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Chapter 24-The last man laughing PART 2

Sesshomaru had never felt this way before…he had entered the room as quickly as he could when he heard Rin's screaming, but when he got there he found nothing. Not a single thing was left except for blood all over the floor, and even though he looked he suspected that she had been incinerated by Miko energy. He wasn't certain about that, but his brain didn't have time to think about it. He was too busy loosing his mind in rage…

He hadn't been quick enough…

His entire estate was ruined, and everything that he had set out to do had failed…he wanted Inuyasha to be the one with the broken heart and the insanity coursing through him. He wanted Inuyasha to be the one that was seething madly because his mate had fallen.

But most of all, he wanted KAGOME to be the one that had been killed, not his precious Rin…

But it didn't happen that way…it never went his way…and it infuriated him beyond belief. He was loosing touch with reality every second he thought about it.

He wanted Higurashi Kagome DEAD!

Inuyasha pushed her behind him. "You need to heal…" He muttered, keeping his attention forward at Sesshomaru. His brother's aura was flaring with emotions that he couldn't identify. It was all directed towards Kagome; he could feel it. She couldn't compete against his fury, not right now, anyway.

Kagome gripped the back of his shirt. "We made it this far, what do we do?"

"You aren't that strong; you've been hurt badly. Gather your energy. I'll mess with him."

"You're going to get killed."

"I have to protect you."

Miroku approached Inuyasha and Kagome carefully, his eyes still adjusting to the darkness. "Inuyasha, please let me try something. It may be your only chance."


"My ancestors were monks, therefore they had many remedies for healing. If you can give me some time, I may be able to heal Kagome quicker and she can help you."

Inuyasha glanced over at his brother, who still seemed lost in his own little world. "Very well, but make it quick. And if you end up hurting her by screwing up on some damn spell you're going to regret it for the rest of your life."

"I believe it." He pulled Kagome away from Inuyasha's back and slowly walked her to the back of the room where Sango had laid out a coat for her to lie on.

Sesshomaru's gaze, however, followed her every move. "Higurashi, you're not getting away from me this time."

"You're not going to fight with her, Fluffy, you're fighting with me."

"You bastard imbecile…" Sesshomaru flashed his red eyes at Inuyasha instead, crouching down to begin his assault. His voice, for the most part, remained passive, with only the smallest hint of snap at the edges. "If I have to go through you to defeat that witch then so be it." His hands moved together as if holding a ball, working an electric surge in between them. "You will regret ever meeting her, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha knew he had to be prepared or he wouldn't make it out of this alive. He had sparred and fought with Fluffy in his day, but never to the point of where he was so furious his emotions were causing power to literally leak from him. His brother hid what he was thinking very well behind his features for the most part; to have him loose control of himself would never be a good thing.

However, with his rage blindly leading him into a battle to the death, Inuyasha wasn't sure how to do this safely. There seemed to be no way out without loosing an arm or a leg…or a loved one.

No, he wouldn't risk anyone else here. This was his fight to win…his battle. Even though his brother seemed focused on slashing through Kagome, he wouldn't let anyone else have anything to do with this.

He had scores to settle with his brother, and had ever since they were really young.

Now for the real challenge…keeping Fluffy's focus on him. His eyes constantly glanced over at his mate, probably to make sure that she wouldn't leave. He had a feeling that Sesshomaru would be in the middle of fighting and then decide that Inuyasha wasn't interesting enough.

Oh, he'd find something all right…

"SO, Sesshomaru, can you finally admit now that Rin wasn't as useful as you thought?"

In response to that, Sesshomaru shot a lightning fast ball of energy at him, missing his brother by a mere inch. "You're in no position to taunt me, Inuyasha. You will only succeed in securing even quicker your mate's painful premature death."

Inuyasha unsheathed the knife in his hair and pointed it almost immaturely at his kin. "I don't take too kindly to threats, she's been through enough with your bitch already and she doesn't need any more from you."

Sango's hand tightened over Kagome's mouth, hoping the cries of pain wouldn't reach her mate's ears as Miroku brushed his hand along the wound in a ritual like manner. "Shh…Kagome-chan, please try to remain quiet." She whispered, glaring at the monk. "This is supposed to heal her?"

"It will only hurt for a second…"

Kagome yipped as he lifted up the bottom half of her shirt and sat up surprisingly quickly, grabbing his hand in a death grip. "You had better heal me before Inuyasha gets himself killed or so help me houshi…"

He gently pushed her back down on the ground and resumed his position above her stomach with a nervous sigh. "Sango, please just stifle her, this will only take a minute."

"Inuyasha has glanced over here, and judging by the look in his eyes I think he wants to kill you."

"It wouldn't be the first time." His smile was gentle when he gazed at the Miko he was trying to heal. "Now this will hurt, and then everything will be fine, ok?"

At Kagome's slow nod, he quickly lowered his hand completely over the wound in a large press, giving off a strange sharp heat that consumed her immediately. She couldn't breathe at first contact from his hand because of the instant pain, and then after a moment all she could feel was a warmth, soothing her. She panted in relief, leaning her head back against Sango's lap and flipping the monk off at his chuckling. "Hmm…my ancestors really knew what they were doing."

Meanwhile, Inuyasha was avoiding literal lightning bolts from his brother's hands, running quickly to avoid them, but managing to keep them away from people he cared about. Despite Sango's attempts, he could hear and feel Kagome's pain, and it distracted him. He had received a burning shock from the bolts that hit his side for the millisecond that he didn't pay attention, and it forced him to ignore Kagome's position to watch his own tail.

Miroku will DIE, she's in more pain, not less…He jumped a bolt and sighed with relief when all traces of her pain had disappeared. Ok, so NOW things have changed. That doesn't change my mind, though…he's going to die.

"Stop running, you bastard." Sesshomaru retracted his hands and stood straight, abruptly disappearing. Inuyasha readied his sword an instant before his brother appeared behind him, managing to stab while being stabbed himself with a sword that he didn't know Sesshomaru possessed.

Both brothers jumped back, stricken painfully with the swords, each now styling interesting wounds to the stomach. Inuyasha just glanced down at it and then back at his brother in a less intense gaze. "I hope that's not the best you can do. That didn't even go through. Paper cuts better than that old rusty thing!"

"I'm just getting started, brother."

"Oh, you called me brother. You must be really angry now…"

When Sesshomaru charged this time, he was oddly fully visible, making for easier striking with his sword. At the blurry figure in front of him, Inuyasha managed a weak grab, pulling his brother closer and attempting to pierce his knife into any vital area that would really affect him.

However, because of his brother's current state of mind, his senses were increased for fighting. The opportunity was spotted and as Inuyasha's hand shot out for a second attempt to pierce him his wrist was caught. Sesshomaru dug his nails deeply into the wrist and stared down harshly at his brother. "Now find your place." He said as coldly as ever.

"You ain't in charge of me and you never were!" His other hand gripped the wrist on his in sheer hope that his brother would let go, but the death grip induced would probably need death itself to be released.

"If I'm not in charge…" He squeezed his fingers, digging his seeping claws of poison deeper into the skin. Inuyasha let out a painful cry and crumpled to one knee, now struggling a lot harder to get his wrist back. "…then why are you kneeling before me?"

Inuyasha kept one eye clenched shut as the other stared up at him. "You bastard…" He seethed. He reached his other hand forward and grabbed his brother's ankle, sending a very similar shock of electricity through him, stunning him upon contact.

He grunted in pain and ripped his hand away, jumping back but landing only on the foot that hadn't been shocked. He panted profoundly, his fists clenching as he balanced easily without the use of that foot because of his natural grace. "You're an insolent little bastard, aren't you?"

"Just because I'm half human doesn't mean I'm not half demon. Daddy dearest didn't forget to give me some of his supernatural abilities, too." Inuyasha watched him for any other signs of change in him. He was acting normal again; his calm stamina seeming to just resurface above any other emotions. It meant that he had gotten control of his anger, and chances are he had a plan devising. He wouldn't show it until he was good and ready, either.
"Direct contact with my foot…you've disabled it, and I to say the least am surprised that you knew such a maneuver. If your little whore wasn't busy getting paining treatments from that monk, I would guess that she had something to do with it."

"Kagome's NOT a whore, Sesshomaru. Just because you can't stand her doesn't mean anything, no one cares what you think, anyway."

He snorted uncharacteristically, stealing a look in her direction but only receiving the back of the monk and an angry Sango glaring up at him. He slowly turned his head to facing Inuyasha again. "If you think that monk sorcery will help bring her back to full health, you're sadly mistaken. The most it will do is dull the pain."

Sesshomaru flew straight up, landing carefully on a bar on the second story railing. "And if YOU think that even at full health she will help stop me, you will find out the hard way how painfully mistaken you are. I'm still deciphering what exactly happened to Rin…" His fists formed a ball of electricity and he smirked down at her healing area, a pained look in his eyes the only hint that he had lost anyone. "Whatever she did is NOTHING compared to what I'm about to do to her now." Then like a fastball in a baseball game, Sesshomaru hurled that ball straight towards that area before anyone could stop him.

Miroku had turned around and braced himself for the hit, cursing because his power hadn't finished the job. "I think this is going to hurt…" he mumbled, bracing himself both mentally and physically for something that would kill a normal human.

Sango panicked. "Miroku!"
"Get Kagome away!" He screamed just as the ball made contact with his hands. Using what little power all true monks had, he was able to hold off the ball momentarily, pushing it back with power as it grew in size and strength.

The ball was gaining on him, literally pushing him back in its force. He was struggling with it, only vaguely hearing Inuyasha's demands of assurance and Sango's cries of panic. The aura of the evil ball told him that it was different than regular electricity; it was explosive. If he couldn't push the ball back soon, it would devour him and explode, most likely killing him and Sango, and perhaps even Kagome.

He felt powered hands on his shoulders and a small chuckling voice along with it. "Miroku, if you knew you couldn't handle it, you're pretty damn brave for trying." Kagome pushed a great deal of power into him in one quick burst, magnifying his own and forcing the ball back tenfold speed at an unsuspecting Fluffy Dearest.

The ball knocked him off the bar with a loud explosion, sending his own shockwaves through his body in painful masses before it resided all together. After that shock, he stood again and glared down at Kagome with the coldest of stares. "Well, well, why didn't I suspect that you, little Miko witch, would mess it up for me somehow. You always manage to foil everyone's plans."

"That's what I'm here for." She bit out, watching him wearily as she moved around to the Kira, who was standing opposite of the room from Shippo near the doorway. "Anything else I can screw up while I'm at it?"

"You'd be wise to bite your tongue."

"I don't think you should tell me what's wise and what's not while I'm slowly taking down your club, person by person without any help from you. Rin was a cinch to take down because she's just as stupid as her owner." As her eyebrows emphasized "you", she could hear a sigh from Sango and a very loud smack, accompanied by a groan from the monk. He was apparently smacking his forehead at what she had said.

What. She. Had. Saidopps

His low snarl told her instantly that she had said the wrong thing. He knew that she defeated Rin; she really didn't need to rub it in. But now that she did, she knew that regretting it was the least of her problems. "Why you defiant…" He screamed in blind fury, letting his intensely red eyes glare down at her as he powered up a different attack from between his fingers, making him even more frightening than ever. "I will NEVER be defeated by some HUMAN BITCH! It's not over until it's over, and by Kami you know for you it's definitely OVER!"

Kagome resisted another absurd comment from leaving her mouth. Hell, if Kagome wasn't afraid of him, she really should have been. She knew that, he knew that, everyone basically threw it at her with looks. Now with all these problems, she wasn't sure what she was anymore.

Inuyasha looked in near disbelief, wanting to shake her senseless, regarding that she had any sense in the first place. "KAGOME!" His tone asked why, and Kagome could only look at him and laugh nervously, contemplating Fluffy's next move carefully in her mind.

Sesshomaru's next attack was one that she had only seen in books. A long whip of energy, illuminating from two of his fingers that spun and twirled with every twist of his wrist, bending to his will without any complaint whatsoever.

He threw the whip over his shoulder and behind his back, holding his arm across his body before he would strike. "What I could feel Rin suffering isn't anything compared to the physical pain I will bring upon you." With one last harsh stare thrown her way, he immediately straightened (managing to float up and suspend himself in midair) and threw the whip in her direction, quickly in all its blinding fury.

Kagome had to use the only defense she could think of. She pushed power into her lower arms and blocked each strike with them, still receiving quite the sting but nothing too harmful. He continued slashing and she continued blocking, backing up a step every time in the same pattern.

Whip **block** whip **block** Whip **block** whip **block** Whip "Owe, son of a…" Whip **block**

After fighting without it affecting her very much at all, he pulled it back over his shoulder and grunted in displeasure, raising one cocky (and annoying to Inuyasha) eyebrow at her elegantly. She sighed. Well, well…Seems Fluffy Dearest is feeling better…"Are you going to do something about me hitting you, wench, or do I need to take it up a notch?"

Inuyasha had been at awe at what he should do. He thought of many things, all consisting of him taking down Fluffy. Of course in order to do that, he would have to move his feet, and they were basically frozen to the spot. He couldn't believe himself…he was just standing there while Kagome was getting the crap beaten out of her with a stupid whip.

He suddenly felt really stupid, but didn't dare move now. While Sesshomaru was talking to Kagome, perhaps there was a chance that she could hold him off on her own long enough for him to go up and take care of this problem.

Or at least slow him down with a blow.

Speaking of making it on her own…where the hell was everyone else? It seemed that the Kitsunes were working their way to the top of the second story behind Sesshomaru, maybe to make a sneak attack, maybe to get away, who knew? Sango and Miroku seemed to be plotting on their own, whispering and then stealing glances back at the fight, almost guiltily while they wrapped up supplies back into Miroku's bag.

Screw them, they'd attempt their own little attacks, but while Sesshomaru's vision was focused on Kagome he had to get him fully distracted. "What are you waiting for, bastard? WHIP ALREADY!" The sound startled everyone, even Kagome, but she remained as passive as possible. The only reaction was the smirk of the older sibling.

"Have we finally snapped, Inuyasha? Good, now I'm about to show you what it's like to loose the one thing you cared about more than anything in the world."

"You idiot! I've been spending all my time with Kagome worrying that you were going to take her from me, so don't feed me that bullshit!"

Sesshomaru snorted, raising both his eyebrows this time. "I don't prefer bullshit, but that's apparently what you've been feeding your whore since she got here because that's all that she's been giving back." Before waiting on the explanation, he almost seemed to make the electric-like whip go from low power to high, and his sudden slashes at her were hitting better and much harder, now forcing her back two steps instead of one.

One slash smacked her across the cheek, causing her to both yelp and apply pressure to it with her hand. She immediately regretted that move. Now that she had one hand busy trying to stop the flow of blood from her cheek (which for some reason she couldn't pull her hand away from it), only one was left to defend the rest of her body, and she didn't like it one bit.

She felt cornered.

Taking one glance over to the area Inuyasha was standing, she quickly reverted her gaze back. Inuyasha was gone, meaning that he was making his way slowly to Sesshomaru, and in a moment of distraction with Fluffy's attention on her, he could possibly make a lethal blow. If it didn't kill him, Kagome knew one thing that would certainly do the trick, if he would hold still long enough.

She would try something that hasn't been tried by a Miko in over 500 years.

Shippo ran to Kira's position on the second story, panting while watching Inuyasha climb the wall behind Sesshomaru to join them. Kira's eyes never left her boss as her boyfriend (or probably more like mate-to-be) approached her cautiously so as not to alert Fluffy dearest to activity behind him. "He's done it; he's finally gone insane."

"He's only doing what he thinks should be done."

"He'll die."

Kira gasped and turned, smacking him firmly across the cheek. "Shippo, I must insist that you SHUT your mouth! Kagome heard you…" She whispered the last part of it, glancing down at a now determined Kagome as she faced them with a stern look on her face.

After flipping them off to end the conversation, she turned back to see why Sesshomaru hadn't used his weapon in a while. She suddenly felt trapped and caught, as if she had been doing something wrong. He was watching her, fully amused, with a very large smirk on his face and everything, gracefully twisting his whip at the end of his arm. Oh god, he really IS insane…"Are you quite finished, Higurashi? I must admit, I find it strange that you haven't fought back in the least. You didn't hesitate when you killed my MATE and my ward."

"Huh, Kikyo was your WARD, was she? I figured you two were just in it to destroy me."

"We were, but my vow of protection had made her my ward, despite how much I despised her. I owe you for two counts of murder, over five counts of escaping your punishment from me, and one count for your IMPERTINANT existence."

She snorted, but her look of impatience quickly changed to surprise as she dodged a sudden lightning bolt, protruding from his index finger. The whip must have just disappeared…she had no idea what happened to it. All that mattered now was that the already lethal whip was replaced with an even more lethal bolt of lightning. She was barely keeping her footing, because right after one was shot another was powered up, and she had less than a second between them all to move her ass out of the way.

Miroku and Sango shook their heads, her hands gripping his shoulder tightly as they watched her dodge. "Miroku, why isn't she fighting back?"

"She's got too much to worry about. Besides, I think she plans on saving it."

"SAVING it…Miroku, he's not giving her the chance to sit still for even a moment. There's no way in hell he's going to let her power up a move."

"Can't you see it?" He asked hurriedly, but before he gave her the chance to say anything, he continued on. "I can tell…I'm not sure how or why, but I know that she's thinking about it."

"I feel stupid. We're not doing anything…"

"We can't, not really. This is a magical battle at the moment, until we can harm Sesshomaru with bullets and knives, we're pretty much useless."

Sango puckered her lower lip in thought. "Well that sucks…"

Inuyasha ran up beside Kira and Shippo, looking up a few feet away at Fluffy's back. He was amazed that his two comrades had managed to get so close without him noticing, but apparently he was very busy trying to kill HIS Kagome that he hadn't paid any heed.

Kira watched him with sudden interest, reflecting on the last shine in his eyes. "What are you going to do?" She whispered.

He pulled the sword out of his back and snorted. "What do you think?" He took a running stride forward and jumped up, bringing the sword down in two harsh slashes across his brother's back and causing him to arch back in sheer pain.

Inuyasha's jump was in midair, therefore as he finished the blow he fell back down to the first story, landing with unusual gracefulness. Sesshomaru was still trying to recover from the large X shaped wound crossing his entire backside, mouth open in what could be called a soundless scream. He barely made a noise when it looked like he should be screaming in agony, both the Kitsunes observing that silently.

Kagome was still sitting on the ground due to tripping on the last bolt, one knee in the air and the other laying straight out in front of her. She watched the cause of Sesshomaru's wound with relief because if he had managed another bolt she'd have been hit, and waited as Inuyasha hit the ground and approached her to help her up.

Moving his eyes skyward, he pulled his mate to her feet with her extended arm. "How's your wound?"

"I can't feel anything, I think the monk might have healed it."

"Well what has my brother induced so far?"

She turned her face enough so that he could see her sharply cut cheek. "That's it."

"That's going to be healed the moment we leave this place."

Kagome smiled hopefully, glancing up at Sesshomaru to see him relaxing a bit more. "If we make it out of here…" However she was relieved that Inuyasha was talking like they weren't in a death battle. He was treating her like the full second in command again, and she was really enjoying herself. If it would be like this forever, she would really be in business.

Of course at the moment, they had an angry Inu Youkai on their hands, and it wouldn't prove very pliable if they didn't pay attention. They had no way of knowing what his next move would be, considering that Fluffy dearest was usually pretty unpredictable.

"Intriguing, Inuyasha…" He snapped, slowly pulling his head back upright and instantly pierced the gang with his trademark glare. The sting in his voice seemed to make the walls shake, even though it was noticeable by all of them that his aura had been profoundly weakened by his injuries. "Intriguing that I have finally been struck by my brother." He slowly pulled his posture to perfect again, looking around himself to locate every member of the group. "Know this, brother; just because you have stricken me does not mean that I will back down. This is a fight to the death; one of us will not leave alive, and his group is going with him."

Inuyasha took three steps away, drawing the attention of his brother along with him and never removing his gaze. He invoked a plan that he rarely used, but he saw the opportunity and decided not to miss it. Kagome? Set the bomb.

She almost gasped, but settled for her extremely shocked look. ARE YOU INSANE? We haven't killed him yet!

Look at him, Kagome, he's weak. I know what I'm doing. Place the bomb and set it over near that heating thing over in the corner. If I keep him distracted enough, you can set the bomb, and that should give you time to do what you're planning to do.

Eh? What I'm PLANNING to do is dangerous, and will take time.

I'm giving it to you.

This makes me nervous, Inuyasha…

Have I ever given you reason to doubt me? Look, I've never been reckless in my decisions, but this is a life and death situation. You give this bastard an inch and he'll stretch it across the US. We don't have time to mess with him, and you need to do it quick because he wants to focus his gaze on you, not me.

What if it goes off before we're finished?

It won't. Do it.

She almost smiled. Inuyasha had been tapping into her mind for quite some time now, or else he wouldn't have known about her plans. She was relieved; he not only liked the idea, he was making her use it. It sounded to her like it was the only way out of this pointless mess.

Kagome sighed deeply, feeling light perspiration form on her face. He…wanted her…to place a bomb that was guaranteed to go off and destroy everything within this block's radius? Even if she's able to defeat Sesshomaru using the one thing that she hasn't even attempted before, there's hardly a chance of making it out in time.

Five minutes, perhaps she could do…but three minutes was ludicrous.

However, Inuyasha was the boss…if he wanted the bomb set, he'd get it. And she'd have to do it now while Sesshomaru wasn't paying as much attention to her. Now, the only time that she may have to do anything at all before he's on her ass again…

She swallowed the lump that had been progressively forming in her throat and slowly backed up towards the system like Inuyasha had asked. She passed the monk and Sango an apologetic glance as she continued to back away, making doubly sure that Fluffy didn't just snap his attention back to her and try to kill her.

Miroku grabbed Sango's arm and stood in front of the area Kagome was going to, just to block it off from eyesight of the Taiyoukai. Both were nearly shaking in their shoes; they knew she was placing the bomb, but neither of them questioned her actions. Judging by the way she was acting a few minutes ago, Inuyasha was telling her to do it. He didn't show off any signs of it, but Kagome was shocked beyond belief, obviously because he had never made her do something so dangerous in all her life.

Kagome bent down near the heater, trusting Miroku and Sango at her back, mumbling her appreciation as she set to work. She pulled the bomb out of her pocket and used the attachments to attach it to the side of the heater, having to stop and wipe her forehead so that the sweat didn't burn her eyes too much. She switched the on button on so that the screen showed a countdown of 3:00. Closing her eyes, she said a little prayer and warned Inuyasha of her flipping the switch, then did so and quickly backed away as it began to count down, second by second.

Kagome ran over to Sango and gripped her shoulder. "I need to hide for a second…" Her eyes were scanning the room for an area that she could remain out of sight. "Quickly."

Inuyasha jumped back again from the blow, more determined than ever to keep Fluffy's attention. "Seems you're getting slow, Fluffy."

"Silence, whelp. An unfair blow to the backside will NOT deter me." Another smack of his whip, that he had happened to pull out again, and Inuyasha was nearly airborne trying to avoid it. It seemed his speed hadn't been affected, but his strength had been. The blows wouldn't hurt if they were to hit him, but he wasn't into a smack from his brother of any kind.

Kagome hid behind the pillar in the room closest to the heater, focusing concentration that she didn't even know she had. The clock was ticking slowly…she had to get it over with and quick.

She focused her hands to make a triangle formation, closing her eyes tightly while her lips began reciting an ancient spell that every Miko knew by heart. "Fire that dwells deep within, I call upon you to gather strength and energy that is needed for my mission. Enough so that it may aid me, but not enough to harm. I summon the energy to the very bottom of my soul, to be returned if ever asked the same request." The triangle formation glowed brightly, summoning rare energy from her partners.

Every one of the five partners glowed the color of their aura. Miroku and Sango both glowed a purple, and with the inexperience with their new powers, they stared down at their hands and feet in awe. Inuyasha glowed white, an Inuyoukai color, and the Kitsunes glowed orange (the color of fire). The light was misty, as if it was barely escaping their bodies, or perhaps just barely leaking out. The energy formed into a large ball above its host, and it flew through the air and over to Kagome's current location to join with her in the battle.

Sesshomaru noticed this immediately and was infuriated. "WHERE'S HIGURASHI!" He roared at his new discovery.

The power stopped all together, and everyone stopped glowing. Inuyasha smirked. "What's the matter, Fluffy, afraid of her? Can't you deal with me on your own first?"

Another fast ball of energy was simply hurled with a side pitch, creating quite the crater in the floor. "I'm not playing games with you, bastard. Where's your little whore?"

Inuyasha just smirked at him as he was once again taken by surprise. Kira and Shippo jumped like Inuyasha, raking their claws down his back in more agonizing slashes that he was now nearly ashamed of missing the clues for. He knew they were there, but didn't anticipate that they would do anything. Especially after that strange spiritual display.

He opened his eyes and glared down at the ground, looking from person to person. First he saw the Kitsunes, just watching him with evil smirks, and then Inuyasha whose look wasn't much better.

However, when he looked at Sango and Miroku, they weren't looking at him. They were looking off to the side, somewhere behind a wall, as if he wasn't there at all.

Sesshomaru could help it. He glanced to the space between the pillar and the wall, and was greeted with a smirking Kagome, and an incredibly powerful arrow launched upon sight, heading straight for him.

He growled, knowing there was no escape with his incredibly slowed body. The Kitsune's tactic had been to merely slow him down even more. He ripped a necklace off his neck and threw it to the ground in an attempt to save it from destruction.

As he let the chain fall from his fingers, the arrow pierced his heart and exploded in a powerful wave of energy, engulfing him completely in pain.

Then all he saw was darkness.

The gang watched Sesshomaru explode in midair, smiling instead of cheering like they wanted to. Inuyasha just sighed with relief, and then suddenly looked panicked. "AH, SHIT, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! Kira, Shippo, get the slowpokes, we have seconds left!"

All did as they were told, Inuyasha grabbing Kagome in a quick dash and pushing her up onto his back. "Hold on, woman, and no protesting!"

"Dammit…" She gripped his shoulders and kept her legs wrapped around him, glancing behind her at the people that were mimicking him perfectly. "Well, this is fun…"

"You're insane." He bit out, jumping a window and escaping the building. After hitting the ground and running like hell to their bikes, just making it around the corner and the entire building blew to pieces, he pulled Kagome tightly against him as the others made it around the corner and did the same. The ground shook with incredible force around them, cracking buildings dropping large pieces of themselves onto the ground.

Inuyasha leaned against the building, pulling his mate tightly into his arms and holding her head underneath his cheek for protection. He did his best to shield Kagome from most of the falling rubble, and even managed to keep her clean from the dust. He blocked a brick or two, cursing under his breath when they hit him, but he was grateful they hadn't hit her after everything settled.

He sighed deeply, twitching his ears to free them of particles. Miroku sighed, detaching himself carefully from Kira because she had seemingly done the same as Inuyasha due to his lack of demon strength. The monk couldn't get over how strange it was to be carried by a woman in such a manner out of a building. He was sure that thinking about it would earn himself a black eye from Sango, anyway. He laughed nervously and brushed off his robes. "Ahem…Inuyasha, we need to get to our bikes. We're not out of danger yet."

"You're right, monk. The cops are bound to be here in no time. Let's get up to Green Street and take a breather. I think we all need one before going back to the club."

Everyone nodded, except Miroku and Kagome. She hummed while looking around to the area that their bikes were. "Inuyasha, our bikes have been destroyed." She pointed towards two buildings that had toppled over from the blast. "We'll need to ride with you two."

He smirked and gathered his bike along with everyone else. Now down to three, it was Inuyasha and Kagome, Sango and Miroku, and Kira and Shippo in that order from that street to Green.

Kagome hugged him tightly, never more grateful in her life to be among the living. "I can't believe it, Inuyasha…"

"What can you not believe?" He snorted, glancing back at her and smiling.

"I can't believe we're alive, that's what. Your crazy idea worked."

"You're honestly surprised?"

She shook her head, but grinned even more, never wanting to let him go or let the feeling of wind leave her hair. "Still an arrogant bastard. Just like I mated to."

They hit Green Street a few moments later, pulling into an alley and stopping without getting off. They all basically rested against one another, grateful that they finally had time to breathe. ALL the time in the world, as it would seem.

All of Inuyasha's enemies were gone; as far as he knew, every single one of them had kicked the bucket and were now six feet under. He had no more large problems; he could get back to the old days where he brought up his gang and committed a few normally harmless crimes.

With a new line up in the stands. Kagome was his second, and people were going to know it. As for the others, well, he was still deciding. No need to rush when you had all the time in the world.

He sighed, wiping his forehead free and turning enough on his bike so that he could face his mate. His lips touched hers in a searing kiss, and before he let her go he made it a point to nip her neck. Kagome played with his ears and smirked up at him. "Careful, boy, I've still got wounds to heal."

"Piece of advice to you; don't worry about anything and get yourself so sweaty. Sweat is easily scented by Youkai. Besides, you shouldn't doubt my word."

"I had never done something like that before. I never knew that you were so faithful in me."

"You still could have gotten killed. You damn near did, too…" He found his ears interesting, scratching them with the tip of their claws. He was smiling though, despite his little act. They didn't have anymore problems. The place was blown to smithereens, anyway, so anyone still alive when they had lit the fuse definitely shouldn't be now. Not an inch of wood had been left standing; the only things still intact were pieces of useless junk that even if Inuyasha wanted to he wouldn't have had time to look through before the cops showed up.

He smirked. This would definitely reek of something that he had done, but really now, if the cops had this much trouble with his group all this time how were they going to get him now? It's not like he destroyed anyone important either…well, actually Kagome destroyed the building, and using her power had saved the gang in all their prideful glory…

Come to think of it, Kagome was the one who took care of all his problems…Kikyo, Rin, the finishing of Sesshomaru…the only thing he did himself was take care of Kouga, and even that she could have done herself.

"Stop complaining, Inuyasha. We made it out. We did it."

He laughed truly for the first time in days, showing a joy on his normally scowling face that made her smile almost too cheerfully. "You're right, we made it out just fine." He glanced down at her waist suddenly and sniffed the air. His look became indecisive, looking back up at her and down again, still sniffing, before smiling dangerously (and obviously) fake. "I'll be right back…" He stood off the bike and turned around, heading back towards the other bikes. "Oh Miroku…didn't I tell you when we had that talk that you shouldn't have to come in contact with my mate in any way? Well come here, please, I need to talk to you..." He said sweetly, advancing even more on the already nervous monk.

Miroku widened his eyes and jumped off his bike, waving at Sango with an equally fake smile while taking slow steps backwards. "Well Sango dear, it's been nice knowing you. I'm about to die, so I'm going to leave now." He turned on heal and sped off, Inuyasha screaming and yelling at him while right on his tail, his expression no longer a sight for sore eyes. The things he screamed were something to the affect of "How DARE you touch her! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE, MONK!" However that only made Miroku run faster, his attempts at explaining all shot to hell while Inuyasha sped up the pace again.

Kira and Sango's gazes met and both broke out into a laugh at the thought of a black and blue monk. Kagome shook her head, the truest of smiles on her face for the first time in a long time. "Some things will never change."

We did it…we won…we will never have these problems again.


Left in the mess of the now destroyed building, only one thing was still left fully intact. It had survived the explosion and was the only thing that had remained untouched.

The hope chest…the chest that Rin had been shoved inside was the only thing still standing. The chest that, unknown by anyone or anything, still contained life that couldn't wait to be freed from the confinement of the box cage.

With a loud crack the chest seemed to almost explode, pieces of the wood flying across the ruble. The form of Rin gasped loudly for breath, clenching her chest and lying across the ground for much needed air.

Her hands were burnt, her face and limbs sore from the battle, but she was fine. She suffered only the emotional pain caused when her mate had died; her heart seeming to shatter bit by bit every second and clenching in a pain that wouldn't stop for days. If his death hadn't killed her already, it wasn't going to, but that didn't stop the pained knowing tears coming to her eyes.

The thought that if she had just destroyed Higurashi instead of playing vile games with her, it would have been Inuyasha who lost his mind and Sesshomaru would have won.

It was her fault…and yet, she believed it wasn't. There were plenty others to blame for the torturous pain she was going through.

Her fists clenched near her heart as she tried to gain back the loss of air. She made a scowl at the air, picturing Inuyasha and Kagome both burning to ashes and the scowl being the last thing they ever saw as they drowned in each other's agony. Damn that bitch to hell…

Kagome may have beaten her at her own game, but Rin didn't loose the war…Rin remembered what Kagome had not. She forgot the most important thing of all when fighting; when destroying a demon enemy if you do not ensure the death then chances are they'll bite you right in the ass later on. That simply meant that Kagome should have shot her in the head, or stabbed her heart or something, just to make sure she was really dead. She was a little too hurried when stuffing her away into a trunk.

When the Miko felt for a pulse on the demon, she felt little to none. Her pulse had been slowed for healing; a simple thing that some demons did when they couldn't be near their mates to do it. Inuyasha apparently never told her that habit of full demons; Higurashi simply didn't feel for it long enough. Rin had never died; she may have been knocked unconscious, but she was fine nonetheless.

However that meant that Sesshomaru died for nothing. He thought he fought to avenge her name, but he didn't. If he hadn't been after Kagome's life in the first place, this would have never happened. If he would have just let the girl be…

She snorted. She had to stop feeling sorry for herself…she knew what she believed... It wasn't Sesshomaru's fault…and it was never really Kagome's fault, either…


If he hadn't been involved in a stupid childish war with his brother from the beginning, all could have been fixed. Sesshomaru did, after all, offer truce at the start, even if only after Kagome had been kidnapped. It was Inuyasha who chose to continue on something completely pointless, something that could have saved Sesshomaru if he had had a heart.

She snorted and laughed at herself firmly and evilly. Who was she to talk about having a heart? She no longer did if she ever had; her reason for it to beat was now dead.

And either way she looked at it, Kagome was part of it. She would avenge him by using both of them, for they took from her something she could never have again. True love…

Besides, Inu-youkai mate for life. She couldn't find anyone else even if she wanted to because that was somehow impossible for her now. It was one of the Youkai things that she knew happened, but couldn't tell you how or why.

Just a bunch of Youkai bullshit, as she had once told him…

She decided that she didn't have an insane hatred for Kagome; just a placid hatred. She would never let it get out of hand like Sesshomaru did. She wouldn't spend all her time on it when there were other things to do with her life; she'd just use it when the time came.

Finally, Rin sat up and looked around her at what once was her home. It wasn't even recognizable anymore…when Inuyasha promised to do something, he usually did it, and she knew from now on anything that has to do with him will not be taken lightly. She now had to give that intolerable bastard some credit because she hadn't believed that he'd do it until she saw it for herself.

She sighed, biting her tongue sharply. She was wrong; she knew now why his life was focused on killing Kagome; she fully understood it. She wondered if at times she would end up questioning her sanity when she thought about his last thoughts…his last words to her…that bitch and her comrades disintegrating him with an unfair power that he couldn't even protect himself from…

Ok, Rin, no more thinking…you hate that bitch and her mate and that's all there is to it.

Deciding that her indecisiveness on whether to hate Kagome or not was foolish, she let the matter drop. It didn't matter anyway; she was how Sesshomaru died and so therefore she and Inuyasha would pay the price.

On the ground near her feet, on what was probably the only piece of bare ground on the block, was the crescent moon necklace that Sesshomaru wore scarcely around his neck. Observing the areas around it, she came to the conclusion that that was the only thing left of him. Her only proof that he once existed…

She picked it up and held it tightly, standing to scream at the air before her anger caused her to have even bigger problems. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! DO YOU HEAR ME? I'LL MAKE YOUR LIVES LIVING HELL FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO HIM!" After inhaling and releasing a sharp sob, she turned her gaze to the police cars coming down the streets. Without another word, she ran from the sight, unsure of where she would go or what she would do.

All she knew is, Inuyasha and Kagome would not get away with this…she would see to their misery personally, if it took her the rest of her unnatural and miserable life. They would pay for what they did to her…their insolence and disrespect for everything that Sesshomaru was would not be ignored forever…

If there were ever a more vulgar meaning to the word hatred, she would show it to them. She was going to rip their heads right off their shoulders like Fluffy had often fantasized in the dreams that had once transpired to her in his scarce sleep.

Revenge…revenge was in the making, and it would come to the couple one way or another.

She guaranteed it…


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She stared at him, eyes wide with an emotion that she couldn't identify. Whether it was fear, shock, or utter disbelief, she just knew that she didn't like it. What could she do but sit there and stare dumbly at him, the warning of Inuyasha flying through her mind. "No matter how much you want to, no matter what they say to you, even if they hit you, do not fight them. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT disagree with them, or there'll be too much shit to deal with."

But Kia found herself wanting to do just that. She wanted to smack that amused look right off this bastard's face. His proposal was both demeaning and insulting; he thought she would bend over backwards for him and become a prosecutor's mate, just to be controlled and forced to bear any children that he wished to have?

She didn't bend for anyone.

Instead of giving him the answer he wanted she just stared Hatsu straight in the eyes and did nothing. She knew the moment she opened her mouth something that she couldn't afford escaping would plummet out like a booming speaker. It would anger him and complicate things for her family even more than they already were.

Hatsu smirked, turning completely in his brilliantly red cloak to gaze at himself in the mirror. "What holds you back, Kia? You are a bitch with a mission in life, ne? Join me and you won't have to worry about it anymore. I will give you an ultimate purpose."

Kia growled lowly in her throat, flexing her claws in sure habit. She nearly bit her tongue like her mother taught her for saying the one word that could anger him more than anything. "No."

He turned around again, clearly startled and angry, even though he strained to keep it hidden. "No? NO? You have no choice, little girl. It is my decision to make you mine, willingly or not. It's your duty in life."

"Where's your honor? I declined your invitation and I refuse to hear another word of it, so shut the hell up and leave my home." She looked away, thinking seriously about leaving. Hmm…I wonder if dad would kill me for killing him with Miko energy…no trace of him would be left, so the council couldn't prove that I killed him...

However, the demon was quick to grab her upper arm, spinning her around so that her arm twisted in front of her and pulled her back against his chest, all too quickly for her to react and effectively pinning her other arm to his body. His left arm wrapped around her upper chest, a very classy dagger pinned at the junction of her neck and shoulder.

All before she could blink, too...

She tensed, instantly regretting opening her mouth. Damn you daddy and your smart-ass attitude! I just HAD to inherit that from you! Oh Kami, what do I do now?

Kia could feel his breath on her cheek and was now filled with a great fear. She knew he could sense it, too, because he inhaled sharply and chuckled. "You're scared, Kia. Are you truly scared of me?"

"Of you, yes. Of death, no."

Satisfaction glowed in his aura, making him even more frightening. "You told me that nothing scared you."

Kia gulped very lightly so that it wasn't noticeable, noting the way that his clawed thumb on her shoulder lightly rubbed the skin that it touched. Sick bastard…"Well then…I guess I lied."

"Your death wouldn't deter me, you know. It would just disappoint me dearly to lose such a fine specimen in our Hanyou world."

She could only growl as his grip tightened on her wrist.

"Say yes to me. Become mine and I can guarantee that your family will remain safe."

"You lie, I can smell it. You're a disgraceful Hanyou and I hope you rot in hell. If my parents weren't busy doing other things, they'd kill you for talking to me like this."

"Your parents are rather preoccupied with the rest of the group. They're worried for your safety, but they worry for nothing, ne? Surely you can take care of yourself."

Kia closed her eyes, suddenly in concentration. She'd find her mother with her powers and pull the strings that would alert her of her child's problems. They'd be the only ones able to get her out of this mess right now, and even though she hated making her parents do things for her, she couldn't do this alone, apparently.

"What are you doing?" He asked, suddenly sensing a change. His grip began to tighten on her again, and the knife just barely nicked the surface of her shoulder. "What are you doing, bitch?" he demanded again, this time more forcefully.

Kia laughed softly, turning enough to glare up at him. "I'm just making your death wish for you."


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