dany,22,help me and Dumb please sayed john ber,haed of the Rescues in los angels.

dany is the Stupid guy but very nice man.

new girl Attends to the Rescues,the name of her is lili,21, and she very beautiful and have

aamizng body and voice.

john ber,32,is very smart and know very Much things about the sea.

karola in nice girl in the team.

\\in the Headquarters\\

hello evreyone say lili.

john see here and Lovefalls in her,lili look on this in see how not move,she come to john but dany thke here and

Directory her.

\\after 1 hour\\

lili sayed to dany "This place really nice but Where the manager?"

dany take here to the manager Bill and she talk with bill.

the end