neck for more, his legs wrapping around the older boy's back and holding him close, pressing their bodies together. Sendoh gasped as their still-clothed hips ground against each other, hardness straining against hardness, the heat and friction so gratifying yet so utterly maddening at the same time. Rukawa whimpered again, his senses overwhelmed, dominated by the spiky-haired boy on top of him, touching him in all the right places. He felt the slide of fingertips down his arm, seeking out his hand, and his fingers were entwined in a tight grip, palm to palm, pulse to pulse, never to let go. Sendoh's mouth sought his, lips covering lips in a famished kiss, starved tongues probing and lashing at each other with raw hunger. Rukawa held on even tighter, as if he could somehow meld their bodies closer together, and Sendoh broke the kiss to release a long, low, tortured groan, full of desire... full of frustration.

"Akira..." he moaned, his shaking voice barely a whisper.

"I want you so bad Kaede..." the older boy breathed into his neck, tightening his grip around their interlocked fingers. Rukawa squeezed back just as hard, his entire body trembling desperately with the very same need. A long moment passed as they held each other, breath ragged, pulses racing, lips tingling... and then Sendoh shifted his weight, pulling away, making Rukawa loosen his hold.

The spiky-haired boy settled more comfortably on top of him, putting enough space between their bodies to be able to see each other better. Rukawa looked up to see his boyfriend gazing down at him, biting his lip in a now familiar expression of affection restrained. For the next few minutes they remained that way, watching as flushed skin and darkened lips returned to their normal color, the rasps of heavy breathing fading away to be replaced by the muffled voices and sounds of the people downstairs.

Sendoh drew in a breath.

"My parents won't be home this weekend." he whispered.

Rukawa's eyes widened slightly at what this could mean.

"Do you-" Sendoh faltered, "I mean, are you-" the spiky-haired boy struggled, brows furrowing with uncertainty.

Rukawa held his breath, watching as Sendoh's eyes searched his, that familiar expression of yearning suddenly becoming more intense than ever. Fingers tightened meaningfully around his hand as the older boy took another deep breath.

"Come over. Please." Sendoh said, his voice thick with need and his eyes promising an end to weeks of frustration from growing passion unfulfilled, waiting for the right opportunity, the right time... a night they could be alone, and not have to worry about being found out or interrupted... a night they could take it slow, and not have to rush or hide or keep quiet... a night they would remember for the rest of their lives... the night they would make love, for the first time.

Rukawa smiled.


~ owari

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