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Making My Own Paradise


[February 14 - Entry 173]

The sun is setting. I just can't imagine how I ever lived with out that beautiful orb. Actually I can't imagine living in Paradise at all. I know it wasn't long ago but it all seems like a horrible nightmare. A nightmare I've finally woke from. I and Marik and Malik have escaped from Paradise. How, you ask? Well it all started two days ago.


"I can't take it anymore" Bakura stated out loud, gaining the attention of Marik. It was late in the night after Ryou had died. Seto had gone home and Malik had been up in his room ever since they had got home. Bakura and Marik had been sitting in silence for some time now. "I can't stay here anymore!"

"What do you mean?" Marik asked "stay where?"

"Here!" Bakura empathized, "In Paradise! I'm sick of this place! I'm sick of the darkness! I'm sick of being watched! And I'm sick of The Ra Damned Rule telling me how to live my damn life!"

"Bakura! Shhh!" Marik hushed him "The Rule will hear you"

"I don't care" Bakura said "let them hear me, I don't care! I want out, there has got to be a way out of here!"

Marik looked away from Bakura and bit his bottom lip. Bakura stared at him.

"You know don't you?" Bakura questioned. "You know how to get out?"

"Well..." Marik trailed off "I might..."

"Where is it how long have you known why didn't you tell me lets leave now"

"I don't know..." Marik said looking back at Bakura "what I'm wrong?"

"So you make one mistake?" Bakura shrugged "I made the mistake of ever listening to my parents and moving to this Ra forsaken hell hole"

"What if we're caught?"

"What if we aren't?" Bakura asked back "we could be free! We could do what ever we want; go where ever we want... we could go to Egypt!"

Bakura could see the desire burning in Marik's eyes. He had mentioned freedom. It was like dangling a huge stake in front of a hungry dog, 'cept you didn't have to worry about getting you're leg torn off. Marik bit his lip again as he wrestled between death and freedom. Finally he sighed.

"Your not going anywhere with out me"

Bakura and Marik looked up to see Malik standing there.

"You want to go?" Bakura asked.

"Why not, it's not like there's anything left for me here. Ryou's gone and I couldn't bear being away from you Niichan"

"It's settled then, we're going"


As quickly as we could we packed everything we could fit into our class bags and left. Both Marik and Malik knew where they were going. Apparently there were giant walls that surrounded Paradise. We were heading toward the south wall. We didn't run in to any trouble until we reached the wall.


"Well, well, well" the three looked up to see Keith standing not far from the wall "what do we have here, the escapees"

"Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it?" Bakura said stepping forward. Marik grabbed his arm to prevent him from doing something stupid.

"You lot all in a whole heap of trouble with The Rule, especially you, young Bakura" Keith said grinning spitefully. He held up a book that looked all too familiar to Bakura.

"My journal!" Bakura exclaimed, he tugged roughly against Marik's tight grip.

"It seems that you have been corrupting the minds of the citizens of Paradise ever since you arrived here." Keith sneered "I told Master Kumade not to let you come here"

"It's not like I had a choice!" Bakura yelled "blame my parents, they made me come here."

"Hell, I wish I could" Keith shrugged "but you see, they didn't bother to follow The Rule either."

"You mean there...?"

"I guess ignorance runs in the family"

That was the final straw; Bakura broke from Marik's grip and charged right Keith. Before Keith knew it Bakura had tackled him to the ground and was punching madly at him. But Keith was more experienced in fighting then Bakura and dodged every blow.

Marik and Malik stared dumbstruck at Bakura's behavior. Marik noticed Bakura's journal lying on the ground. Malik heard foot steps behind him; more people from The Rule were coming.

"Niichan! What are we going to do?" Malik asked.

"Go! Climb the wall and when you get to the other side, run" Marik told him as he ran to help Bakura.

"What about you two?"

"Don't worry we'll catch up!" Marik grabbed Bakura's Journal and stuffed it into his class bag then went to go get Bakura off Keith.

Malik ran straight for the wall and started to climb. He didn't get very far until one of The Rule grabbed his ankle.

"No! Let me go!" Malik screamed and tried to climb higher but only fell and was grabbed. The one from The Rule was one of the same ones that had come when he and Ryou were caught earlier.

"I knew Master Kumade should have killed the both of you" he sneered.

Meanwhile, Bakura and Keith were still fighting. Marik jumped out of the way of several members of The Rule as he made his way over to the two rolling on the ground. Bakura had finally got a punch in right before Keith had knocked him over. Keith stood up and was about to kick the white haired teen when Marik came up behind Keith and hit him as hard as he could with his class bag.

The blow didn't really hurt Keith but he was taken by surprise and the force of the hit sent him toppling over. Marik preceded to whack anybody else from The Rule that was in arms lengths as Bakura scrambled to his feet.

"We have to go now!" Marik yelled to Bakura, his class bag wasn't proven to be doing much good anymore. Bakura nodded and kicked Keith as hard as he could in the side and the two sprinted to the wall. They climbed faster then they ever have up the giant stone wall.

Malik was still struggling with his captor. He had never had any fighting experience so he really didn't know how to get free. The person who held him had Malik's hands behind his back so they couldn't anything. So he struggled, kicking his legs frantically.

"Hey cut that out you-"

The captor was cut off as Malik's foot flew backwards, straight into his crotch. He gave a low painful moan and fell over. Malik smiled at himself and started to climb the wall again. Neither Marik nor Bakura were anywhere to be seen. Keith excruciatingly got to his feet just in time to see Malik slowly making his way up the wall.

"Stop him you fools!"

Malik looked down at the ground and gulped. Climbing had never been high on in the list of things he enjoyed, or even liked. He had a really bad feeling about this.

Bakura and Marik stood at the top of the wall. It was a long way down.

"Do you think we could climb down?" Marik asked.

"I hope so" Bakura said "or else were gonna be up here a really long time."

They turned around and carefully climbed down the wall. They got over half way down and felt it was safe enough to jump down to the ground. Bakura jumped first. When his feet hit the soft sand on the ground he lost his balance and fell backwards against the wall.

Then Marik jumped. He didn't know of how soft sand was and fell right over at Bakura's feet. Bakura laughed as Marik sat up and brushed sand from his hair.

"I-I can't believe it" Marik said paying no mind to Bakura "are, are we really in Egypt?"

"I'm not sure" Bakura said "there are a lot of deserts in Africa"

Marik frowned slightly

"Don't worry koi" Bakura said putting an arm around Marik "we'll get to Egypt. I wouldn't live anywhere else. It's the best, and you deserve the best."

"Domo arigato" Marik said smiling "and that reminds me"

Marik opened his bag and dug out the book that Keith had had. He handed it to Bakura.

"my journal!" Bakura hugged the book then leaned over into a passionate kiss with Marik.

"Really now! Do you have to do that where anyone could just walk by and see you?!"

Bakura and Marik broke the kiss and glanced up. Malik was sitting on top of the wall smiling down on them. Bakura stood up so he could see him better.

"Hey Malik! How about you get your ass down here and say that to my face!?"

"After the number you did just did on Keith, I'd rather stay up here." Malik yelled back to Bakura,

"I can climb!" Bakura yelled putting a foot and a hand on the wall.

"Malik get down here before Kura goes up there and throws you off." Marik yelled too.

"Fine fine"


From there we've been walking. We walked the rest of the day and well into the night. We were still at it the day after; now I sit on sand dune right above Abu Simbel. We were starving by the time we got here so I went down in the city and stole some food for use. I never realized I had such a good talent of stealing. I probably was a tomb robber in a past life or something.

We found a small cave on the top of the sand dune which is right above the city and decided to camp out here for the night. Marik and Malik are already asleep. Marik looks so cute when he's asleep. It's a pity they are sleeping, the sunset is beautiful. The sky is painted with red and gold with strips of purple and blue.

Well this is the last page of this journal. I can't believe it. It's felt like forever when in reality it's only been a few months. So much has happened since I left Egypt with my parents. I still can't help feeling responsible for the deaths of Anzu and Ryou. Even if Paradise is better off with out Anzu. I will never forget Ryou. He was such a wonderful person, stuck in the most unpleasant place. Most everyone in Paradise is like that.

Its getting dark now and I cant really see anymore so I'm going to end this entry and this journal now.

Bakura, Abu Simbel, Egypt, February 14




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