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Nothing Will Keep Us Apart... Except Onii-chan

           ф Chapter Four:

           © Jess-chan/Kari

"That's stupid."

Twitch twitch. "Mou! Anna-san…"

"It's true…"

"Do you think it would work?"

Anna sighed, "Analyze the situation Pilika. Your brother doesn't agree with your engagement with Tao Ren. You have asked Tamao to—distract Horo… how does that help the situation?"

"Sooner or later Pilika you have to tell him."

The Ainu sighed in defeat… "You're right."

"Of course I am."

So she had agreed to take Anna-san's piece of advice.

…To tell Horo…

She glanced fleetingly at Ren. Hopefully he would still be alive after this.

Pilika shook her head. Iie. I must think of wonderful thoughts… Onii-chan wouldn't possibly kill the one person I love…

Pilika's eyes widened. Would he~~~?!

Ren placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I won't let your brother err—inflict bodily harm upon me… Does that sound right? I don't think so…"

Here they were standing in front of their shared apartment, with Ren sweating buckets, and her… well, she was nervous. Very…

It shouldn't be that hard… if he doesn't agree I'm going to blackmail him, and have undergo the most serious of trainings~~~

Pilika groaned who was she joking?!

It happened to be Tamao who had opened the door.

"Pilika-chan! Ren-san! Please come in."

The ingenious plan happened to be to have Tamao do the telling indirectly, and maybe even bribe him with a few desserts, and maybe even kisses^^ but Anna… Anna had managed to convince her that it would be much better if they did it.

Pilika had refused but when the itako had asked her "Do you want Horo to kill your brother on your actual wedding day… I mean think about, you'd be celebrating two things: your wedding anniversary, AND the death of your husband."

"Is it true? You decided to tell Horo-kun?"

Pilika and Ren shared a look.


"Good luck."

"We need all the luck we could need. Ne, Pilika-chan?"

"What for?"

Maybe it was a good thing that Horo didn't notice his imouto cringe.

Tamao and Pilika shoved Ren forward to Horo who had smudges of chocolate icing by the corner of his lips.

"Horo," he started

Pilika smiled inwardly. Ren held a tone of pride and dignity, which soon turned into meaningless stuttering.

"W-well, I… I-I would like to—to, well, to…"

"WELL what?!" Horo seemed to have been enjoying himself.

Heck, the great Tao Ren was fidgeting.

"Why don't we just all sit down~~~"

"You're right," Tamao turned to prepare some tea. "I have a feeling this is going to take longer that I have expected." Tamao murmured the last part to herself.

"Well, you see I went out with Pilika—"

"YOU went out with MY sister, AGAIN~~?!"

"Pilika-chan happens to be—"

Horo angrily turned to his sister, "You let him call you Pilika-chan~~~?!" his imouto glared at him. "He's my boyfriend!"

"And fian—a"

"And what~?!"

Ren twitched… "I meant uh… well. You see when I asked out your sister well, I decided to—to… well you see—" Ren fidgeted. Damn it, he would rather talk pleasantly with his father over tea anytime, or even comply to Pilika's long time wishes of him in a frilly pink apron baking her a cake…

"—Would any of you want some tea?" Ren shot Tamao a gratified look. He was really starting to freak out. "It would calm your nerves." The last part was meant for Ren.

Ren took a deep shuddering breath.

30 minutes later, 7 slices of chocolate mousse, and four pots of tea…

"Well? Do you intend to tell me or are we going to sit here all day eating—not that I mind the eating part, but," Horo glared at the Chinese sitting across him who was squirming nervously. He first enjoyed the signs of nervousness that the usually arrogant man emanated, but after half an hour it was rather getting annoying, that and along with the broken sentences and the meaningful looks that the three other occupant of the room shared.

Horo didn't like being kept in the dark. No he did not like that at all.

Geez, it's not like he's going to ask for her hand in marriage… Horo did not know how right he was…


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