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Chapter one. The big Plan

A figure dressed in all black hurried through the streets of New York City, diving in all the shadows and alleys to avoid being seen. The man carried a package for his 'boss' that needed immediate delivery, and he couldn't afford being caught with it. Not only would his entire group kill him for it, but also his girlfriend would boot his ass to LA. Personally, he wasn't looking forward to either, so he kept up his quick pace and watched his footing very carefully.

The bundle moved, and he mentally cursed himself. "I hope that Inuyasha's in a good mood tonight." The package continued to squirm until a little muffled sound could be heard. He feared it would ball it's little heart out and scream for all it was worth, and he didn't look like the fatherly figure running with his kid across New York. He had to quiet it before all hell broke loss.

Finally, before he could take it any farther, the door on the side of a large warehouse welcomed him in and he darted in with the fear of being seen. The guard that was dressed in all black leather as well at the door helped him take off his long leather coat and sighed at the sight of the bundle. His long red hair and sunglasses only shielded his obvious concern for his friend. "Shit, Miroku, you didn't!"

"I did, get over it. Where's Inuyasha?"

"Inuyasha's not in a very good mood tonight. That bastard Kouga got him started up again."

Miroku cursed under his breath. "Well, no matter Shippo, I need to see him. Where's he at?"

"He's in his office, but I'm warning you…you brought the package before Inuyasha knows what to do with it."

"Look! He knew I would do this sooner or later, but tonight the matter just sort of fell into my lap. Besides, he wanted it. And anyway, Inuyasha has to know and he has to know now."

"Well what will you do if Sango catches you with it? You know her motto; shot first and ask questions later."

Miroku sighed and shook his head carefully. "I know that Sango may eat me alive, but I'll deal with her later." He took off urgently down the hall, and Shippo shook his head and whispered to himself. "Suit yourself." Then he went back to guarding the door.

Meanwhile, Miroku walked up the flight of stairs behind the obvious commotion's in the main room. The 'club' of people that was in the main room lounged and drank and played different assortments of games. It was their main hideout for when they didn't have a job, and it was all fun and games. But the minute that Inuyasha received word of something that he needed, or wanted, then they all beckoned to his call and did the job they were assigned to do. Of course, they always got a good profit out of it, even if Inuyasha scared them shitless.

Miroku arrived outside his office and inhaled carefully because he could hear Inuyasha yelling at someone in the room. This would not be a pleasant experience, and being one of the only people who weren't exactly scared of him, he was about to piss his pants.

Before he could knock, the door swung open and a man dressed in quite the black outfit came flying out. Skintight leather pants and a black tank top, with his long hair pulled into a ponytail and a strange headband across his forehead. He ran into the wall and leaned against it, rubbing his head and muttering obscenities. Miroku shook his head at Kouga, who had obviously pissed Inuyasha off to no end. It was then that the person in question poked his head out the door with a scowl on his face that could break mirrors. "And stay out you dirty bastard!"

Miroku cleared his throat nervously and the angry face of Inuyasha glared at him. "Damn it, Miroku, get your ass in here!" He grabbed the back of Miroku's shirt and jerked him into the office, sitting him down in the chair in front of his desk.

Inuyasha paced in front of the monk, his long black leather coat dragging on the floor behind his knee-high boots. The chains hanging off his belt made noise with every nervous step he took. His back-gloved hand grabbed his chin as he growled and scowled, his mind seeming to be on something urgent. Miroku had never seen his silver-haired friend like this before. "Inuyasha?"

"Where the fuck have you been, Miroku?"


"You are the goddamn third in command, you have duties here, and you can't just take off like that without telling me!"

Miroku stood and handed the package to Inuyasha. He widened his eyes as he unwrapped the package, and the little baby squirmed with the now showing light. "Holy shit, Miroku, how the hell did you do it?"

"Allow me to explain. I was on my nightly stroll through the city, checking for all suitable spots to hit, when I saw that mother walking around with the brat in a stroller. Well, I couldn't relax, so I decided to save you some trouble, and when the mother went inside the store and stupidly left it outside, I dashed and grabbed it without being seen."

Inuyasha mustered up a cocky smile and Miroku sighed with relief. "Well good work, Miroku, you did something useful for once."

"You're not angry?"

"What the hell are you on? I've wanted to snatch this brat away for quite some time now, and you just made it easier on me." He held the kid in his clutches. "Wow, this certainly brightens up my day."

"What seems to be the problem?"

"A bunch of shit, but I took care of Kouga. Now you need to handle the second in command."

"What did she do now? I've only been gone an hour."

"That is certainly long enough for that crazy bitch to go completely nuts with rage. She's the only person around here that scares me when she's angry." He turned his dog-ears towards the door. "Speak of the devil. She's found out you're here."

The door burst open and an enraged woman walked in, slamming the door shut behind her. She wore a tight black tank top with leather pants and two chains hanging off each side of her hips. She wore biker's gloves on her hands, and assortments of silver jewelry on her arms. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her ears were spiked with many different earrings. Her eyes threw daggers at both of them, and even Inuyasha tensed up. For the only woman in the gang, she was scarier than hell, and that was the reason she was second in command.

She crossed her arms and glared at Miroku. "And just WHERE have you been? And what's that!" She pointed to the baby in Inuyasha's arms.

"Sango, I was pulling a job."

"Uh huh, yea, and Inuyasha just ranted and raved about your fucking were-abouts for the past hour because he had you pull a damn job. Tell me the truth, now!"

"Alright! I just went on my usual stroll, looking for more hits! I just forgot to tell anyone where I went, all right? I swear it! The baby was just an added bonus."

She snorted. "I see, and did you touch any women?"

"No!" His instant reaction instantly pissed her off. It usually meant he was lying.

"That's it! Inuyasha, get out of my way!" He moved his sunglasses down over his golden eyes with his trademark smirk and retreated to his desk, setting the sleeping baby down in a basket so that he could watch the show.

Sango cracked her knuckles rather loudly. "You have two seconds, Hentai."

"Sango, please, I can explain…uh…sweetie?"

"Don't sweetie me! You were out groping women!" She balled up her fist and smashed it into his cheek, watching him fall to the floor. Inuyasha was chuckling in his seat while he watched Sango basically straddle Miroku and strangle him, while his hands tried to pry hers off and his voice pleading for her mercy. Inuyasha remembered the reason that Sango had gotten into the gang; she was the only person who nearly took out Inuyasha with just a punch.

Inuyasha continued to laugh until his cell phone rang, and instantly the two on the floor stopped moving so they could listen. Inuyasha groaned because of the interruption and reached into his inner coat pocket, pulling out the ringing phone and popping it open. "Yea, what is it?" He asked harshly.

He listened for a few moments as Sango quietly helped Miroku to his feet, both of them walking over to the desk and leaning on it to hear. Inuyasha instantly sat forward and put his hand on the desk in a state of shock. "No fucking way! No goddamn way!"

Sango and Miroku couldn't decide if this was a good thing or a bad thing because Inuyasha had never acted this way before. He stood up and jerked the sunglasses off his face to put them up by his dog-ears, leaning on the desk as if supporting himself. "You are bullshitting me, tell me the truth!"

He listened for a second and then scowled. Definitely a bad reaction. "Son of a bitch, it's too soon! Ugh! You just better call me with an update." Then he slammed his phone shut and stared at the eyes that were just inches away because they wanted to hear.

He jumped back and scowled. Miroku stared at him carefully. "Inuyasha, what is it?"

Inuyasha seemed to be deep in thought as he pulled his sunglasses back over his eyes. "Get ready, you two, we are officially at war with Sesshomaru."


"Hello, young lady, so nice to meet you. You are a few months early but that's perfectly alright." The mayor of New York City shook the hand of the richest girl in the state while she stood in front of her father.

Kagome Higurashi smiled a fake but convincing smile and shook hands with him. "So nice to meet you, sir."

"Such a well behaved young woman!" Chimed the mayor cheerfully. Kagome snarled in her mind. I hate meeting with all these other rich people…I want adventure, damn it!

"Please, come right this way and I will escort you to your office." The mayor walked down a hallway and Kagome followed suit, hoping to just get in, get out, and get on with her life.

Moving to this town had been the down point of her life. She hated ordering her servants around to pack her clothes just right, but most of all, she hated change. She almost yearned for a non-rich life so that it wouldn't be so dull and boring. There was almost no excitement at all in being rich. Everyone did everything for her, she didn't have to work hard to get what she wanted, and she always had to go to her fathers meetings because just being there meant something to him and she had to meet the boneheads that made up the entire entrepreneur circuit in the state. I'm too damn nice. She thought.

He opened the doors to a beautiful office, and with as much money as their family had, she didn't expect any less. A large desk sat in the middle of the room with a laptop and huge office chair, and a couch on the other side for other people. She widened her eyes. Well, this is a little more exciting then what I'm used to. I guess this won't be so bad.

The mayor held out his hand and she shook it again, more out of politeness than anything. "You have your own personal assistant outside your office, Miss. Higurashi. She can make appointments for you, as well, because as the lawyer of our company you have to talk to a lot of different people. If you need anything, just ring me in my office and I'll help you out."

Kagome smiled brightly at the man with her biggest professional smile. She could fake her way into hell. "Thank you sir, I'll remember that."

"I'm sure that your new degree will come in great handy. Your family must be very proud that their own twenty-one year old daughter has so much experience." Then he turned and walked out the door, all smiles like a happy mayor should be.

Kagome finally wiped the smile off her face and scowled aloud, burying her hands in her hair. "Fuck, this is going to be interesting."

She sat down at her computer to work out her own little schedule, adjusting her uncomfortable skirt as she wiggled in the chair. She had no idea what kind of excitement she was actually creating.


Sango and Miroku entered the new building, wearing some interesting black dress clothes that they didn't think they'd ever be forced to wear. They were posing as husband and wife, with their arms interlocked and smiles on their faces as they walked into the building. They, of course, were very good actors, and probably had everyone convinced.

Miroku whispered in her ear before they entered the building. "Are you sure we can pull this off?"

"We have no choice, it's Inuyasha's orders. We know better than to argue with him where Sesshomaru's concerned."

Miroku nodded and put a bright smile on his face as they entered the building and got directions to their destination. They climbed into the elevator and took it to the thirteenth floor. Sango adjusted Miroku's outfit and smiled because of the camera's that could be on board. "Remember our rules."

"I will, don't worry."

They exited the elevator and approached the desk with a strange secretary. "Excuse me, ma'am?" Sango asked politely.

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"Is Kagome Higurashi busy at the moment?"

"I don't think so, would you like to go in?"

"Yes, if you don't mind. We have something we would like to discuss with her."

"Hold on, I'll see if she's busy." She pushed the button on her phone and Kagome's voice came over the phone. "Yes?"

"You have a few people who wish to speak to you, are you busy?"

"Uhh…no, go ahead and send them in."

"Yes, ma'am."

"And Wanda?"


"I'd like a coffee with two spoonfuls of sugar, and make it extra hot. On the double, please."

"Yes ma'am." Wanda said miserably, as if she didn't have any hope left in the world. She pointed towards the door as she sat down in her chair. "You shall find her in there."

With a nod of thanks, Miroku and Sango slowly headed on their way. Out of earshot of the secretary, Miroku whispered to her. "She certainly gets things the way she wants."

"Of course she does! She's the richest woman in the state at the moment."

They entered her office after they received permission and were met by Kagome, standing with her fake smile and shaking hands professionally. "I'm Kagome Higurashi."

"I'm Sango, and this is my husband Miroku."

"Nice to meet you." She said cheerfully as she released their hands and escorted them to the couch. "Please be seated."

Sango had to smile a smile that didn't reach her eyes. Kagome had turned around and she had to squeeze Miroku's arm tightly when he seemed to think about touching her ass. They sat down on the couch in unison and Kagome sat in her chair across from them, hands clasped together over her notebooks. She seemed to observe her guests politely, but she somehow got the feeling that they weren't who they were pretending to be. Damn instincts…Remember, all smiles! "So, what has brought the two of you to my office today?"

Miroku sat forward, leaning his elbows on his knees. "Well, I understand that you are new in the city, Miss. Higurashi. My wife and I take care of major matters involving the law between companies. We have to know everything about the lawyers in the companies, and we came to find out a little about you."

Kagome thought deeply about it and sighed, shrugging to give her answer. "Ok, what would you like to know?"

"Everything about what you like to do in your free time, how you usually live your day, what your interests are, etc. It may seem like worthless information, but it's very important and turns out to be quite useful at times."

"Alright…" Kagome continued to tell them about her schedule during the day, what her favorite foods are, the fact that she was twenty-one, and she even told them about how she sometimes was completely bored with everything in her life. She continued to mess with the hem of her short dress that went to about mid-thigh because she was strangely comfortable around these people.

These people, who she somehow knew, were fake.

After she finished, she shrugged sloppily. "I think that that's about it. Anything else?"

"Uh, actually, do you have a cell phone number that we can contact you at in case something important happens?"

"Sure." She handed them a business card and smiled. "I have it on all the time if you need anything."

Miroku stood and smiled graciously, resisting the urge to bow to her sarcastically like a queen. "Thank you very much, Miss. Higurashi."

"Please, call me Kagome. Miss. Higurashi makes me sound old and boring."

Sango smiled and shook her hands again. "It was really nice to meet you."

"Same here."

"We'll be on our way. Thank you for everything." Then they turned and walked out of her office, shutting the door behind them. After they had left the building, Miroku sighed and reached into his coat pocket, turning off the tape recorder that had been recording the whole time as they stood in the alley. "I hope all this information will help with Inuyasha. Is it me, or did she seem uneasy?"

"She's a rich person, they are always uneasy no matter what. How long do you think it will take Inuyasha to take action?"

"Not long. Remember, he said we were at war. With what she told us about her life being boring at times, she'll find excitement within the next week or so, I can guarantee it."

They turned into the alley and stripped off the pricey clothing, leaving them in their older outfits of tank tops and black pants as they dropped the outfits into the garbage. Sango tied her hair in the ponytail and put on her sunglasses, waiting for Miroku to pull his out of his pocket. "I'm glad that Inuyasha makes everyone in the gang wear nothing but black. It suits me just fine."

"It has always suited you. Inuyasha likes the look of an assassin. He is the most dangerous looking person in the state, after all."

A limo then pulled up to the curve, honking impatiently. Miroku and Sango hurried and climbed in, ready to tell Inuyasha of their findings.


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