Botan was back at work the week after the encounter with her killer. She had actually wanted to go back right away, but Yusuke and the others wouldn't let her. Being the type of girl who threw herself into her work the week would have been torture, if it weren't for one thing.


The ferry girl and the fire demon had continued to pass time together in the park as they had that first day. They rarely talked but it just felt nice to sit together and be themselves. Botan was reflecting on that as she once again began her work as the grim Reaper.

A smile came to her lips as she remembered the morning, Hiei had put on his emotionless facial mask but she had had to promise to come see him there at least twice a week before he would let her go. It took less than two weeks for life to return to normal afterwards, well normal except for the time that Hiei and Botan spent together.

Then Botan had to give the Reakai Tantei their next task, which took place in the icy wasteland, area that Hiei had been born in. The fire demon acted just as icy as usual but everyone could tell that he was scared.

Botan had found her cheery mask hard to drop so it was in that guise that she joked, "Well at least Little sisters aren't involved this time."

Everyone sweat dropped but Hiei answered. That doesn't make it any easier, for all I know I need to kill the people I grew up with!! ----------------- ---------------- -------------------------- -------------- ---- ---------- ----- - - - - - -

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