Brother Dearest

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Chapter 1:

Connie slowly opened the door, ahead of her there was a long, dark corridor, she slowly took a few steps forward. On the walls there were infinite numbers of pictures of her and Guy, hugging, kissing, smiling at each other. Some were extremely large, and some were miniscule. Connie walked through slowly, admiring each picture. Suddenly she heard whispering all around her, she turned around wildly, heart racing, she walked on, but the whispering got louder, her pace quickened, she glanced to the left, her mouth fell wide open as the pictures began to move, to twitch, to reach out to her. She broke into a run, the whispering got louder and louder, so she ran faster and faster until the pictures were just a blur around her and the whispers were explosions of meaningless noise in her eardrums. Suddenly she saw a big light at the end of the corridor, tears of relief started welling up in her eyes, she ran on. As she reached the end of the tunnel, she slowed down, there were no more pictures, no more whispers, just a door, slightly ajar. She reached for the nob and just as her fingers were closing over it she heard a voice that filled everything around her scream "WERE OVER!".

16 year old Connie Moreau's eyes flew open as she awoke from her sleep in a cold sweat. She placed a hand on her heart, breathing heavily. She'd had the dream again, the same dream she'd had almost every night for the last four months. Her breathing slowed and she reached over and grabbed her alarm clock from her nightstand. It read 1:54. Connie groaned and threw the alarm clock, ignoring the smash as it hit the floor. She lay back down, pulling the blankets right up, and putting her pillow over her head, trying to shut out her own thoughts...unsuccessfully.
That stupid dream, she thought to herself. What did it mean? Connie would be the first person to tell you that she was over Guy Germaine; she had vowed to herself that she would hate and despise him with every fiber of her being after they broke up four months ago. Do I still have feelings for Guy? Connie asked herself, but she did not allow herself to answer the question, fearing her own answer, she banished the thought from her head. Groaning again, she reached up and took the pillow off her head and threw it at the wall with pent up aggression.
Connie swung her legs out of the bed slowly and trudged her way slowly down the hall towards the kitchen. Just as she reached the kitchen doorway, she rubbed her eyes, trying to wake herself up; she lowered her hands and focused on...
" AARRRRGGGHGHH" She screamed shrilly, there was a man, hunched over the open refrigerator. The man stiffened and turned around. Connie started to back away, about to scream again. The man looked at her pleadingly and held a finger to his lips. Connie shut her mouth, stepped back and tried to see who it was. The man looked up fully for the first time and Connie's eyes widened in deep shock.
"Mr Germaine?" Connie swallowed hard; her breath ragged "What are you doing here?" Millions of scenarios of why her ex boyfriend's father was going through her fridge at 1:54 in the morning, wearing only a pair of snoopy boxer shorts went through her mind in the next couple of moments, but none of them made the slightest bit of sense to her.
Richard Germaine opened his mouth to answer, but just then, the door to Connie's mother's bedroom opened. Barbara Moreau walked out, clad in a light purple silk dress robe. "Now look Connie." she began but Connie shook her head in disbelief. She looked from Mr. Germaine, to her mother, who was biting her lip sheepishly, back to Mr. Germaine, then back to her mother, then...
Realization dawned on her; she looked on shocked as her mother walked over to Mr. Germaine and put her arm around his waist. "Connie we have something to tell you" Said her mother slowly. Connie rolled her eyes in disbelief and said sarcastically "Oh really?" Her mom winced then continued.
"Look, Honey, It may seem a little hard to believe, but Richard and I have found happiness with each other"
They both looked at Connie, as if begging for her approval, but they weren't going to get it. Connie looked down at the floor beneath her disgustedly for a second the looked her mom right in the eye, tears already welling.
"How long?" she asked shortly. The couple glanced at each other, and then Mr. Germaine answered,
"About 6 months" That's when Connie got really disgusted; she looked down at the floor again. For two months, while she had been dating Guy, her mother had been DATING HIS FATHER. Connie got the sudden sensation like she was about to vomit. She looked at Mr Germaine again, then back to her mother. "I hate you" she whispered menacingly then ran down the hall, hot tears streaming down her cheek. She reached her room, ran in, slammed the door and slid down against it. She hugged her knees to her chest, and put her thumb in her mouth, an act of comfort from her childhood. Ewww she thought. How could she? Connie stood up slowly as her mom started thumping on the door. Connie slid the lock on the door in place, not ready to talk to her mother, she needed to think. She walked slowly over to her bed, slid under the covers and tried to sleep, only faintly aware of her mom yelling her name from the other side of the door.

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