* By Miss P.


Summary: *This is a Pretender & Less Than Perfect crossover.*
Miss Parker is being stalked by an invisible man. Will Jarod be able to help her
before something serious happens? And what will happen when Miss Parker
meets the folks from Less Than Perfect? Well. I guess you just have to read it
and find out! *

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story. And I'm not getting paid for
writing it!




"I'm not going to see a shrink, dammit! I am NOT crazy!" Miss Parker said. Looking out from the window of her fathers office.

"Angel. You claims something invisible is 'touching' you. That's not normal. If you'll let this go any further. You're gonna turn into a psycho!"

"But daddy. I'm not making this up. Something is.."


Miss Parker sighed. Why didn't he believe her? She turned around to face him. Maybe he was right. Maybe she was crazy.

"Okay. But I want to talk to Sydney."

Mr Parker seemed to think for a while. He shook his head.

"I'm afraid you can't."

"WHAT!" Miss Parker snapped.

"No. you have an appointment with Dr Visconti."

Miss Parker was just about to answer him when she suddenly felt two strong arms around her waist and hot lips kissing her neck.

"NO!" She said out loud. She tried to escape. But the arms refused to let go.

"LET ME GO!!" Miss Parker screamed. Struggling to get free. Mr Parker stared at his daughter with a false look of confusion on his face. He smirked.

"Miss Parker. Do you understand why you need to see a shrink? You are fighting, with nothing" he said.

Miss Parker tried desperately to break free. But the one holding her was too strong. The hands found their way in under her blouse. They ran across her stomach,

upwards to her breasts. Miss Parker started to panic. This couldn't be happening. Not in front of her father who already thought she was crazy. Maybe if she just ignored it. Everything would be okay. But no, god no. that was Impossible.

Miss Parker did everything she could to stay calm. But failed.

"LET ME GO! YOU BASTARD!!" she screamed. She once again struggled to break free. All of the sudden the arms let go of her with a shove. Miss Parker lost her balance and fell to the floor. She immediately tried to get up. But was held down. Her stomach pressed against the floor. She was scared and angry. She didn't know what to do. She wondered what her father was thinking. She had tried to convince him she wasn't crazy. And now she was lying on the floor. Trying to fight someone, or something he obviously didn't believe was there. She'd never felt more humiliated in her whole life. Just when it couldn't get any worse. Her fathers door opened and Lyle entered.

"Dad, we need to talk..." He stopped as he saw Miss Parker.

"What the hell?" He stared puzzled at his sister.

"Hey Sis! Something interesting down there?" He asked with a smirk.

"Shut up Lyle!" Miss Parker snapped.

Lyle ignored her comment. " What the hell are you doing? Get up from the floor dammit. you look like an idiot." He said.

"What the hell do you think I feel like." Miss Parker thought to her self.

A couple of minutes later, the one who was holding her down disappeared. Miss Parker quickly got up on her feet and ran out of the room before her father or Lyle could ask any questions. On the way towards the elevators she ran into Sydney and Broots. Which almost made her fall a second time.

"I'm sorry.I didn't see you." She mumbled.

Broots stared at her.

"D.Did you S.Say 'sorry'?" He asked.

Miss Parker didn't answer. She'd already been humiliated once. She just wanted to get out of there.

"Miss Parker, are you feeling alright?" Sydney asked.

Miss Parker shook her head.

"I thought so. You look a little pale. Why don't you take a day off. I'll tell your father."

"It's no idea. You see. I'm a psycho. I have an appointment with a shrink." Miss Parker said bitterly. Looking at the two men standing in front of her.

"What do you mean Miss Parker?" Sydney asked.

Miss Parker sighed. She couldn't tell him. He's a damn shrink himself. He would just start to analyse her. She shook her head.

"I have to get out of here!" She was just about to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head.

"What Syd?" She asked.

Sydney looked at her, puzzled. Miss Parker understood it wasn't Sydney. But her damn Invisible stalker.

"Great." She sighed.

"Not again. not now.. Please, just let him go away.." Miss Parker thought to herself. She saw Sydney and Broots look at her. They looked confused.

She opened her mouth to speak. But got interrupted when her stalker started to kiss her. Miss Parker did everything she could to get away from it. But like always, it was useless. The stalker was just to strong for her. A couple of minutes later he stopped kissing and let go of her. Miss Parker gasped for air. When she'd calmed down she stared at Sydney and Broots. They were staring back at her. She knew what they were thinking.

"Miss Parker..what's.." Sydney started.

"No.I have to get out of here!" with those words she turned around and ran down the empty corridor.




"Dad, are you sure this works? I mean why would it help to make Miss Parker think she's crazy?" Lyle said sceptically.

"Use your brain Lyle. How do you think Jarod will react? The only thing we need to do now is make sure he finds out. Then we'll have him right there we want him!"

"But how can you be so sure?"

"Trust me. This will work. I told her she had an appointment with Dr Visconti, but..." Mr Parker started but got interrupted by Lyle.

"Who the hell is Dr Visconti?" He asked.

Mr Parker sighed. "Well, no one I know. She's going to talk to Sydney. That'll be our link to Jarod." Mr Parker explained.

Lyle frowned. "And what about Dane? How can you be so sure he doesn't find the real world more interesting and decides to take off?! It's not like you're going to find him. Since you can't see him!"

Mr Parker sighed a second time.

"You worry to much Lyle. This is going to work out just fine. And what your sister concerns. Lets say that I hope Dane will enjoy himself." Mr Parker smiled.

"And I have to say that being invisible is an advantage. Wonder how poor Miss Parker is going to handle this?" He continued.

"What?" Lyle asked confused.

Mr Parker didn't answer. Instead he just smiled, evilly.

"Oh my god. You're not going to let him..."

"He's not going to hurt her. He's just going to have some fun! I don't want my Angel to get hurt" Mr Parker cut in.

"Your Angel? How do you think your 'Angel' is going to react when your new 'project' rapes her!?" Lyle said upset.

"You can't do that to her!" He almost screamed.

"How did you know?"

"I'm not stupid!" Lyle snapped. " By the way, does it matter? She's your daughter. Don't you care about her at all?"

"I didn't know you did.. I warn you Lyle. Don't you dare ruin this"

Lyle just stared at the older man.

"Fine! I won't." With those words he left the room.




Miss Parker had curled up in the sofa with a bottle of vodka. She was tired. But was to scared to fall asleep. What if her stalker would come. God knows what he would do with her. But of course, it didn't really matter if she was awake or not. She couldn't defend herself anyway. She hated it. Hated the thought of being so defenceless. So vulnerable. Even though she didn't wanna admit it. She was terrified of being alone. She wanted someone to be there for her. Someone who would protect her or just hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright. She wanted that so badly. But that was impossible. She knew that. No one had never cared about her. So why would someone do that now? A sudden signal from her cell phone made her jump and almost drop the bottle. She reached for her phone and flipped it open.

"What" She snapped.

"Angel, it's me. I just wanted to know if you were alright."

"I'm fine daddy" Miss Parker lied.

"I talked to Sydney. I've changed my mind. I think it would be better for you to talk to someone you know. What I'm saying is that I want you to talk to Sydney instead of Dr Visconti. I'm sure he can figure out what's wrong with you.."

Nothing is wrong with me. Daddy.. I'm."

"I hope he can help you Angel"

"But daddy, please. you have to believe me. I'm not making this up. Why cant you believe me. You're my father.please.." Miss Parker pleaded. She knew she sounded like a weak, pathetic fool. But she was desperate. Someone had to believe her.

"I'm sorry." Mr Parker said.

With a sigh Miss Parker hung up. It was hopeless. Sydney couldn't help her. No one could. She knew it wasn't imagination. There was no was it could be. Someone she couldn't see was stalking her. Miss Parker shivered. What was she going to do?




"Miss Parker. I don't know what to say about any of this." Sydney started but got interrupted by Miss Parker.

"I know that you think I'm crazy. But you have to believe me. Please Syd. You're the only one I can talk to." She said, almost desperately.

Sydney shook his head. He didn't know what to say. He felt so sorry for Miss Parker. She wanted him to believe her. But he didn't. He couldn't. He'd never seen her like this before. She seemed so frightened. So.sad. He knew he had to help her before it was to late. She couldn't live like this. It would tear her apart. But how much he tried. It didn't make any sense. He couldn't figure out what made her this delusional.

"I'm sorry Miss Parker. I don't believe you. But I will do everything I can to help you.." He finally said.

"No. Syd.I." Miss Parker's voice failed her. Tears were brimming her eyes. She struggled to keep them from falling. But failed.

"Why can't you believe me?" She almost whispered.

"Miss Parker. There is no invisible people. This man only exists in your imagination. And I'm gonna help you to get rid of him" Sydney said.

Miss Parker laughed at the irony of the situation. But there was no humour in it. Only pain and sorrow. Sydney was just about to talk when the door opened and Broots peeked in.

"I. I. D..Didn't wanna disturb you.B.But.." He stammered.

"What Broots!" Miss Parker snapped.

"I. I found Jarod.He's in New York." Broots almost whispered.

"Then lets go!" Miss Parker smiled. Finally she had something else to think about. At least her stalker wouldn't follow her all the way to New York. Or would he?

Sydney looked at her. "Are you sure you can handle this?" He asked.

Miss Parker just glared at him, Then she turned around and walked out of the room. Broots gave Sydney a puzzled look. But decided to not ask.




"Hey Sis! Where're you going?" Miss Parker stopped as she heard Lyle's voice. With a sigh she turned around to face him.

"New York." She said.

Lyle gave her a puzzled look.

"We found Jarod."

"Oh! Take Sam or your sweepers with you. We don't want him to get away this time, do we?"

Miss Parker glared at him. "I'm taking Syd and Broots. And don't you dare to come after us." She snarled.

Lyle started to laugh. " I wouldn't dream of it.Sis." He chuckled.

Miss Parker rolled her eyes.

"Now, get the hell out of here!" Lyle said.

Miss Parker shot him one of her frosty glares. Then she turned around and left.

"You, Follow!" Lyle said. he felt a breath of air as Dane walked pass him.

"You wouldn't be so happy if you knew what dad and Dane have in mind for you. I just hope you will be able to stop him, I really do." Lyle mumbled.




"Hey Jarod" Do you wanna have lunch with us?!"

Jarod stopped typing. And looked up from his laptop. A red haired girl was standing in front of him. She had a big smile on her lips. Jarod smiled back.

"Sure, why not! I could use a break.who knows. This may be our last lunch together." He said.

The girl looked at him, puzzled.

"Well, when Miss Weston, comes back from her vacation. I'm leaving."

"Oh yeah.I forgot. you know what! I think I like you better than Lydia!"

"Thank you Claudie" Jarod got up from his desk and followed Claude towards the dining hall.

"Hey wait! I happened to hear you talking about. a thing. I have to ask you a question."

Jarod and Claude stopped and turned around.

"What is it this time Kipp? You forgot how to..button your shirt?!" Claude said. Laughing at the strange way he'd buttoned the buttons. Kipp looked at her. First he didn't understood what she was talking about. He looked down at his shirt and immediately noticed what he'd done.

"Oh. You mean this!?" He laughed. " I did that on purpose.. Don't you think it looks a little more 'wild' ?"

Claude started to laugh hysterically. When she'd caught her breath she looked up at Kipp. Than she burst into laugh again.

"Have I missed something?" Ramona asked as she walked up to Claude and the others.

"If!" Claude giggled. Pointing at Kipp.

Ramona didn't seem to get the point. She gave Claude a confused look.

Kipp took the chance to fix his shirt. He turned his back to the women and re-buttoned it. He turned to face them again.

"Now what about me asking that question?" He said to change the subject.

Claude sighed.

"Okay. Bring it on." She said.

"You see. It's a very important question." Kipp paused for effect.

"Have you heard anything from Lydia?" He asked.

Claude sighed." Kipp, even if I had. I wouldn't have time to tell you 'cause you keep asking me that every single minute!" She said.

"Have you!"


Jarod chuckled.

"This Lydia seems to be very special." He smiled.

"Oh yes. She's very interesting. And a extremely beautiful woman. I bet you haven't met anyone like her. Ever" Kipp said.

"Oh yeah? Than I'm looking forward to meet her."

"To meet who? LabRat."

Jarod stared at the woman standing in the middle of the room. He didn't know what to do. How could she have found him? Kipp started to laugh as he spotted her.

"What have you done with your hair?!" He chuckled as he walked up to the woman he thought was Lydia.


"I didn't thought you would come back so early.oh ehm.did I say that you look beautiful?"

Miss Parker glared at him. Before she had a chance to talk. Kipp grabbed her arm and dragged her towards his desk.

"C'mon there's something I want to show you." He said.

"What the hell... who are... let go of me!.. I don't.." Miss Parker never got the chance to finish the sentences.




Jarod knew he should have escaped. But he was too curious. Did Kipp know Miss Parker? He followed them and stopped in the doorway of the glass walls that separated the rooms. Claude, Ramona and the rest of the people in the 'gang' also came to see what's going on.




Miss Parker stared at the man searching through one of his drawers. She was confused. She didn't know if she should just do what she came here to do. Or stay and find out what just happened. She sighed. Why couldn't anything be easy. This wasn't exactly what she'd planned. But of course. Since when was her life being easy?

"I really like your new hair style. But tell me. Why did you cut and coloured it?" Kipp asked, without looking up.

Miss Parker didn't know how to answer. She hadn't done anything with her hair. She shook her head .

"I think you're taking me for someone else." She said.

Kipp didn't hear her. After a couple of minutes he gave up searching. He sighed.

"Oh my god. Tell me this is not happening!"

Miss Parker glared at him

"This is happening. I was too busy thinking of you, I forgot to pick it up at the store"

Miss Parker couldn't take it anymore. She had to know.

"Who the hell are you? And why the HELL did you drag me in here?!" She snapped.

"What!" Kipp laughed. "Don't tell me you got amnesia too!"

Now, Miss Parker was really angry. No one treated her like a idiot unpunished. She grabbed Kipp by his throat and pushed him against the wall.

"Now, tell what the hell is going on, or I'll kill you!" She snarled.

"Lydia.. Stop.." Kipp wheezed, trying to get some air.




Jarod watched the scene. Confusion written all over his face. What could Kipp possibly have done to annoy Miss Parker. She was really angry. He glanced at Claude and the others. They looked as confused as he. Jarod didn't understood why. They didn't knew Miss Parker. As they stood there, they suddenly heard the sound of high heel coming towards them.

"It's always nice to be back at work. But tell me. Why is someone trying to strangle Kipp?"

Claude turned her head. "Lydia!?" She exclaimed.

"But wait, you are..she is..I think I am going to faint!" She continued.

"Oh my god!" Jarod gasped. " You look just like her"




Miss Parker had let go of Kipp to see what the stir was about. She saw Lydia and they both stared at each other in shock. Kipp, who had started to breath normally again after Miss Parker's treatment. Walked to stand next to her.

"Holy shit! Did you give me a concussion? Or do I just see double?" He asked. No one answered. Jarod was the first one to speak.

"I guess you're Lydia?" He said, turned to the copy of Miss Parker.

"Yeah, and she can she. be me?" Lydia said. "Wait! This is a joke. Kipp, was this your idea?" Lydia started to laugh. When she noticed no one else was laughing, she stopped.

"It's not a joke.!" She replied.

"Oh my god. Maybe I am crazy." Miss Parker mumbled. Still staring at Lydia.

Jarod gave her a puzzled look. "No Miss Parker. You're not" He said. He turned to Lydia.

"May I ask you who your parents are?" He said warily.

Lydia stared at him. She wondered why Jarod would ask a question like that. They didn't even know each other. She frowned. Should she tell him? Or not? She never talked about her family. But she had a feeling it had something to do with the woman who looked exactly like her. She sighed. What could possibly go wrong.

"I never knew my real parents. I'm adopted." She said quite low. Hoping her co-workers wouldn't hear. She looked at Jarod. He seemed to think about what she'd said. she turned her head to look at the others. Claude stared at her, surprised.

"You are!? I always thought you were from some big rich family who used to give you everything you wanted. But now I understand. This is why you are so mean to me. You're jealous of my for having a family who loves me! Oh know, this is.." Claude stopped babbling as she saw Lydia stare at her. The look on her face made Claude realise she'd touched a sore spot. "Oh Lydia, I'm sorry." She said.

"Just leave me alone Claude!" Lydia snapped. She pushed Claude aside and walked through the crowd. She just wanted to get out of there. She knew the people was staring after her. Like it wasn't enough Claude had found out, she had to humiliate her. In front of all the people she worked with.

"Whoops.." Claude said.

Jarod didn't say anything. He was too absorbed in his own thoughts. Lydia was adopted? Was it possible that she and Miss Parker could be. sisters? He looked at Miss Parker. She was probably wondering the same.

"Miss Parker, what do you say about a temporary truce? I have a feeling that you and Lydia could be related. I want to help you find out the truth." He said.

Miss Parker glared at him. A truce? Could she really agree to that? Of course she wanted to know about Lydia. But was she going to tell the Centre? She couldn't just let Jarod go. She shook her head.

Jarod sighed. "Please." He said.

"What am I going to tell The Centre?" Miss Parker said wearily.

"You don't need to say anything. Just tell them I got away." Miss Parker sighed. She looked up at Jarod.

"Fine. But remember. it's just temporary." She said.

Miss Parker was silent for a moment. Then she turned to face Kipp.

"I usually never do this. But, I'm sorry." She said.

"For killing me?!"

"You're not dead..yet." Miss Parker snarled.

Kipp started to laugh.


"Nothing!" Kipp said quickly. "So, Miss 'Snappy' may I introduce myself. My name is Kipp Steadman." He held out his hand. First Miss Parker just glared at him. Then she took it.

"I'm Miss Parker. That's all you get. Live with it" She said.

Jarod smiled as he watched them. He decided to talk to Lydia.

"Excuse me." He said as he walked through the crowd. He found Lydia at her desk. She was staring at an old picture she was holding in her hands. Jarod walked up to her.

"If you're here to gloat. Go away.." Lydia said, still staring at the picture. Jarod could hear the sorrow in her voice.

"It's me. Jarod. I'm sorry for asking that question in front of all people. I didn't know you didn't. I mean, that they didn't.. oh, this it not working. I'm just. sorry.."

"Why did you ask?" Lydia asked. Looking up at the man standing in front of her .

"I thought that, since you look exactly like Miss Parker. You could be related." Jarod explained.

"Is it possible that, that woman could be my..sister?"

Jarod nodded slowly.

"You know, when I was a child. I was told that I was a 'mistake'. And mom gave me away, 'cause she didn't want me. I didn't want anybody to find out. And now, everybody does." Lydia said.

"Wait, why am I telling you this? I don't even know you. Just forget I said anything, okay."

"It's okay. Sometimes it's good to have someone to talk to. You see, we have a lot in common. I never knew my family either." Jarod said.

"I'm sorry" Lydia mumbled. She seemed to think for a while. She looked at Jarod. Than at the picture and back again.



"This is my mother." Lydia gave the picture to Jarod. "She looks a lot like me? Doesn't she?" She said.

Jarod stared at the photo in shock. He couldn't believe it.

"Jarod??" Lydia asked puzzled.

"Oh my god..'s true!!"




"You are WHAT!!" Lyle exclaimed. He pressed the phone closer to his ear to hear what the other man was saying. He shook his head in disbelief.

"You cant drive! What if a police stops you? You are invisible for gods sake!"

Lyle was silent as the other man was speaking. He sighed.

"Okay, fine. But you have to wait. I'm gonna trace her" Lyle started to type on his laptop.

"No not yet!!" He snapped as the other man was stressing him. When he'd traced Miss Parker's location he told the man the address and hung up.

"What a idiot! Let them leave without him.. How hard can it be to get in a car in time?" Lyle muttered to himself as he got up from his desk and left the room to find his father.


~¤~¤~¤~ BACK IN NEW YORK ~¤ ~¤~¤~


Sydney and Broots had been told to wait outside the building. But when Miss Parker not showed up they decided to see what was taking her so long. Broots waited as Sydney asked the receptionist which floor Jarod was working at. He returned to Broots.

"Twenty two. Lets go"

They both walked towards the elevators.


~¤~¤~¤~ MEANWHILE ~¤ ~¤~¤~


Miss Parker had sneaked up behind Jarod and was staring at the photo he was holding. She took her eyes of the photo and stared at Lydia. Their eyes met.

"Jarod, where did you get this from?!" She snatched the photo out of Jarod's hand.

"Miss Parker!?"

"Answer me dammit! where did you get this from?" Miss Parker snapped.

"It's Lydia's. Miss Parker, she's your sister."

Both Miss Parker and Lydia stared at Jarod in disbelief.

"I don't have a sister" Miss Parker said between clenched teeth.

"Parker, you didn't know Lyle was your brother either. Catherine was Lydia's mother as much as she was yours."

"Brother? Do I have a brother to?" Lydia asked confused.

Jarod nodded.

"I want to meet him"

Miss Parker laughed. Short and bitterly. "I don't think so." She said.

Lydia looked puzzled at her sister. "Why not?"

"It's complicated"

"But.okay.this might sound crazy, but your last name is Parker? Right?"

Miss Parker nodded.

"Than it's mine too.. Lydia Parker, that sounds. stupid.."

Jarod smiled. "You'll get used to it!"

"Yeah." Lydia looked at the picture in Miss Parker's hand " You said she 'was' my she dead?" She asked in a low voice. It took a while before anyone answered. Finally Miss Parker nodded slowly. She turned her head to hide the tears that was escaping her eyes. She didn't want either Jarod or Lydia see her cry.

Lydia didn't know what to say. She glanced at Miss Parker. She felt sorry for her. She was just about to say something when she saw Jarod shake his head. She gave him a confused look. But didn't say anything. She watched Miss Parker silently. She gave Jarod another look. She was confused. Why didn't he let her comfort Miss Parker? She decided to ignore him.

"Miss Parker. I'm sorry about your mother. Is it anything I can do for you?" She asked warily.

Miss Parker didn't say anything.

"If you want to talk about it..I.." Lydia started but got interrupted .

"Just leave me alone! There's nothing to talk about. She's dead okay!" Miss Parker snapped.

Lydia just stared at her. Now she understood why Jarod had shook his head. She decided to take his advice. She glanced at him. Jarod gave her a encouraging smile. She smiled back.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a man, calling out Miss Parker's name. Miss Parker quickly wiped away her tears and looked up. She saw Sydney and Broots walking towards her.

"Jarod, we better get out of here before they starts asking questions. I don't think either Lydia. or I, could handle that now."

Jarod nodded. He walked up to the men to stop them from coming any closer.

Miss Parker looked at Lydia. "I.I'm going to find out the truth about this. Do you. do you want me to call you?" She asked.

"That would be great!" Lydia handed her a card with her phone number.

"Yeah.. I gotta go!" Miss Parker turned around and started to walk. She suddenly remembered the photo she was holding in her hand. She walked back to the desk and gave it to her sister.

"I almost forgot. I'm sure you want to keep this.." She said.

" was nice to meet you.."

"Yes it was..Sis!" Miss Parker smiled as she used Lyle's favourite nickname for her.

"Ehm.Miss.Parker. Am I going to call you that? What's your name?"

"I'm sorry Lydia. I haven't used my 'real' name since mom died. And I don't want to do it now."

Lydia nodded. Didn't know what else to do.

""I really have to go no.." Miss Parker said.


"Bye!" Miss Parker took a last look at her sister. Then she walked up to Jarod and the others. She turned into her ice-queen mode. And looked straight into Sydney's eyes.

"Don't ask me why. And don't you dare tell dad or Lyle. But I've decided to let labrat go this time." She snarled.

Either Sydney or Broots dared to ask. Jarod smiled at Sydney. First he looked puzzled. Then he smiled back. Knowing that Jarod would tell him later.

"Now lets get the hell out of here!" Miss Parker snapped.

"Ehm, Parker. Can you give me a ride? I'm going back to Delaware." Jarod said.

"How can you trust me to not bring you back to the Centre?"

"Because I'm gonna help you find out the truth. You need me Miss Parker."

Miss Parker glared at him. "I don't need anyone!" She snapped.

"Whatever you say" Jarod sighed.

"Are you coming or not!"

"Yes, just give me a minute. I have to say good bye to the people I worked with."

Miss Parker rolled her eyes. "Make it quick!" She snapped.




About ten minutes after Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots and Jarod left. The elevator on floor twenty two opened and Dane stepped out. He scanned the place. Looking for Miss Parker.

"Lyle told me she was here. But where the hell is she?" He thought to himself.

Suddenly he spotted Lydia. Without noticing the difference between her and Miss Parker he walked up to Lydia's desk. He was standing next to the woman a while before he could figure out what to do. He thought giving his prey massage would be a perfect way to say hello. He bent down and started to rub Lydia's shoulders.

"Umm, that feels nice.." Lydia mumbled, without paying too much attention to what was going on. She just sat there for a while. Enjoying the massage. Suddenly a thought struck her. She turned her head to see who the person was. To her surprise, she didn't see anyone. But still felt hands on her shoulders. She quickly got up on her feet. She didn't know what do say or do. Had she imagined that? No, it was real. Lydia felt her hair-clip being pulled out. Her long hair fell down over her shoulders. She quickly turned around, but still didn't see anyone.

"Hello?" She asked in a trembling voice.

Now, she'd started to get scared. What was going on? All of the sudden she was being forced backwards and pressed down in her chair. Lydia started to panic. She tried desperately to get up. But couldn't. The one who was holding her down started to kiss her. She felt hands under her blouse. Caressing every part of her skin. She struggled against her invisible attacker. She was terrified. But she couldn't break free. As her attacker stopped kissing her. She took the chance to call for help. Kipp heard her and came running to see what was going on. Claude and some other people also got there.

"Lydia. What the.what are you doing??" Kipp asked puzzled as he watched Lydia squirming in her chair. Trying to escape her attackers touch. Suddenly Dane let go of her and walked to stand in the other side of the room. Lydia's face was pale with fear. And she was panting hard. When she'd calmed down a little. She looked up at Kipp.

"I.I don't know.. I think someone attacked me." She said.

"Lydia, you might want to button your blouse." Claude said warily.

First Lydia didn't understood what she was talking about. Not until she looked down at her exposed breasts.

"Oh my god!" She gasped. She quickly buttoned it.

"Why did you ask for help? What did really happen in here?" Kipp asked. It was obviously he didn't believe her.

Lydia didn't know what to say. She just stared at the people in front of her. She wished she could just disappear. She'd never felt more humiliated in her entire life. First that with her family. And now this. It couldn't get any worse.

"Lydia, what did he do to you?" Claude asked. Thinking Lydia really got attacked.

"Actually..I'm fine.. I just need to be alone."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Just go!" Lydia almost screamed.

As the people left. Lydia leaned back in her chair. She closed her eyes. Wondering what the hell just happened.


~¤~¤~¤~ ABOUT FIVE HOURS LATER ~¤ ~¤~¤~


~¤ ~¤~¤~ THE CENTRE -- LYLE'S OFFICE ~¤ ~¤~¤~


Lyle was sitting at his desk, staring at the phone. He wondered where the hell Dane was. He was supposed to be back in Delaware many hours ago. Suddenly the door opened. Lyle stared at it, with a puzzled look on his face.

"Hello?" He asked.

"It's me, Dane. You wanted me here." Dane walked inside and closed the door.

"Yes, what the hell took you so long?" Lyle snarled.

"Well, it takes time to drive all the way from New York. by the way, why did you want me to leave Miss Parker there. I wasn't ready with her."

"Lyle looked confused. "Miss Parker was here about three hours ago. She went home. Dane, what the hell did you do in New York?"

"She was there, I swear.."

"No dammit, she wasn't "

"Well, than she must have an identical twin. She was there Lyle. I know that."

Lyle frowned. It was impossible that Miss Parker could have been at two places at the same time.

"Actually, when I think about it. Her hair was a little lighter.." Dane said thoughtfully.

"Well, it couldn't have been her. Now, enough about this. Mr Parker wanted to talk to you. And you know what? Don't mention this ' mistake' of yours. It will only piss him off!" Lyle said.

"Sure. See you tomorrow Lyle. I think I'm going to visit dear Miss Parker!" Dane smiled evilly. He turned and headed for the door.

"What are you going to do with her?" Lyle asked.

"That's not any of your business. She's mine now." With those words Dane left the room.


~¤~¤~¤~ SYDNEY'S OFFICE ~¤ ~¤~¤~


Sydney was speaking with Jarod on the phone. Jarod had informed the older man about Miss Parker sister. And Sydney had told Jarod about Miss Parker's 'problem'. Jarod was confused. Why would Miss Parker imagine someone invisible was stalking her? It was not like her to just make things up.

"Syd, when did this start?" Jarod asked.

"A couple of days ago. I don't know what to do. I want to help her. But it doesn't make any sense. What happened to her?"

"Jarod sighed. "I don't know Syd. But, you are right. There is no invisible people. But what I don't understand is, why would she pretend..." Jarod started.

"She's not pretending. This is some kind of mental illness." Sydney interrupted.

"I'm going to talk to her. Do you think you and Broots could search information about her and Lydia. I'm sure this have something to do with the Centre. Try to find out as much as possible about Catherine, and her children. It's time we all find the answers we have been searching for."

"Yeah, call me"

"Sure Syd. And be careful. Don't let anybody find out what you're doing" With those words Jarod hung up.

Sydney got up form his desk and left the room to find Broots.




Almost immediately after Jarod hung up. The phone started to ring.

"What is it Syd?" He answered, thinking it was Sydney.

There was a silence.


"Yes, who is it?" Jarod asked suspicious.

"Lydia, Miss Parker's sister."

"Lydia! Why are you.wait, how did you get my number?" Jarod asked. Still a little confused. Why would Miss Parker's sister call him?

"From Will, you worked here remember."

"Oh, of course. Are you alright, you sound a little upset. Have something happened?" Jarod asked as he heard Lydia's voice tremble as she talked. He didn't' know why, but he liked her. He hardly knew her. But he did like her. She was so much easier to talk to than Miss Parker was.

"You wouldn't believe me even if I told you." Lydia laughed bitterly. She didn't know if she dared to tell Jarod about her attacker. There was no way he could believe her. He would just think she was some psycho.

"Try me. You know, I have heard a lot.what's wrong Lydia?"

Lydia sighed.

"Why are you being so nice to me? You don't even know me." She said.

"It's just who I am." Jarod smiled. Remembering all the people he'd helped with different things. Those people had been total strangers. But this was Miss Parker's sister. And he cared a lot about her.

Lydia considered if she would tell him or not. She finally decided to do it. The worst thing that could happen was that he would think she was totally crazy. But she didn't care. She had to talk to someone.

"Ehhm, this might sound crazy. And I understand if you won't believe me..."Lydia stared. "I.I got attacked.. And the problem is, I couldn't see the person. It was like he was invisible. I was so scared, I called for help, but when Kipp came there, He was gone.. " She finished.

There was a silence. Lydia wondered if Jarod had hung up. She didn't blame him if he had, who would want to talk to a idiot like her?

"Are you still there?" She asked warily.

"Yes, Lydia, Miss Parker also claimed someone invisible was attacking her. The only difference. She used the word 'touching'.you know. I thought she was making it up. But now.I'm not sure what to think.are you sure about this?" Jarod was confused. Maybe Miss Parker didn't imagined it after all. But how was it possible? Invisible people didn't exist. Suddenly a thought struck him. What if the centre had something to do with it?

"Yeah, definitely. Jarod, I want to talk to her. To tell her she's not the only one who got attacked. Is she there?"

"Here?? No, she's not..."

"But I thought you were living together, she's your girlfriend, isn't she?" Lydia asked confused.

Jarod chuckled.. "Wishful thinking...Ehm, lets say that our, relationship is a little complicated." He explained.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Lydia said,

"Don't think about it.."

"Okay, Jarod. Do you think I could visit her? Where exactly does she live?"

"Well, if you really want to. It's Blue Cove, Delaware. But I have to warn you. Miss Parker isn't exactly the 'friendly' type."

"I know.I figured that out.." Lydia said.

Jarod laughed. Either, Lydia was very brave. Or she didn't know what she was getting herself into. He smiled to himself. He gave the woman Miss Parker's address.

"Be careful. She could kill you."

"I have to take a chance on that! I have to go Jarod. Thank you for listening to me."

"You're welcome.and, good luck with Miss Parker.."




Miss Parker stared at her reflection in the bedroom mirror. She sighed. She hadn't slept in days. And this day had been really tough. She was exhausted. First her stalker had tortured her. And no one believed her when she tried to tell about it. She didn't know what to do. It had to be an end to all this. She didn't know how much longer she could take it. When she'd been with Jarod in New York she wanted to tell him. But forced her self to be quiet. He would just fell sorry for her. And she definitely didn't want his pity. Or maybe she did. Maybe she needed him. No, it was not only maybe. She did need him. Now, more than ever. She wanted him to be there for her. To love her. But that was impossible. She knew that. Miss Parker sighed. She walked to sit on the edge of her king-sized bed. She closed her eyes. Suddenly she came to think of Lydia. She still had a hard time believing she had a sister. She wondered why her mother hadn't told her. Maybe she didn't knew about it either. Miss Parker was brought back from her thoughts by the sound of the bedroom door closed. She got up on her feet and stared at it. Before she had time to react she was pushed down at the bed. She knew her stalker was in action again. Only this time she was alone with him. She started to get scared. What would he do with her?

"Hello Miss Parker. " She heard a voice saying. It was the first time she had heard him talk.

"What the hell do you want?" She snarled. Struggling to get away. "Who are you!!"

"You can call me Dane.."

"So, Dane. Why are you doing this to me?" She asked. Trying to keep her voice steady.

"You're a beautiful woman Miss Parker.." Dane said.

"You Bastard!!" Miss Parker snarled. Using all her strength to push Dane away. He had a hard time holding her down.

"Now, I'm tired of you fighting me!" Dane snarled. Hitting Miss Parker's face hard. Miss Parker gasped with pain.

"Shut up!" Dane hit her another time. He kept hitting her every time she made a sound. He stopped for a moment and watched Miss Parker. Tears where streaming down her bruised face. She was trembling with fear.

"You're crying!? This is just the beginning honey!" Dane ripped her blouse open, he unzipped her pants and tore them off. Miss Parker was terrified. She knew what Dane would do. And she couldn't stop him. She turned her head and looked at her cell phone. If she could reach it. Maybe there was a chance she could call for help.

She finally managed to reach it. She quickly dialed Jarod's number.

"Hello" She heard him answer.

"Jarod help me!!" Miss Parker screamed. Now Dane had noticed. He snatched the phone out of her hand, throwing it away.




"Miss Parker?? Miss Parker are you there??" Jarod asked. He could hear Miss Parker scream in the background. She was in trouble. And she needed him. He quickly grabbed his car keys and ran out of his house.




About twenty minutes later Jarod stopped his car outside Miss Parker's house. He got out and ran into the house. Without noticing the black car that stopped behind his. Five men walked up at the porch. Three of them disappeared into the house.




Miss Parker heard the door opened. She looked up and saw Jarod coming in.

"Jarod.make him stop." She screamed.

Jarod did everything he could to help Miss Parker. But it wasn't easy since he couldn't see what he was doing.

After a while, Miss Parker felt Dane being pulled away from her. She rolled over on her side, turning her back against Jarod. Her whole body was trembling, and she was crying.

"It's okay Miss Parker.I'm here now.." Jarod said softly. He reached for the quilt and laid it over Miss Parker to cover her naked body.

"Did he hurt you?" He asked concerned. He glanced at her face. She was badly beaten. But he was sure that wasn't the only thing he'd done to her.

Miss Parker didn't answer.

"Jarod...just hold me." She said in tears. She sat up and let Jarod take her in his arms.

"How did you know..about Dane?" She sobbed.

First Jarod was confused. Then he understood what she was talking about.

"Sydney told me.I know everything Miss Parker..and I believe you."

Miss Parker sighed with relief. Finally someone believed her. She pressed herself closer against Jarod. Being in his arms made her feel safe. She wanted to stay like that forever. None of them said anything.

"Miss Parker.." Jarod said, breaking the silence. "Did he.did he rape you?" He asked warily.

Unable to speak. Miss Parker just nodded. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry." Jarod said.

"Can you stay here, I don't want to be alone.." Miss Parker pleaded.

"Of course, I'm not going to leave you.ever.Miss Parker I love.." before Jarod could finish the sentence, he felt something hard hit his head. Everything went black and he passed out.

Miss Parker looked up and stared into her fathers eyes. He smiled evilly.

"Daddy.please.don't .." Miss Parker cried.

"I'm sorry Angel. But I'll take care of Jarod from now.." Mr Parker said. He turned to Willie. "Help me." He said. Willie walked up to him and they both dragged Jarod out of the room.

"Lyle, C'mon." Mr Parker shouted. Staring at Lyle still standing in the doorway to Miss Parker's room.

"I'm just going to say a few words to Sis, go ahead.."

Lyle waited 'till the men disappeared. He walked up to the bed. He stood there for a while, staring at his sister without saying anything. He actually felt sorry for her. And it was his fault. Everything was his fault. He should never have let this happen.

"Sis.I'm sorry, " He said. he reached for the quilt, which had fallen down when she'd been held by Jarod. He placed it around her shoulders. Miss Parker grabbed it and wrapped it around her tremulous body. He wanted to hold her and comfort her. But wasn't sure if she would let him. He sat down on the edge of the bed. He was just about to put one of his arms around her shoulders when their father entered the room.

"Lyle, there's no time to pity her. We need to get Jarod back at the Centre before he wakes up. Now come on!!" Mr Parker said.

Lyle sighed. He didn't want to leave Miss Parker. Not in her condition. And what if Dane was still in the room? He didn't even wanna think about what could happen. He saw his father glare at him. He got up on his feet. Feeling he didn't had a choice. He had to leave her. He gave his sister one last look. Then he followed the older man out of the room.




Dane watched Miss Parker. She was curling up in the bed. Trying to make herself as small as possible. He smiled to himself. He was tempted to continue where they'd been interrupted. But didn't. he needed to see Lyle. There was a few things they needed to discuss. He walked up to the door and stopped in the doorway

"You better get used to this Miss Parker. This wasn't the last time we where together. Not by a long shot. I'll be back.sooner than you think." He said before he left.




The room was dark and cold. The only sound that sounded was Miss Parker's muffled sobs. She had never felt more scared and alone in her whole life. She was terrified. She wondered what happened to Jarod. Her father had probably locked him up in a cell somewhere. She wished Jarod was there. Why would they capture him now, now when she needed him more than ever. She wanted to feel his arms around her. To feel safe. She started to cry again as she was thinking about what just happened. She buried her face in her pillow. Her skin ached, but she didn't care. She didn't care about anything.




Miss Parker didn't know how long she had been lying there. Suddenly a sound from downstairs caught her attention. It sounded like footsteps. Miss Parker stared at the door. Almost expecting it to open and someone she couldn't see would enter. But nothing happened. She was scared. Her body was trembling with fear. She thought she heard someone calling her name. Put pushed that thought aside. No body except Jarod would visit her this time at night. Or maybe someone was? The footsteps came closer. It sounded like someone was walking up the stairs.

"Miss Parker?!" She heard someone call.

Miss Parker started to panic. Someone was out side her door. What was she going to do?!




The one outside Miss Parker's door just stood there for a while. Considering if she would open it or not. Maybe Miss Parker was sleeping? Maybe it was a mistake of coming here. Suddenly she heard sobs from the other side of the door. She warily opened it and peeked in. She saw Miss Parker lying in her bed. Curled up, with the quilt tightly wrapped around herself. She just stood there, staring at the crying woman in shock. Something must have happened. She walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

"Miss Parker..Ehhm.It's me..Lydia.." She said warily. Almost expecting Miss Parker to snap at her, or throw her out. But to her surprise she didn't even move.

"Are you alright?" Lydia asked. Watching her sister concerned. She felt a little stupid for asking a question like that. It was kind of obvious that she wasn't alright.

"Lydia??" Miss Parker asked weakly.

"Yes, I'm sorry for just walking in like this. But the front door was opened.. Miss Parker, why are you crying?" Lydia walked to sit down on the edge of the bed. She looked at Miss Parker. She had her back turned against Lydia. When Miss Parker didn't answer. Lydia tried to figure out something else to say.

"I talked to Jarod." She started. She didn't know if the subject was good or bad. But she decided to continue.

"I know about this invisible man. And.I got attacked to.." She said.

Miss Parker grasped the quilt and slowly sat up to face Lydia.

"What?" She asked wearily.

Lydia explained everything that happened in her office earlier that day. She warily glanced at Miss Parker. She wondered where she got those bruises from. Her whole face where covered with them. She felt sorry for her. The Miss Parker she'd met earlier this day seemed to be a very strong woman. It must have happened something real serious, to make her this distressed.

"Don't worry Lydia, it's not you he's after..but you're lucky you got away in time." Miss Parker said. Struggling to keep the tears from falling. But failed.

"Yeah." Lydia mumbled. "Miss Parker. you didn't have the same luck as I did, right? What happened??" She continued.

Miss Parker just shook her head, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"It's don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Lydia said. She put one hand on Miss Parker's shoulder. In a attempt to comfort the devastated woman.

"He.He raped me..." Miss Parker said in a low voice. She looked down, trying to avoid eye contact with Lydia.

"Oh my god!" Lydia gasped. "I'm so sorry.." She whispered. when she looked at her sisters tearful face, she almost started to cry as well.

"I didn't stop him.I couldn't. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough. nobody is ever going to love me. Not after's my fault.." Miss Parker sobbed.

"No, it's not.don't ever think that."Lydia said. She felt so sorry for her. She hugged Miss Parker. Trying to comfort her. First she didn't respond. Lydia couldn't blame her. Even if they were sisters. It didn't change the fact that they didn't know each other. But to her surprise, Miss Parker wrapped her arms around her. Lydia smiled sadly. This wasn't exactly what she'd planned. Not by a long shot. She'd told Will she would be back at work tomorrow. But she couldn't desert Miss Parker. She was more important than her job. Than any job.


~¤~¤~¤~ THE CENTRE - LYLE'S OFFICE ~¤~¤~¤~


Lyle was standing in front of the window. He was thinking of Miss Parker. He wished there was something he could do to help her. He felt sorry for her. They had just left her there, alone. She must have been so scared. How could their father be so heartless. He didn't give a damn about her. Lyle sighed. Maybe ha wasn't better himself. He knew he should have stayed. To make sure Dane wouldn't hurt her again. But he'd just left. He hated himself for that. Suddenly he heard the office-door open. He spun around to see who dared to walk in without knocking. He didn't see anyone. The door closed again. Lyle stared at it for a while. A little confused. Either, someone chose the wrong office to enter. And realised the mistake. Or it was Dane.

"Dane?" Lyle asked.

"Yes.we need to talk, I thought you were on our side.but I don't think so.I have to tell Mr Parker about this"

"Dane, you fucking bastard!" Lyle snarled.

Dane laughed evilly, "Miss Parker is really good in bed, you should try it sometime." He said.

"I'm going to kill you. "Lyle snarled.

"Good luck!"

Lyle draw his gun. He didn't care what he had to do. But that bastard was going to die. He aimed at there he thought Dane was standing. The bullet hit the wall.


He tried another time. But failed. Now, Lyle started to get really angry. He fired three bullets after each other. He heard a scream as one of them hit Dane. A big pool of blood started to take form on the floor. It was kind of obvious he had hit him. But the question was, did he die?

"Dane?" He asked. No answer. He was dead. He had to be. But Lyle didn't dare to take a chance. He fired the last bullet. Now he was definitely dead. Lyle looked at the blood on the floor. What was he going to do now? He couldn't just leave the body there. No, he had to clean up, before his father saw what happened. He would be in big trouble if Mr Parker found out he killed Dane. And with that, ruined his and Raines latest project.


~¤~¤~¤~ A COUPLE OF HOURS LATER - SL 26 ~¤~¤~¤~


Jarod awoke with a pounding headache. It was dark and cold. He had no idea where he was. He didn't even remember what happened. He thought of it for a while. Suddenly it all came back to him. He'd been at Miss Parker's house. Then he'd felt someone hitting him in his head. His first guess was the Centre. Dammit! they managed to capture him. And the time couldn't be any worse. He'd promised Miss Parker to be there for her. and now he couldn't. Damn them, damn the Centre. Jarod got up on his feet. He immediately got dizzy and needed to grab the nearest thing to not fall. Now he realised. He'd been locked up in a cell. Probably one of the deepest levels. He sighed. It was not going to be easy to get away. But he had to escape. Miss Parker needed him. Jarod listened for any sounds of people. But didn't hear anything. He had no idea how long he had been there. It was probably late and the people who worked there had went home for the night. He remembered talking with Lydia. She said she would visit Miss Parker. Maybe she was there with her now. Or on her way. No, Lydia couldn't be stupid enough to drive from New York this time at night. Jarod sighed. He wondered how Miss Parker was doing. Probably not good at all. She had been so frightened when he'd been there. He didn't even wanna think about how she must be feeling now. All alone, and what if Dane came back. Jarod shook his head. He wished he could be there for her. To hold her in his arms and tell her everything would be alright. He slowly sat down on the cold floor. His head was still aching. And the darkness was scaring him. He had forgotten how cold and dark the Centre was. He shivered. He had to find a way to get out of there. As soon as possible.


~¤~¤~¤~ MISS PARKER'S HOUSE ~¤~¤~¤~


Lydia sat in a chair in Miss Parker's room. Watching her sister sleeping at the bed. She had curled up on her side. The quilt wrapped tightly around her. She was wearing a silk pyjama that Lydia had given her. As she watched Miss Parker, her own problems with her co-workers finding out about her family seemed very far away. It was nothing compared to what Miss Parker was going through. Suddenly, the silence was broken by a signal from a cell phone. It startled Lydia, who almost fell out of her chair. She looked around to see where the noise came from. First she didn't see anything, then she spotted a small phone on the floor in the corner of the room. She guessed it was Miss Parker's. She quickly got up on her feet and headed for the phone. She bent down and picked it up. She stared at it for a while. Considered what she was going to do. She didn't want to wake Miss Parker up. And she wasn't sure if Miss Parker would be able to talk with someone right now anyway. Not in her condition. Lydia stared at the phone. Then she looked at her sister. She was beginning to squirm. Lydia quickly flipped the phone open and answered it. She walked out of the room to not disturb Miss Parker.

"Hello.." She said. feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Miss Parker, it's Syd..I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

Lydia frowned. What was she going to do? Should she tell the man she wasn't Miss Parker? But if she did. The man probably would start asking questions. And she didn't want to tell him anything without her sisters permission.

"Parker? Are you still there?" She heard the man asking. She decided to play along with him and see what happened.

"Yes." She said.

"Are you alright?" Sydney asked.

Lydia could hear the concern in his voice. She felt bad about lying to the man.

"Well, it could be better.but Yes.. I'm fine." Lydia lied. Miss Parker was everything but fine. But Lydia thought this would be the best way to handle it for the moment.

"Good. Listen Parker. I tried to call Jarod, but he didn't answer. But I wanted you two to know that me and Broots have found information about you and Lydia."

"What?!" Lydia choked at her question.

"Jarod asked me to dig up some information.and I've found a lot..I don't want to go into any details over the phone, But..Miss Parker. Lydia is not only your sister. She's your twin.." Sydney explained.

Lydia gasped in surprise. They were twins!?

"What else did you find out?" She asked.

"Like I said, I don't want to talk over the phone. But, come to my office tomorrow and I'll tell you everything."

"Yeah! And where exactly is tha..." Lydia stopped as she realised what she was about to say. The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"What?" Sydney sounded puzzled.

"Oh, well ehm.of course I know where your office are. I just.well it doesn't really matter.see you tomorrow.." Lydia paused as she desperately tried to remember the mans name.

"Miss Parker, are you sure you are alright?"

"Yes..I'm just..tired.but, see you tomorrow, okay.."

"Yeah.goodnight Parker.!" Sydney hung up.

Lydia sighed. She walked back into the bed room. She heard Miss Parker moaning in her sleep. She was mumbling something Lydia couldn't hear. Lydia put the phone down on a table and headed towards the door again. She was planning to go down to the kitchen, to find something to eat. She was on her way down the stairs, when she heard Miss Parker scream out a name. She walked back and peeked in. She saw her sister tossing and turning. Tears running down her cheeks.

"No!! Jarod. Don't! Don't do this to me! Please stop!" She screamed.

Lydia walked up to the bed and sat down on the edge..

"Miss Parker.Wake up.Parker!" She warily shook Miss Parker's shoulder. Miss Parker woke up with a start. She sat up and looked around in the room. Her eyes wide with fear. She was panting hard. And now, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"It's okay, it was just a dream.." Lydia said, trying to calm her down.

"It was so all happened again.only this was Jarod who..who raped me." Miss Parker sobbed. She closed her eyes, trying to forget her dream.

"Miss Parker, it was just a're safe now." Lydia whispered.

"I miss him.." Miss Parker said, almost inaudibly.

"Who? Jarod?"

Miss Parker just nodded miserably.

"Where is he?"

"Daddy captured him and brought him back to the Centre.. Now, it's wasn't supposed to happen this way. I was the one who would hunt him. Because I would never capture him.I love him." Miss Parker cried. She was to sad to think about not telling Lydia about the Centre. She didn't know what she was saying. She didn't care.

Lydia gave her a confused look. What was she talking about? What Centre? And what did she mean with this 'hunt and capture' thing? Lydia wanted to ask her. But she didn't. This was not the best moment to start question her. she had to wait.

"Hold me.please.." Miss Parker whispered. She hated herself for being so weak and helpless. She didn't want her sister to think she was one of this pathetic women who couldn't do anything on their own. But she had to admit it was nice to have someone to talk to. Someone who was there for her. There was no way she could have handled this on her own. Even if she didn't wanna admit it. She was glad Lydia was there. She felt her sister put her arms around her and pull her into an embrace. She leaned her head against Lydia's shoulder and wept silently.


~¤~¤~¤~ NEXT MORNING - THE CENTRE ~¤~¤~¤~


Miss Parker entered the building, followed by Lydia. Lydia was amazed. It was so big! She had never imagined Miss Parker working at a place like this. It looked so powerful. When she'd told Miss Parker about the phone call last night. She had said she had to go there. Lydia didn't like the idea at all. She didn't know how Miss Parker was going to handle it. She seemed to be very strong. Or else she wouldn't be able to go back to work this soon. Lydia thought. She knew she wouldn't. At least she had talked her sister into taking her with her. Lydia didn't want Miss Parker to be alone if something happened. And she was a little curious what the Centre was. She remembered, Miss Parker had talked about her father, the Center, and capturing Jarod. Maybe she would get the answers to her questions.




Miss Parker walked towards the elevators. She glanced at Lydia. She was looking at the place like she hadn't seen anything like it before. And of course, she probably hadn't. She sighed. She wasn't really ready for this. But she had to hear what Sydney had to say about her mother and her sister. She just hoped they wouldn't run into her father or Lyle. She didn't think she could handle that right now. Neither, how she would explain who Lydia was. Could she really tell them she was her twin?

About five minutes later they walked through the corridor, towards Sydney's office. As they walked pass a couple of sweepers. She could see them stare at them with big eyes.

"Did you see that? It's two of her!" One of the sweepers exclaimed.

Lydia smiled. It was obvious no body else around here knew about her. She hoped they would meet their brother. She really wanted to get to know him. Miss Parker had told her both he and their father was working there. She was looking forward to meet them.




They continued walking. Their high heels clicking hard against the floor. Suddenly Miss Parker stopped and pointed at a closed door. Lydia understood it was Sydney's office. She saw Miss Parker walk up to the door. She stopped outside it and stared at it for a while. She raised her hand to knock. But froze. Could she really do this. What if Sydney started to ask questions? She had done her best to hide her bruised face with a lot of make up. There was no way she could let Sydney or anyone else see how terrible she looked. They would knew something had happened to her. and that was the last thing she wanted. But the problem was that her father and Lyle had seen her. and they knew. She almost started to cry when she remembered her fathers look at her that night. He hadn't cared about her at all. How could he just leave her? He was her father.he was supposed to care. But he didn't. nobody cared about her.

"Miss Parker. If you don't want to, I understand. I can talk to him. "

Miss Parker shook her head. She had to do this. She had to be strong. She took a deep breath, then she knocked at the door. They heard Sydney inside.

"C'min!" He was shouting.

Miss Parker carefully opened the door and walked inside. Lydia followed her. She closed it behind her and walked to stand next to her sister.

"Hi Syd." Miss Parker said, her voice a bit shaky.

Sydney stared at the two women. Then he smiled. He turned to Lydia.

"You must be Lydia." He said. "It's nice to meet you.."

"It's nice to meet you too.. you're Syd, right?" She shook Sydney's hand.


"Ehm, I just have to tell you that it was me you spoke to last night, not Miss Parker. She was asleep."Lydia explained.

Sydney stared at her. Then he burst into laugh.. Lydia smiled. He seemed to be a nice man.

"Sydney turned to Miss Parker. " I have to say that it took a lot of courage to take Lydia with you here. Didn't it? What if your father sees her?" He said.

"Yeah." Miss Parker mumbled. "They captured Jarod." She said, totally changing the subject.

Sydney stared at the woman in shock.

"How? Was you with them?" He asked.

Miss Parker sighed. What was she going to say.

"Kind of. He was in my house..Dad, Lyle and Willie caught him."She said.

"Oh my god.." Sydney mumbled.

"Syd, why don't you tell us what you've found out?" Miss Parker said, trying to change the subject. "Yeah.." Sydney started."Miss Parker. First I have to ask you something..does she know about..your.problem.? Sydney said. a little uncomfortable. He glanced at Lydia.

Miss Parker stared at the old man. She didn't understood what he was talking about. She gave him a puzzled look. Waiting for him to continue. Sydney realised. He sighed.

"This invisible thing you claims..." He stopped as he saw Miss Parker stare at him. Fear written in her eyes.

"Please, I don't want to talk about it." She begged. Struggling to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.

Sydney stared at her. he was confused at why Miss Parker would react the way she did. He sighed. It had to be an end to all this. If he couldn't convince Miss Parker it was only her imagination. She would go nuts.

"Maybe we should.I want to help's not good for you to..." Sydney became quiet as he saw tears running down Miss Parker's cheeks.

"Miss Parker?" He asked puzzled.

Miss Parker tried desperately to hide the tears. She wiped them away. But it didn't work. New started to fall. Once again she wiped them away. And with that, the most of her make up disappeared. She didn't notice. Not until Sydney gasped in surprise.

"What happened to you?" He asked.

Miss Parker just shook her head. She couldn't tell him. She felt ashamed and dirty. She couldn't let anybody find out.

"Parker. it's okay.. I'm here.." Lydia said softly. She knew this would be too much for Miss Parker.

Miss Parker started to cry. Lydia led her to the other side of the room and helped her sit down in the couch. Miss Parker buried her face against Lydia.

"It's okay.." Lydia put her arms around Miss Parker. She glanced at Sydney. He was just standing in the middle of the room, staring at the women. He looked at Lydia. Than at Miss Parker and back again.

"Miss Parker, tell me. What happened ?" Sydney demanded.

"I can't.just leave me alone." Miss Parker sobbed. She wriggled out of Lydia's embrace and ran towards the door. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She opened the door and bumped into her father.

"Angel!? Why are you here today? I thought you would stay home after what Dane did to you." Mr Parker said.

"Dad! Why did you leave me there.I was so scared." Miss Parker tried to sound normal, but she just managed a weak whisper.

"Angel. Don't you think I had other things to do, then comforting you. You're a Parker. You can take care of your self.." Mr Parker said.

Miss Parker couldn't listen to him anymore. She closed the door. How could he do this to her? She heard him talking from outside the door.

"Tell Sydney I'll me back later.." He said.

Miss Parker leaned her back against the door.

"Miss Parker.who is Dane. what did he do??" Sydney sounded worried.

"The invisible man.." Miss Parker sobbed. "He.. he raped me." She whispered sadly.

Sydney stared at her in shock. But then he remembered. She was talking about someone who didn't exist. This was really bad. It had gone way to far. Sydney sighed heavily.

" can not be raped be someone who does not exist.." He said slowly.

"It's true.."

" just.." Sydney started but got interrupted by Lydia.

"Sydney! Believe it or not. It is true. he attacked me too." She said angrily. " Please, you have to believe her.don't you see. She's devastated.." She continued in a nicer voice. Almost begging the man to believe them. Sydney frowned. He didn't know what to say. Lydia saw he was having doubts.

"Jarod believes it." She said. Hoping it would help.

"I don't know what to say. how is it possible god!"

Lydia stared at the old man. "What is it?!" She asked.

"Mr Parker knew. He was talking about Dane.The Centre did this.." Sydney turned to Miss Parker. "I'm so sorry. I should have believed you. I'm so sorry.." He whispered.

"It doesn't matter anymore Syd. It's too late anyway.." Miss Parker said unhappily.

Sydney sighed. She had been right the whole time. And nobody believed her. he didn't believed her. how could he? She desperately wanted him to believe. And he hadn't. and now this happened. Maybe he could have done something to stop it.

"Miss Parker. It's not. I understand if it feels hard for you now. But you'll learn to live with it."

Miss Parker slowly walked back to the couch. She sat down close to Lydia. She had only knew her sister a couple of days. But she trusted her. She knew Lydia always would be there for her.

"How do I do that Syd. How do I?" Miss Parker asked.

Sydney sighed. He didn't know how to respond.

"It's okay. You don't have to say anything.I want to go home.Lydia. If you want to, you can stay..I'll be fine on my own.."

"No, I'll go with you.. I don't want you to be alone.. we can talk to Sydney later."

"Okay." Miss Parker mumbled. She had hoped Lydia would go with her, but she didn't want to ask. She turned to Sydney. " I'm not mad at you." She said. She got up on her feet and headed towards the door. Lydia followed her.

"Lydia.." Sydney stopped her. She turned to look at the man.

"Take care of her.." He said. Lydia nodded. Then she followed Miss Parker out of the room.




Just when they were on their way into the elevator. Someone came running towards them. Lydia heard footsteps and turned around to see what was going on. Miss Parker did the same.

"Hey Sis! Wait!!"

"Lyle." Miss Parker sighed. He was the last person she wanted to talk to right now. She stepped into the elevator. Dragging Lydia with her. But Lyle was too fast. He managed to stop the doors from closing.

"There's something I want you to know." He said, struggling to keep the doors open. He was too busy with what he was doing to notice Lydia.

Miss Parker didn't say anything. She just glared at him.

Lyle understood this wasn't going to work.

"He's dead.. Dane is dead." He said, hoping it would make his sister listen to him.

"What?" Miss Parker asked wearily. She sighed. She walked out of the elevator, Lydia followed her.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I killed him.. Miss Parker, I'm sorry about what happened to you.I really am.." Lyle said.

Miss Parker was relieved. If Dane was dead, he couldn't hurt her anymore. She sighed.

"Why did you kill him?" She asked .

"I had to. I couldn't strand to see them hurt you. It had to be an end to all this. Dad is going to kill me if he finds out.but I don't care, as long as you're okay." Lyle said.

"Lyle, what the hell are you up to. We both know you don't give a damn about me!" Miss Parker snapped. Then she remembered last night. If their father hadn't entered the room when he did. It seemed like Lyle really was going to hug her. He had actually tried to comfort her. Maybe he cared after all.

"Sis, of course I care about you. it's just that, when dad is around.well you know that being emotionally around the Centre gets you killed." Lyle said.

Miss Parker nodded. "Like mum." She mumbled.

Now it was Lyle's turn to nod.




Lydia watched them in silence. She didn't want to disturb. She glanced at Lyle. So, that was her brother. Suddenly Lyle looked at her. Their eyes met. She saw her brother stare at her in shock. He looked at Miss Parker and than back at Lydia again.

"Who the hell are you?!" Lyle exclaimed.

Lydia smiled. She was just about to answer. When she came to think of Miss Parker. Was it okay that she told him. She looked at her sister. Miss Parker seemed to think for a while. Then she nodded. Lydia turned to Lyle again.

"I'm Lydia.your sister!" She said. Enjoying the look on his face. She had never seen anyone look at her that way before. She glanced at Miss Parker. Even she smiled slightly.

Lyle continued to stare at the woman. He was stunned. Could it really be possible that, that woman was his sister? That would explain why she looked exactly like Miss Parker. He knew he had to say something.

"H.How." He managed.

"That's a good question. I just found out myself. Miss Parker and I met in New York. and.that's when we found out.And later, Sydney did some research and found out that Miss Parker and I are twins." Lydia explained.

"Twins? But Miss Parker is my twin."

"No, she's my."

"C'mon.we're three.we're triplets of course." Miss Parker said.

Both Lydia and Lyle stared at her.

"Please.normally I would have enjoyed this. but I don't feel so well. I'm tired. I just want to go home.." Miss Parker said.

"Yeah.sure." Lydia said.

"Miss Parker. Is it anything I can do for you?" Lyle asked.

Miss Parker shook her head." But thanks." She said.

Lydia pressed the button to the elevator. The door opened and she and Miss Parker stepped inside.

"See ya, Sis." Lyle frowned. "What am I supposed to say now?! Now, it's two of you.." He said.

The doors closed.

"See ya!"

Lyle couldn't decide if it was Miss Parker's or Lydia's voice he heard.




About five minutes later Lyle walked into his office. He closed the door and walked towards his desk. Suddenly he saw Mr Parker and Mr Raines. They were standing in front of the desk. Blocking Lyle's way. He stopped and stared at them. He had a feeling they were not there to say hello.

"What?" Lyle asked uncertainly.

"This." Raines wheezed. Holding up a DSA disk. "And that." He pointed at a surveillance camera.

Lyle started to panic. They knew. They knew about Dane. What was he going to do? Normally he would have denied it. But there was no use, since they had evidence.

"Do you know how much work we put into this project? And for what? You destroying it.just because of your pathetic whore sister." Raines wheezed. He stared at Lyle evilly. Which made Lyle's skin crawl. He shivered. This ment big trouble.

"Just spit it out! What are you going to with me? " Lyle snarled.

"Well..since you're not trustworthy. We don't want you here at the Centre anymore." Raines wheezed.

"Fine.I'll leave.." Lyle said. he knew it wasn't that easy. But he couldn't resist saying it.

Raines laughed. "The only place you'll leave for, is heaven. Or should I say hell?" Raines said. Drawing his gun. He loaded it and aimed at Lyle.

Lyle started to get scared. They were really going to kill him. And there was nothing he could do. He looked at his father. " Dad, are you just going to let him shoot me?" He asked. He knew it was a dumb question. Of course he was. Or else he wouldn't be standing there now.

"I'm sorry son. This is the way it have to shouldn't have killed him. Miss Parker isn't worth it." Mr Parker said.

"You bastard! " Lyle snarled.

"Say goodbye Lyle." Raines said.

Lyle glared at Raines. Then he turned his head to his father.

"You have captured Jarod. And you have managed to devastate your own must be very pleased with yourself." He snarled.

"Jarod belongs to the Centre. And Miss Parker only got what she deserved."

Lyle just stared at him. "No one deserves to be treated the way Miss Parker was. No one deserves to be raped dammit!" Lyle almost screamed.

"That's your opinion." Mr Parker said. He turned to Raines. "Do it" He said.

Raines put a finger on the trigger and fired a shot. Lyle staggered backwards and fell to the floor. Blood was streaming from a wound in his chest. Forming a big pool on the floor.


To be continued.