'Why the HELL am I this nervous~~?! It isn't like it's the first time...'

A sigh escaped Ren's lips as he waited for any sign of a particular blue head. Another sigh... he was an HOUR early... he didn't think Pilika would be that early for their date.


Nothing Will Keep Us Apart... Except Onii-chan

© Jess-chan/Kari

Running a hand through her hair, Pilika made sure everything was perfect. She usually didn't care that much about her looks, but being around Ren...

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled slightly upon seeing her reflection. She was wearing an off-shoulder ice blue peasant blouse, the voluminous sleeves held up by immaculate white Valenciennes laces peeking at its edges. She wore a short white skirt the hem intricately designed with blue and silver vines intertwining with each other. A simple pair of blue open-toed sandals adored her feet, and a pair of simple dangling pearl earrings completed her look.

It sure was a good thing Horo Horo had not bothered to ask her lots of questions. Pirika mused remembering her glaze-eyed onii-chan... Probably thinking about cake or something.

She better meet Ren or she might be late...

This time maybe Horo would still be in his reverie and not notice her go out.

A cool blast of the night air sent a chill down her spine. It was good thing she brought her lavender –paneled denim jacket with her.

Ren drummed his fingers at the table impatiently. It was his fault for being so early... thinking it would make his less nervous about going early, but NO it just made things worst... much worst. Every passing second made the anxiety in his heart grow... 'Pirika-chan...'

He surveyed the object he had been clasping and unclasping for the last half an hour... was he ready for this?! They had been dating for the past six years... secretly too... he shuddered to think at Horo's reaction.

Oh, damn why the HECK was he THIS nervous?!

His pulse quickened even further as he caught sight of Pilika. As usual, she look stunning as EVER... and it just made things WORST... what if he wasn't enough for her?!

"Konbanwa Ren-kun." Pilika sited herself opposite Ren, and smiled gently.

Ren merely nodded curtly and smiled an awkward smile.

"I already ordered Pilika-chan, I hope you don't mind."

"Iie, I know you know what I like." Taking a deep breath Ren fingered the outline of the velvet box sitting on his lap.

"... You know we've been dating for quite a long time now..." he stopped himself. Damn, he was STUTTERING... Tao Ren did not stutter.

While Ren, was trying not to stutter, Pilika looked over him in concern. Ren never acted like this... "Ren-kun, daijobou? You're acting strange..."

"I-I'm fine..." taking a deep breath, Ren concentrated on getting the ability of speech back, but it only made him more uncomfortable when Pilika put her soft hand on top of his gently caressing his hands.

Pilika, Horo Horo's training-obsessed sister, was surprisingly not so in control upon matters of the heart... we can also tell she's rather dense.

IS he going back to China?! He had been telling me that Jun-nee-chan

Pilika reddened at the though... she did NOT have the right to call Jun a sister... well not YET that is, added a small voice at the back of her head, making her blush harder. This caused Ren to look at him oddly, worry ebbing his features, but she simply gave him a smile shrugging it off.

She frowned once he broke eye contact. Was he really going away?!


Finally his eyes met hers, "I love you."

She nodded back, "I love you too..." 'He IS... he's going back to China and NEVER come back... for all that it's worth it, he might even tell me he has a fiancé.'

Ren settled by placing the velvet box pushing it towards her. He still hadn't found the ability of speech.

"F-for you..."

Pilika eyed the box for the longest time, and with shaking fingers hesitantly opened it. her eyes widened slightly upon seeing the piece of jewelry.

Her heart sped faster as she studied the magnificent one half carat Blue Topaz in the shape of a marquis, the ring was accented by two heart shaped diamonds that were placed on opposite side of the Blue Topaz, handset in a beautifully sculptured solid sterling silver ring. There were running vines at the very sides of the two hearts placed with very tiny Austrian crystals.

And at one look you can tell the ring was worth's LOTS of money.

"W-what's this for?" 'A goodbye gift... No he couldn't possibly...'

"Pilika-chan..." and for some unknown reason he found his true self again, his eyes softening.

"... It must've cost a lot, I – I couldn't possibly, I – I can't—"

"No. You'll accept it whether you want it or not... I had the thing custom made... but I based the design on Shakespeare's Love Sonnet Ring. It's a symbol of romantic union... the two hearts... representing two people becoming one... Pilika... would you marry me?"

Ren could NOT possibly believe it. Ren babbled incoherent roots happily, as he navigated through the Tao Mansion Jun had built for him a few years back, since Ren had preferred to study in Japan.

"She said yes... yes..."

If you can't tell he's REALLY happy.


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