I4ever: I'm back! With a new story

Bakura: this cant be good

Laria: Oh but it is, I think, weird, but still good

Bakura: -_-;; you don't even know

Laria: well... ok I don't know!

Bakura: and you call your self an authoress

Laria: I don't even know where this idea come form... Ryou just do the notes already

Ryou: why do I have to! Bakura's the main character, make him do it.

Laria: see he's the main character! He already has enough to do

Ryou: alright, notes: this story has nothing to do with ygo really except the characters. This is half Bakura's point of view though his journal and the other half is what happens in the real world.

Bakura: was that supposed to make sense?

Laria: shut up, if you don't under stand it now you will at the end.

Ryou: special signs:

----- end entry

*~*~*~* switch from journal to real world

~*~*~*~*~ switch from real world to journal

Laria: I think that's all the signs, if not I'll add more

Ryou: warnings: yaoi, death, language

I4ever: ok I think that's every thing. Now you can read the fic.


Making My Own Paradise


[August 25 - Entry 1]

My name is Bakura and I live in Paradise. Now I know what your thinking, paradise, a place of great happiness, everything is perfect, no worries at all. Yup that's Paradise alright. Oh look! I pig just flew by and it's raining malted milk balls! That perfect happiness shit is a lode of bull. Paradise is nothing like that, sure there's free food, housing and everything else. I guess that's pretty nice. I don't have to worry about being poor anymore because everyone has the same thing as everyone else.

I haven't always lived in Paradise. Before today I lived in Egypt. I loved it there, everything about it, and I miss it just as much. I miss my old house, my friends, the way the sun warmed my skin in the morning after a cold night. But the two things I miss the most are my parents and my boyfriend, Kinoko. Well he was my boyfriend until we broke up 'cause I had to move. Oh yes, have I mentioned that I'm gay. I guess I should have mentioned that before, oh well.

I don't know why my parents moved here, this place sucks. But I'll never get to ask them why now, 'cause, you see, they now live on the other side of Paradise. As soon as we got here I was taken by The Rule and they brought me here to live with the other 16 year olds.

Oh I know what you're thinking now, what the hell is The Rule. The Rule is the back bone of Paradise, The Rule is everything, The Rule is Satin! In Paradise every decision is made for you, what you wear, what you eat, when you sleep. Ok ok it doesn't that bad, right? Hello!? Did you miss the line where I said EVERY DECISION! The Rule even decides who you date and even marry. It has to be someone of the opposite sex. Now aren't you glad I told you I was gay?

Now, none of this probably wouldn't have bothered me, if it wasn't for the fact I hate being told what to do. Now I have to, if you don't follow The Rule then you'll be sentenced to death. So unless I want to die at a very young age I'll have to do what I'm told.

You can't even say anything bad about what decisions they make or what they do either. They have video cameras and microphones everywhere. Well everywhere but the bathroom. I know this for a fact. As soon as I got to this house I checked every room and found each camera and microphone. There was none in the bath room. I'm glad because I don't think I'd be able to keep this journal. This journal is the last thing I have left of my parents. They gave me it just before we left our old house.

Oh no, some ones here!



Bakura quickly closed the journal and hid it behind the toilet just as the bathroom door opened. Bakura looked up at the young man standing in the door way. He looked a lot like himself. He had long white hair, a bit longer then his own. But he looked innocent and pure. They stared at each other.

"What are you doing on the floor, Bakura?" he asked, leaning on the doorway. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"I... uh, fell" Bakura lied "wait, how'd you know my name?"

"The Rule" he said simply.

"Well since you know my name isn't it fair that I know your name." Bakura said picking him self off the floor.

"I'm Ryou" he said brushing some hair out of his face. "You're not hurt are you?"


"By the fall"

"Oh, yes" Bakura slapped himself mentally "I mean no, I mean I'm fine."

"Good" Ryou smiled "dinner is in a half an hour in the main mess hall just down the street."

"Can you show me?"

"That's why I'm here; I knew you wouldn't have known." Ryou said "by the way I'm your room mate"

"That's good" Bakura sighed. "I won't have to live in this place alone."

"I've been living here alone since I turned 16" Ryou said glancing down at his feet.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Bakura frowned.

"No, its ok" Ryou looked up his checks slightly tinted with pink. "We'd better go, you never was to be late around here."

Bakura nodded and followed Ryou out of the house. As they walked to the main mess hall Ryou gave Bakura a small tour of there part of Paradise. Bakura was half listening as he made a small map in his mind so he wouldn't get lost later. They walked past an incredibly tall building. Bakura practically stained his neck looking up at it. He was really interested in this place but Ryou walked right past it like it wasn't even there.

"What's this building?" Bakura asked. Ryou stopped and looked back at him.

"That's The Rule H.Q." Ryou said softly "if I was you I'd forget it was even here. You don't need to know about it until you're called to come here. And you never want to be called here."

Ryou shuddered slightly and glanced at a guillotine that stood out side the building. Bakura noticed it, it made him very uneasy.

"Lets go" Ryou said turning away from it. "We're almost there."


Laria: I think I'm going to like writing this story.

Bakura: I hope your going to like writing it, you're the authoress

Laria: well I just hope the readers like it. Ryou, please do the flames, disclaimer and ending.

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